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Fenugreek is a sweet and nutty spice with a taste reminiscent of maple syrup. It’s a staple spice in Indian cuisine and has been part of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. 

What we love about fenugreek is its role as a key ingredient in breast enhancement supplements.

Fenugreek is a great option for breast growth because it’s a natural extract with few to no adverse side effects. On the other hand, artificial breast augmentation techniques may be pricey or come with long-term drawbacks, such as scars, loss of feeling, and implant rupture.

Today, we’d like to examine the fenugreek-related advantages for breast growth, including:

  • Enhancing sagging breasts 
  • Stimulating breast growth beyond the adolescent growth phase
  • Improving breast size and tone through hormone balance

1 – Reduce Saggy Breasts by Boosting Collagen

Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement supplements

Any postpartum mother can relate to the pain of trying to get back into shape while battling droopy breasts; which are a normal breast change as women get older and experience pregnancy. 

Saggy breasts can also cause chest pain as they stretch the ligaments.

Breast tissues can sag for the following reasons:

  • Hormonal changes expand your milk ducts during pregnancy and then shrink them thereafter—multiple pregnancies worsen the droop.
  • Changes in body weight lead to an increase or decrease in fatty tissue in the breast, stretching the skin and resulting in sagging.
  • Lack of estrogen and collagen as a result of aging. These two are necessary for the skin’s suppleness. 
  • Smoking reduces the suppleness of the skin by destroying collagen.

So, how can fenugreek aid with this?

According to studies, fenugreek extract suppresses the enzyme that destroys collagen and increases the skin’s ability to produce collagen.

This helps to tighten and perk up the breasts because collagen gives your skin and the ligaments that support the breasts structure and strength.

Just as certain lifestyle factors can cause sagging, there are also a few lifestyle habits, which, together with fenugreek, can help reduce sagging.

Here are a few simple lifestyle changes you can incorporate: 

  • Maintaining a consistent healthy weight can prevent your breasts from sagging.
  • Supporting your breasts with a good bra, especially when working out or moving fast, can help reduce the sagging and stretching of your breasts. A good bra gives you full coverage and fits the contour of your breasts. The bra band and straps should be flat, firm, and strong.
  • Regularly exercising the chest muscles that hold up your breasts can help them appear perkier by helping them sit higher on your chest. These exercises include push-ups, traveling planks, and chest presses using dumbbells.

2 – Increase Estrogen Levels for Natural Breast Growth

young woman holding breast enhancement supplements smiles confidently

Breasts heavily influence how many women dress and see their bodies. Your self-esteem may suffer if your bust is too small or doesn’t meet your concept of yourself. 

As a result, people turn to artificial breast augmentation. However, fenugreek is a safer, natural alternative to breast enhancement because it has no long-term side effects, such as chronic pain or scar tissue formation.

How can fenugreek trigger growth after the adolescent breast growth stops?

Increased estrogen levels brought on by pregnancy, birth control, hormonal replacement, or diet may still trigger breast growth later in life. The estrogen-regulating properties of fenugreek support this hormonal basis for breast development.

Fenugreek contains phytoestrogen compounds. These are plant-based substances that work in our bodies similarly to estrogen. They help to balance out the production and function of the sex hormones: estrogen and testosterone.

As fenugreek balances out the estrogen in your body, it may trigger the collection of fat tissue in the breasts, causing the breasts to grow larger.

To keep those breasts fuller, you can also: 

  • Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and caffeine. They reduce the flow of nutrients to the breasts and prevent breast tissue growth.
  • Maintain a moderate degree of exercise. Breasts comprise mainly fat surrounding the glands. When you burn too much fat, you have little fat left to plump them up.
  • Sleep for 7–8 hours every night at a regular time. A good sleep cycle promotes the body’s hormone production to be balanced.

I’m in love with this product. It’s been about 3 weeks now, and it works. Follow the do’s and don’ts and it won’t steer you wrong. I was barely an A cup, and I’m creeping into a B after 3 weeks. I’ll definitely continue my 3 month supply.”

Sharon James, USA

3 – Maintain Firmer Breasts by Supporting Elastin Production

woman taking her daily breast enhancement supplement

Collagen and elastin are two sides of the same coin. The first provides strength and structure, while the second provides elasticity. Both are required for healthy, strong skin on your breasts. 

We’ve already talked about how fenugreek increases collagen production, and it’s fantastic that it also helps the body produce elastin.

Fenugreek contains B2, B3, and B6 vitamins. These members of the B vitamin family support the production of:

  • Ceramides: Fats found in skin cells that aid in keeping the skin moisturized, plump, and supple
  • Elastin: A skin protein that allows skin to stretch and bounce back without losing shape 
  • Collagen: A protein found in the skin and ligaments that helps to build the skin and keep it plump and youthful

These three together help your breasts weather the inevitable changes in weight, size, and hormone levels, while maintaining their firmness and suppleness.

Better than I could have ever hoped for! I have always been small chested, fluctuating between a full A, and a meager B. As I had children (5 in the space of 7 years), I was left with a smaller than ever sagging chest… I started taking the pills only at night right before bed. It has been almost two months and I have already grown into a C cup… I am so much happier, and just feel good about myself.”

Casey Howard, USA

Expert Tip: Improving your posture can increase your bust profile significantly. Slouching forward puts your bust in an uncomfortable position, emphasizing the sagging appearance.

In addition to incorporating fenugreek into your diet, practice improving your posture by:

  • Rolling your shoulders back
  • Lifting your chest
  • Engaging your stomach muscles 
  • Tucking in your tailbone

(Imagine a length of rope running from your crown to your tailbone and pulling your back straight and taut.)

4 – Naturally Balance Out Your Hormones After Menopause or Transitioning

mature, fit woman using Bust Bunny breast enhancement supplements

Menopause can be quite damaging to the breasts. As estrogen levels fall, breasts lose firmness and form. Furthermore, the anticipated weight gain emphasizes the sagging and loss of shape. 

Similarly, when transitioning from male to female, you’ll face the same low estrogen levels that affect breast size and make it difficult to achieve your desired figure. 

While women in both situations may be on hormone replacement therapy, they may seek a natural, non-invasive way to plump up the bust area and increase their female hormone levels.

According to research, fenugreek balances the levels of estrogen and testosterone in the female body.

But why is hormonal balance so important?

The female body transforms most of its testosterone into estrogen, which is required for breast development. Furthermore, testosterone promotes a healthy weight, strong bones, and a high libido.

It is crucial, therefore, to achieve a hormonal balance in order to live a healthy and happy life. If you suffer from other hormonal problems, such as PMS, night sweats, or mood swings, a hormonal balance supplement may be worth a shot.

Fenugreek Breast Growth Quick Reference

In the table below, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of all the benefits of fenugreek for breast growth:

Fenugreek Action In The Body Impact On Breasts
Increase estrogen production Estrogen increases the collection and growth of fat tissues, leading to larger breasts
Block enzymes that destroy collagen

Boost production of collagen

Collagen gives structure and ensures firm breasts that hold their shape
Support production of elastin Elastin makes breast skin and ligaments bouncy and flexible, preventing overstretching or sagging
Balances male and female sex hormones in the female body Optimal testosterone levels mean that there is enough conversion to estrogen to support breast growth

Test the Benefits of Fenugreek

To summarize, fenugreek offers considerable benefits for breast growth in how it boosts estrogen production, the major hormone in breast growth. 

In addition, fenugreek increases elastin and collagen production, which is necessary for the skin and ligaments of the breast to remain firm and flexible.

Our Breast Enhancement supplement contains fenugreek and 12 other herbal ingredients, including wild yam root and fennel seed. It’s a natural alternative to implants made in the USA, in an FDA-compliant facility. It comes in all-vegetable capsules, is non-GMO, and contains no additives or fillers.

We love the positive effects that our customers have enjoyed from our science-backed dietary supplement. If you’re ready to test these benefits of fenugreek for yourself, try Breast Enhancement from Bust Bunny.

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