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Myth: Night sweats can only occur in menopausal women.

Fact: Night sweats and hot flashes are also common symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

PMS night sweats and menopausal night sweats are caused by the same thing: fluctuations in the levels of progesterone and estrogen. These two hormones are necessary to prepare your body for menstruation, and their release is triggered by the hypothalamus—the part of your brain that also controls body temperature.

tired woman suffering eyestrain using phone in the night

In the days leading up to your period, the imbalance between the two hormones directly affects the hypothalamus, resulting in night sweats and hot flashes. Even when you forget to track your cycle, these symptoms can always let you know that your period is about to begin.

Before we start on how to achieve a hormonal balance and prevent night sweats, remember to pay attention to anything else that can cause excessive sweating before your period, such as:

  • The nature of your sleeping environment
  • Fluctuating blood sugar levels
  • Anxiety and stress 

1 – Watch What You Consume Before Bed

Bust Bunny Hormonal Balance

Fluctuating blood sugar levels can cause symptoms such as menopause mood swings, hot flashes, and PMS night sweats.

  • When your blood sugar levels spike too high, your body will try to remove the excess glucose from the blood through urine and sweat.
  • When your blood sugar drops too low, your body will naturally try to bring it back up by pumping out adrenaline.

Also called epinephrine, adrenaline is a “fight or flight” hormone that prepares your body for stressful or dangerous situations. In this case, the danger is low blood sugar, so adrenaline will send signals to your liver to make more glucose.

While this response is important for your health and survival, adrenaline also makes your heart race and your palms sweat. An excess of it in the system is enough to cause terrible night sweats.

So, you need to avoid foods that can upset your blood sugar levels, especially before bed (we’re talking about all your favorite desserts):

  • Refined sugar (cookies)
  • Refined carbohydrates (white bread)
  • Sugary drinks (soda)

There are also triggers, like alcohol, that can cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate. This happens because of two reasons:

  • Alcohol affects how the pancreas functions, leading to an increase in insulin.
  • Alcohol also inhibits the liver’s ability to release sugar.

This combination of effects leads to a drop in blood sugar, which causes night sweats. Additionally, after one or two drinks, the blood vessels near the surface of your skin will open up, causing the body to sweat.

Does this mean you need to cut out alcohol completely? No. However, before your period, avoid indulging before bed to reduce your chances of extreme night sweats. Your body can take up to three hours to metabolize just one drink.

young woman having a midnight snack

Other triggers that can spike your body temperature (and heart rate) and cause night sweats include caffeine, spicy foods, and cigarettes. 

Instead, you can eat these foods to maintain your blood sugar levels through the night:

  • Beans
  • Quinoa
  • Brown rice
  • Sweet potatoes

It’s also important to drink cool water before sleeping. Keeping your body cool can reduce your chances of experiencing heavy night sweats.

Expert Tip: Have one tablespoon of almond butter right before going to bed. The healthy fat and protein contained in almond butter are essential for stabilizing blood sugar to prevent PMS night sweats. 

2 – Regulate the Temperature Around You

Hormonal Balance supplements from Bust Bunny

We can go on and on about hormones and blood sugar levels, but sometimes you just need a quick solution. Here are some super fast and natural remedies for menopause and PMS night sweats:

  • Keep a cold pack under your pillow so you always have a cool side.
  • Replace heavier blankets with breathable and layered bedding you can kick off one at a time if you get warm.
  • If you want to, wear pajamas with loose, breathable, and natural fabrics like cotton.
  • Turn on your fan, or leave a window open before bed.
  • Freeze a washcloth and use it as a cold compress when you sweat.
  • Keep cold water by your bed and take a few sips when you wake up at night.

Sweating is the body’s way of cooling you down. By staying cool, you’ll reduce the need to sweat. Another way to lower your body temperature is to take a warm shower or bath just before bed.

3 – Take Hormonal Balance Supplements

Hormonal Balance supplement from Bust Bunny

There are natural herbal supplements that can help balance your hormones and prevent PMS night sweats.

For instance, maca root powder can support your entire system to produce the right amount of any hormones you need. Ginger root has great anti-inflammatory properties that help keep your hormones balanced. And red clover contains isoflavones, plant-based compounds that produce estrogen-like effects in the body such as reducing hot flashes.

Using these supplements before your period can help balance your hormone levels and reduce night sweats. They can also provide relief from premenstrual mood swings, nausea, bloating, and cramps.

As for the prescribed dosages:

  • Take 1/8 teaspoon (or 0.5 to 3 grams) of ginger root powder extract 3 times a day.
  • Take up to 85 milligrams of red clover extract once a day.
  • Take 1 teaspoon (3.1 grams) of maca powder daily for 6 to 12 weeks.

Another option is to combine multiple herbal supplements for faster results and extra benefits. 

That’s where we come in.

healthy young woman taking herbal supplements

Bust Bunny specializes in helping women grow bigger breasts naturally, so we know a thing or two about hormonal supplements. We made the Bust Bunny Hormonal Balance to specifically help women relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause within weeks.

“It’s only been 2 weeks, but so far, I haven’t had a hot flash since I started taking them.”

Eda Mama, United States

Our FDA-approved formula combines multiple natural ingredients to help balance your hormones as well as boost your immune system. Bust Bunny veggie capsules are also non-GMO and gluten-free. All you have to do is take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening with food and water, and you’ll never worry about night sweats again.

“It’s helping with PMS symptoms such as bad cramping, helps with the night sweats, helps me sleep better through the night.”

Anonymous, United States

The table below shows the ingredients we use in the Bust Bunny Hormone Balance and what each one does for you:

Ingredient Benefits
Maca root Improves mood and memory, and reduces menopause symptoms
Ashwagandha Reduces insomnia and improves sleep quality
Ginger root Treats hot flashes and night sweat caused by hormonal imbalance
Shatavari Reduces PMS and menopause symptoms and increases libido
Black cohosh Helps balance out your hormone levels
Red clover Relieves symptoms of PMS and menopause
Chamomile Reduces hot flashes
Angelica sinensis Relieves pain and regulates the immune system
Vitamin E Powerful antioxidant that can also the aging process of your cells

4 – Try Acupuncture

Bust Bunny Hormonal Balance supplements

A 2017 study on acupuncture reported that this procedure can reduce menopausal night sweats. Out of 209 participants, 167 received acupuncture treatment. Eight weeks later, 98 reported feeling some relief from their hot flashes and night sweats, and 25 reported a major reduction in symptoms.

You may be wondering how this relates to PMS night sweats.

Well, the hormonal fluctuations before your period also happen when you start menopause. This is why many PMS symptoms are similar to menopausal symptoms:

  • Night sweats
  • Mood swings
  • Hot flashes
  • Nausea and bloating

Acupuncture relieves night sweats by regulating the hypothalamus, the part of your brain that controls core temperature. Additionally, this treatment can alter the levels of estrogen and progesterone in your body and cause hormonal balance.

Finally, acupuncture can calm the stress response center of your system and prevent stress-induced night sweats.

Prevent Night Sweats With Bust Bunny

Night sweats during your period are normal symptoms of hormonal fluctuations. While they’re not a cause for medical concern, they can be inconvenient, especially when they disrupt your sleep. These natural remedies, particularly Bust Bunny Hormonal Balance, will help you sleep easy the next time it happens.

If your night sweats persist on a regular basis to the point of insomnia, make an appointment with your healthcare provider.

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