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Transfemme Identity: Redefining Gender and Embracing Authenticity

Jun 19, 20239 min read

Transfemme identity is a complex and deeply personal aspect of many trans women’s lives. As our understanding of gender expands, it becomes increasingly important to recognize the diverse ways in which transfeminine individuals navigate societal expectations and norms. This is…

MTF breast hrowth timeline questions featured image

MTF Breast Growth Timeline: 4 Common Questions Answered

Feb 28, 20237 min read

All great journeys begin with a single step—emotional changes, decreased libido, thinner body hair. And then come the bigger changes like breast growth and body fat redistribution. As your body starts to take on a more feminine appearance, it’s normal…

MTF Transition Timeline

MTF Transition Timeline: 3 Things You Should Know

Jan 31, 20239 min read

Your male-to-female (MTF) transition via hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an exciting journey. You’ll be amazed to see your body change as you become more comfortable in your skin. As delightful and rewarding as this process is, it often comes…

fenugreek dosage for male-to-female breast enlargement featured image

Fenugreek Dosage for Male-to-Female Breast Enlargement: 4 Questions Answered

Dec 27, 20227 min read

If you’re a transgender woman (male-to-female or MTF) and want to grow your breasts, you can pursue hormone replacement therapy (HRT), breast augmentation procedures, or natural breast enhancement herbs, like fenugreek. While natural breast enlargement herbs are safer and healthier…

MTF transition timeline chart featured image

MTF Transition Timeline Chart: 4 Signs of Positive Progress

Nov 3, 20229 min read

When it comes to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), this is how the MTF transition timeline typically goes: Step #1: Take androgen receptors that block male sex hormones and suppress testosterone production. Step #2: After one to two months, start taking…

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