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Some men naturally grow larger breasts due to a medical condition called gynecomastia, but there are men out there who are not capable of growing their breasts and are searching for ways.  For the men looking for ways to accomplish male breast growth, you’re in luck.  Once upon a time, there were only surgical routes for obtaining man boobs, thanks to mother nature, there are natural routes for male breast enhancement.  For both women and men, you may be looking to enhance the size of your breasts without undergoing surgery.  Well, luckily, this is possible. If you are a man looking for a fuller, rounder, firmer chest size do not fear that you are alone, there are plenty of men out there searching for the same thing.  No matter what your purpose is in achieving this, we are here to help!

Do I need to increase my estrogen levels for male breast growth?

One of the obvious factors in trying to increase breast size is testosterone.  This is where you will get the source you need from your female hormone production.  The more testosterone being produced the better your chances are of obtaining larger, fuller breasts.  Male breast growth may not seem like the easiest thing to be able to do, but it has been done by more men then you are probably aware of!  Taking supplements that increase your estrogen levels is the best way to begin your journey for male breast enhancement.  It is discreet, easy, gradual and affordable. When it comes to male breast enlargement, it is all about tricking your body.  Your hormones work through your endocrine system, giving your body a natural capability of being tricked and converting your male hormones to female hormones.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that man boobs are harder to obtain than a woman who wants a larger bust size, there are plenty of men who actually have better results than some women, keep reading to see how to increase man boobs!  It is all about increasing your estrogen levels and for a man who wants boobs, this is going to be your main focus.

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If you are looking for ways how to increase male breast size naturally, herbs are the best option.  Natural herbs have been around for many years and are commonly underestimated.  Phytoestrogens are estrogens that are plant-based which most people take to help increase their human estrogen levels.  Although herbs are a great way to help on your male breast enlargement journey, it would take a very long time before seeing results.  Intermixing this routine with natural supplements is what we highly recommend.  Many women and men have seen a huge impact on their breast size using Bust Bunny natural breast enhancement.* There have been men who have jumped up 2 cup sizes by following our regiment.  We understand how important this transition is for many of you and want to offer you 10% off your entire order using coupon code “mbe” or CLICK HERE to have it instantly applied.

Is male breast enlargement the same as women’s breast enlargement?

If you are a man who has gynecomastia then your situation is more likely relatable to a woman’s breast development. You should know that males and females are both born with the exact same breast structure and breast growth which are activated by hormones, meaning that it is possible to grow male breast.  When females hit puberty, they will begin producing hormones that help them to develop, specifically helping their breasts to grow.  When it comes to males, they produce testosterone which stops the other symptoms from happening.  Some boys are born with a balance of both estrogen and testosterone which is why some men have larger breasts than others and end up with gynecomastia.

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The most popular and effective phytoestrogens for male breast enlargement:

  1. Wild Yam

  2. Red Clover

  3. Fenugreek

  4. Fennel Seeds

  5. Dong Quai

All of these of which are inside of Bust Bunny natural supplements. A high percentage of women take phytoestrogenic herbs to help balance out their hormones.  Women turn to this for reasons such as relieving PMS symptoms, help to produce milk for breastfeeding, balancing out menopause symptoms and even help with fertility.  When it comes to men, they take estrogen increased supplements to increase their chest size.  As we mentioned, phytoestrogens increase estrogen levels so they are capable of stimulating breast growth in females, males, and transgenders.

Are there at home techniques for male breast enhancement?

Natural male breast enlargement can come from many of the same ways that we have talked about for women.  If you want to know how to increase man boobs, one of the most common at-home techniques that we recommend is a breast massage. You may do this breast massage with lotions and or special serums dedicated to breast growth.  A study was done in 2007 that men who used body wash infused with tea tree oil and lavender saw an increase in breast size.  You may use a serum that is infused with tea tree oil and lavender to replicate the production of the female hormone (estrogen).  If you are taking a breast enhancement supplement, you may use this in a combination of serums so you are boosting the work of the breast pills.  Doing a breast massage nightly for a few months will help stimulate your circulation and increase your breasts as well.

How can a man grow breasts fast?

Whether a man or a woman, most of us want a fast remedy to the things we want in life.  So if you want to know how to grow breasts faster without surgery, keep reading.  Men who want to grow their breasts have a wide variety of options for going this route.  When searching for breast pills as a man, It is important to check out reviews from other people that have used the product as living proof it works! There are many options on the market, but finding one that works for you is where your research comes in.  Take a look at the ingredients, testimonials, and credibility of the company before choosing a product for you. Bust Bunny has had many testimonials from not only women but men and transgenders as well.  We provide a product that is safe and credible for all the men out there looking to enhance their chest size.



Are there foods that I can eat to increase my chest size?

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If you are one of those men searching for ways for male breast enlargement then you should stick to an estrogen-rich diet.  Foods that increase your estrogen levels in addition to taking your daily supplement will help you get the results you’re looking for faster on your journey for man boobs.  5 essential secrets growing male breasts are proper diet, eating estrogen rich foods, daily chest exercises, breast enhancement supplement(s) and breast massaging with serums.  Although there are plenty of techniques out there such as male breast pumps, implants, and bovine ovary pills, taking natural breast enhancement pills are by far the most effective and safest route.* We know that this may not be an easy process for you so we want to offer you 10% off your entire order when you purchase with Bust Bunny.  Bust Bunny was designed not only for women breast enlargement but male breast enlargement as well.  Start your journey with us today using coupon code: “mbe” or CLICK HERE to have it instantly applied to your order.

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