Write for Bust Bunny

How to Write for Bust Bunny’s Blog

Our editorial staff is looking for engaging, motivated, and creative original content for our growing Women’s Health blog!

We love our staff, but even the best can use some help! We are now accepting guest posts from any and all applicants who meet our guidelines and wish to write for us!


To contribute to Bust Bunny’s blog, please review our Guest Post Guidelines:

  • Please write original content that has not been previously published on any other medium. Your post will be Copyscape verified*
  • To contribute to Bust Bunny’s blog, your post must be 1000+ words. We are looking for well-researched, thoughtful blog topics from experts in the world of women’s health. We aren’t looking for respun articles.
  • Please attach three to five unique and relevant media (images, videos, infographics, charts, etc.).
  • NO PROMOTIONAL CONTENT—to become a contributor to Bust Bunny’s blog requires you to plug services/products/websites. Only informative content!
  • We like our readers to know our content is sourced. Therefore, please ensure all statistics, quotes, data, etc. is linked to an authoritative source. We like to see articles with three to five relevant external links.
  • Any links (promotional, relevant, or otherwise) from the company you work for will be automatically no-followed in the body of the article. Links to your company’s homepage will be “followed” at our discretion (please be a respectable site) in the “About the Author” bio section following your post.

Topics to Write About:

While we encourage you to submit your own topic to us, we also hope that you take a look at the topics listed below to get a grasp of the kinds of content we are looking for. We only want blogs that are relevant to our industry (women’s health). Therefore, we welcome the following topics:

  • Breast Enhancement
  • Breast Enhancement Techniques
  • Women’s Health
  • Women’s Workouts
  • Healthy Lifestyles for Women
  • Breast Complications and Health

Where to Submit:

Our readers love unique perspectives and fresh-takes on women’s health. If we feel like you add a unique voice to an increasingly saturated topic, you’ll end up not only on our site, but we will include you in our social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


If you have a guest blog that meets our guest post guidelines listed above and wish to become a contributor, please reach out to [email protected]. We accept most file types, but we would really appreciate a submission in .doc format. You can expect to hear back from us in about one business day.

Please use the subject “Featured Writer” in the subject line!

Let Us Write For You!

If you like our content enough to write for us, we would probably like your content as well! If your site accepts guest blogs, please let us know! Our writers are talented, motivated, and ready to give your site a fresh perspective on the world of women’s health!


*Articles are subject to our editing—no exceptions. We reserve the right to add relevant internal links to Bust Bunny’s other posts. This includes overriding a link you included in the guest post. We reserve the right to edit, publish, or delete guest posts at our own discretion. Bust Bunny’s Editorial Staff does not guarantee your blog submission will be published, deleted, or unpublished. Any request to guest blog with Bust Bunny constitutes as an agreement to our guest blogging guidelines as stated above.