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Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms of perimenopause (the period before menopause) and menopause in women.

Though we can’t avoid hot flashes, we can stay away from triggers that may increase their severity and frequency. These triggers include:

  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Wearing tight-fitting clothes
  • Eating spicy foods
  • Drinking hot beverages and alcohol

Because of their severity, most women would agree that once a hot flash begins, they wish it would stop immediately.

Luckily, there are several natural ways to stop hot flashes fast, from simple lifestyle changes to taking natural hormonal balance supplements.

1 – Eat Foods That Reduce Hot Flashes and Limit Those That Trigger Them

Hot flashes are caused by the changing hormonal levels before, during, and after menopause. Managing our imbalanced hormone levels during this time helps to minimize their effects.

And a healthy diet is one of the safest, easiest ways to naturally manage imbalanced hormones.

Healthy eating reduces blood sugar changes, which often have similar effects as hot flashes.

Certain foods, particularly plant-based diets, also contain phytoestrogens, which minimize hot flashes by mimicking estrogen functions in our bodies.

The table below shows foods that can relieve the worst effects of hot flashes fast:

Food How It Works
Soy Contains isoflavones that mimic estrogen, and daidzein and genistein, which help curb other symptoms of menopause
Eggs Contain vitamin B, which balances progesterone and estrogen levels, minimizing the occurrences of hot flashes
Whole grains (barley, oats, wheat, brown rice) High in fiber, which helps remove toxins in the body, cleanses the colon, curbs food cravings, and aids in digestion
Fruits and vegetables High in fiber and contain phytoestrogens, which work like estrogen to minimize or remove hot flashes
Walnuts Are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which regulate the body’s cellular functions, reducing hot flashes

Also consider limiting or eliminating certain foods and drinks that may trigger hot flashes, including:

  • Coffee: Caffeine in coffee raises your blood pressure by narrowing your blood vessels, which can trigger hot flashes.
  • Spicy foods: Spicy foods, such as curry, hot sauce, and fried chicken may worsen hot flashes or prolong their episodes.
  • Fatty and sugary foods: Sweets, cakes, and burgers taken regularly promote weight gain and obesity, which increases the occurrences of hot flashes.

Expert Tip: If you’re prone to night sweats, drink small amounts of cold water with ice before bed. This will help lower your body temperature, minimizing the effects of hot flashes during menopause.

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2 – Consume Herbs to Help With Hot Flashes

Herbs are a popular non-prescription remedy for hot flashes. They’ve been used for centuries by American native cultures to help manage imbalanced hormone levels during menopause with effective results.

The Shatavari (wild asparagus), for instance, is widely known for its potential to stop and minimize the frequency of hot flashes, mood swings, and other menopause symptoms.

Let’s have a look at some of mother nature’s other treatment options for hot flashes in the following table:

Herbs Effect on Hot Flashes
Maca Root Improves hormonal balance and reduces discomfort in menopause symptoms
Red Clover Reduces menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, PMS, and breast tenderness
Ginger Root Treats symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, nausea, and mod swings

All these herbal preparations can be administered topically as creams and tinctures, or orally as powders and capsules.

But oral administration is the easiest and safest method because the supplement’s ingredients are not absorbed into the bloodstream until they reach your stomach or bowels.

Oral administration is also pain-free and can be self-administered, letting you take the supplements at your convenience.

Bust Bunny’s Hormonal Balance supplements come in capsule and powder forms, and use several hot-flash-reducing herbs as their top ingredients.

Women who’ve taken the capsules have reported positive results, with most of them experiencing minor occurrences of hot flashes or no occurrences at all.

Here’s what Bust Bunny’s customer Kelly Williams had to say after taking our Hormonal Balance supplement:

“…Within a few days, the hot flashes stopped completely and my weight finally started to drop again!”
Kelly Williams, United States

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3 – Cool Yourself Down

During a hot flash episode, we begin to feel an intense warmth in our upper body, beginning from the head down to the neck and chest, and our skin reddens and gets sweaty.

At this time, we only find relief in the excessive sweating that cools our bodies.
Here are some changes we can make during hot flashes to ensure our bodies stay as cool as possible:

  • Hydrate regularly: Drink up to eight glasses of cold water during the day to keep your body well-hydrated.
  • Wear hot-flash-friendly clothes: Wear clothes made with fabrics like cotton/polyester blends that are lightweight and breathable with moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool during the flash.
  • Take deep breaths: Practicing deep breathing at the beginning of a hot flash can reduce its intensity.
  • Keep a small fan close: A hand-held fan provides immediate relief once your body temperatures begin to rise.
  • Prepare for night sweats: Instead of a heavy comforter, use layers of cotton sheets that you can remove layer after layer in the event of a hot flash.
  • Maintain a cold temperature: Keep your home cool by keeping your fans blowing, ventilating the rooms, and turning down the thermostat.
  • Have ice bags at hand: Stock your freezer with ready-to-go ice packs to help you cool off faster.
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4 – Take a Dietary Supplement for Hot Flashes

During menopause, fluctuations in hormonal levels are common because the body produces less estrogen and progesterone, resulting in imbalanced hormonal levels.

Taking a menopausal supplement will help balance the hormonal levels, which, in turn, helps to relieve menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings.

Bust Bunny’s Hormonal Balance supplement is a highly effective, tried-and-tested menopausal supplement with proven benefits to hundreds of women battling hot flashes and other menopause-related symptoms.

The Hormonal Balance supplement also helps to reduce the frequency of hot flashes.

“…My night sweats don’t occur as often. Sometimes I’ll feel a heat rush but it goes away and I’m able to sleep…”

The supplement’s effectiveness is derived from the blend of herbal ingredients that are used to balance hormones and reduce symptoms of menopause.

These herbal ingredients include ginger root, chamomile, red clover, maca root, and Shatavari, among others. Their effects on menopause-related symptoms are backed by science and go beyond stopping hot flashes.

Black cohosh, for instance, not only treats hot flashes and night sweats (vasomotor symptoms), but also other menopausal symptoms like mood swings, nausea, cramps, and bloating.

What Are Hot Flashes?

Lastly, let’s understand what precisely hot flashes are and outline their major symptoms.

Hot flashes are sudden, intense surges of heat in the upper body; usually felt in the face, neck, and chest, and they result in the skin getting uncomfortably sweaty.

Women experience two major types of hot flashes:

  • Regular hot flashes, which develop gradually and occur for only a few minutes
  • Slow hot flashes, which happen fast with less intensity, but with a single episode lasting up to 30 minutes

Hot flashes during menopause occur because of the internal changes experienced at this stage. The body produces less estrogen, which affects how the brain’s hypothalamus perceives temperature. What was once a normal temperature now becomes too hot, and the hypothalamus reacts by cooling down the body through sweating, increased heart rate, and skin flushing.

8 in 10 women experience hot flashes during pre-menopause and menopause. Some women will only have the condition for a few years, while for others, it can go up to 11 years. But on average, women experience hot flashes for about 7 years.

The hot flashes are accompanied by symptoms, such as:

  • Anxious feelings
  • Fast heart rate
  • Sudden feeling of warmth across the neck, chest, and face
  • Sweating in the upper body
  • Chilled feeling once the heat goes away

Hot flashes disrupt our schedules and can happen both at night and during the day. Nighttime hot flashes, also called night sweats, may keep you awake at night and over time result in long-term sleep disruptions.

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Stop Hot Flashes Fast With Bust Bunny Hormonal Balance

Menopause is a normal reproductive stage that we experience at some point in life.

While menopausal symptoms like hot flashes can get uncomfortable, we can reduce their frequency by eating healthy, hydrating regularly, and taking a few other natural steps.

At Bust Bunny, we pride ourselves on providing the best supplements that help to minimize hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause like cramps and mood changes.

Our supplements are made with all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients in the United States by an FDA-compliant facility.

All you need to do is take the all-vegetable capsules twice a day—one capsule in the morning and the other in the evening—and let them do the rest. You’ll love the results just like our satisfied customer Jmhardesty:

“I am sleeping better, less hot flashes, and decreased brain fog. I feel more like myself again…”

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