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As women, any small change to our bodies can throw off our hormones and impact us in ways that we weren’t aware of. Balancing hormones doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does take time and patience. There are a multitude of causes of hormonal imbalance which generally impact your mood, appetite, energy levels, libido, and overall health. Natural hormone balance doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s important to know that you can find natural remedies for hormonal imbalance. Something as simple as overly stressing can cause a change in your hormone levels. These symptoms don’t go away automatically and potentially can grow worse if not controlled.  There are many synthetic treatments that women can take but we want to provide you with natural remedies for hormonal imbalance. Simple things such as following a healthy diet and lifestyle are known as natural ways to balance hormones. 

Are there supplements to balance hormones?

There are a ton of supplements that claim to help balance hormones, but are they natural? Some women get on birth control to help to manage their hormones, but this is not the safest way to go. We always suggest choosing something natural and safe for your body. In this case, we suggest finding a good set of hormone balancing herbs. When you’re searching for supplements to balance hormones, be sure that they include quality ingredients that are beneficial to your body. 

natural remedies for hormonal imbalance in females
Here are some ingredients to look for:
  • Maca: Maca is a great natural herb that has been around for thousands of years to help with a plethora of things such as anxiety, low energy, low libido, and increased fertility. Both men and women use Maca Root to help improve their mood. This can help alleviate symptoms of hormonal imbalance. If you’re wondering how long does it take for maca to balance hormones, this will be based on consistency. Maca is a powerful enough ingredient to make a difference relevantly quick. 
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is great for managing anxiety and stress for women. Vitamin C is essential for growth and repair within your body, during these times of menopause your body is experiencing a lot of physical changes therefore vitamin C becomes a necessity. 
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is great for many things within your body but its main purpose is for fighting off depression, heart disease, and weight gain. This vitamin is known to help fight cell-damaging free radicals in your body. In addition, it helps reduce inflammation in the body which can naturally balance hormones in your body. You should be sure that this ingredient is inside any supplements for hormonal imbalance that you may be used to alleviate symptoms. 
  • Black Cohosh: This ingredient has been around for hundreds of years and used to treat menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, and more! This ingredient is one of the top herbs for hormonal balance but also helps women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Many people use Black Cohosh for balancing hormones naturally which is also great for lowering any increased levels of estrogen in your body. This herb is not meant for women who are either pregnant and or breastfeeding. 
  • Dong Quai: Otherwise known as Angelica Sinensis which is generally used in Chinese medicine. This is one of the best herbs for hormonal balance and premenstrual syndrome. A lot of symptoms of hormonal imbalance and PMS are very similar, which is why women use this herb to reduce symptoms of both. This herb has been proven to balance estrogen levels which are a big part of hormonal imbalance. Angelica Sinensis is great for balancing hormones naturally. 
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How to regulate hormones with food?

Yes, this is actually possible, there is something called a menopause diet and it truly affects your natural hormone balance. Food and your diet play a huge part in not only your lifestyle but to your hormones. If you want to know how to balance hormones naturally, you have to take a closer look at your diet. A big thing that women don’t get enough of is protein. Protein is a huge part in balancing hormones and regulating and symptoms you may be feeling. Whether or not you’re in menopause, this is something that all women should be following. Studies have shown that eating 20-30 grams of protein with every meal. This doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can be as simple as adding a few protein-filled snacks throughout your days. 

Sugar and refined carbs should be avoided as these foods trigger your hormones creating an imbalance. If you already suffer from hormonal imbalance, then you definitely want to avoid anything that may worsen your symptoms. Natural remedies for hormonal imbalance in females consists of a healthy diet and lifestyle. In addition, you’ll want to avoid overeating and or undereating. Even if you are taking pills for hormonal imbalance, if your diet is off then you won’t be able to control your hormones. One of the best home remedies for hormonal imbalance aside from taking supplements to balance hormones will be creating a meal plan that benefits you and your hormones. There are plenty of options and alternatives for each person’s lifestyle. 

How do you know if you have a hormonal imbalance?

So you’re confused and wondering how do you know if you have a hormonal imbalance or if you’re just experiencing life changes? There are many signs of a hormone imbalance that you can pay attention to, but it will take some time and note-taking to keep track of your hormones. Understanding the signs and symptoms of menopause and or hormonal imbalance can be very similar to one another. Most of the time if your hormones are off, it is either because you are entering menopause and or you are experiencing PMS symptoms.
home remedies for hormonal imbalance
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be experiencing hormonal imbalance: 
  • Acne (Very common in most women) 
  • Irregular periods
  • Missed periods
  • Excessive hair growth on your face or chin 
  • Thinning of hair
  • Weight gain and or weight loss
  • Night sweats
  • Painful sex
If you are experiencing any of these issues, then your hormones may be off-balanced and we suggest using natural hormone supplements to treat this. Taking supplements to balance hormones is completely normal as most women have a hard time maintaining their hormones without it. Being sure that the ingredients within the supplements you are taking are clean and natural is important for a healthy hormone cycle. There are many natural remedies for hormonal imbalance that you can follow, starting with a healthy diet, sleep cycle and exercising. 

What are the main causes of hormonal imbalance? 

If you are starting to feel irritable, bloated or not yourself then you may be battling hormonal imbalance. There are many causes of hormonal imbalance so you must focus on what aligns with your lifestyle. Don’t worry if you’re starting to notice that your hormones are not aligned because a shift is normal at different periods of your life. Most women will either experience this before or after menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding and or during your period. The most common form of imbalanced hormones is during your period. Also, you must consider any medications that you may be taking as these affect your hormones. 

how do you know if you have a hormonal imbalance
As mentioned in previous blogs, many women who suffer from menopause experience insomnia. Disturbed sleep causes irregular sleep patterns creating imbalanced hormones in your body. Your sleep is more important than you may realize and is a major cause of unbalanced hormones. You can naturally balance hormones and get them back on track by creating a better sleep cycle as this one of the main causes of hormonal imbalance.  Another one of the main causes of hormonal imbalance is mood swings and depression. If you suffer from bipolar disorder and or depression, your hormones have a hard time cooperating with your body during this period. Although this can come along before any hormone imbalance, this can actually be a cause of imbalanced hormones. Your body has to fight harder in regulating your hormones when it is fighting against mood changes.  Lastly, any dietary changes can result in hormonal imbalance. For example, if you went from a meat-eating diet to a plant-based diet and this is not recommended for your body type, then you may create a hormonal imbalance within your body. As we discussed, balancing hormones comes down to what you eat for your specific body type. 

Balancing hormones naturally at home

You don’t need to get on any special hormone medication if your problems are not on a severe level. You can find natural ways to balance hormones by simply making a few lifestyle changes. Taking supplements for hormonal imbalance is a great start as long as they are natural, clean and have proven ingredients. Pay attention to any signs of a hormone imbalance that you may be experiencing as soon as you can to get rid of the issue fast. Although managing your hormones can be a life-long battle, there are many ways to help alleviate these issues and bring them to ease. It can be very discomforting which is why we want to be sure you’re taking the right herbs for hormonal balance. Starting with managing a healthy diet, a regular workout plan and consistent sleep cycle will bring you well on your way to a balanced life. 
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