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The path to acquiring a female body can be complex.

It can be difficult to find reassurance that your body will function normally after your transition.

If you identify as MTF, or male to female, feminizing your chest can be an important first step. Some MTF folks are happy to use clothing to create this appearance, but others want to increase the actual size of their breasts. How do you achieve this?

MTF breast transition are mainly achieved through breast augmentation and cross-sex hormone therapy (CHT), or feminizing hormones.

When undergoing a breast transition, be prepared for other changes like pore size and hair growth, depending on what approach you take.

Breast enhancement supplements are a safer alternative to acquiring breasts. These pills can be used alongside any other MTF transition approach for even better results.

Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement Supplement is scientifically researched and made with natural ingredients that are safe. This supplement is among the list of natural remedies for bigger breasts.

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1 – What is MTF Breast Transition?

MTF breast transition refers to the process of changing the appearance of the breasts to a more feminine one. It’s a common process among transgender women that ultimately allows them to feel more comfortable in their bodies.

MTF breast transition can take several routes, including breast augmentation, supplements, and cross-sex hormone therapy, which relies mainly on estrogen. The ultimate goal is to increase the size of the breasts to achieve a feminine shape.

Conditions to Qualify for an MTF Breast Transition

If you want to undergo an MTF breast transition operation, you’ll usually be required to meet certain criteria:

  • You should be healthy. You need to undergo a complete examination by your doctor, including blood and hormone tests
  • You must be an adult 18 years or older
  • You want a feminine shape to improve confidence and self-esteem
  • It is recommended that you undergo at least three months of counseling before an operation
  • You’ll need a recommendation letter from a trained psychologist

2 – What is Involved in MTF Breast Augmentation?

MTF breast augmentation refers to the enhancement of breasts through an operation to achieve a more feminine appearance. It’s the most common approach used in MTF breast transition.

Breast augmentation involves the use of implants to enhance the size and appearance of the breasts.

There are two types of breast implants based on the material with which they’re filled:

  • Saline breast implants
  • Silicone breast implants

Saline breast implants are filled with salt water, while the silicone ones are filled with silicone gel. In both varieties, the shell is made of solid silicone. As such, you will be exposed to silicone materials regardless of which type of implant you choose.

It’s recommended to use silicone implants because less tissue is needed to cover the implant. This ensures that the implant is more visible and can be felt.

woman holding a breast enhancement bottle

There are several steps involved in MTF breast augmentation:

Step 1 – Anesthesia

You will be put under anesthesia to reduce pain and discomfort during the operation. Either general or local anesthesia can be used depending on the extent of operation needed.

Steps 2 – Preparing the Skin

The surgeon prepares the area to be operated on by cleaning it. Antibacterial soap is used to clean the skin’s surface and prevent infection.

Step 3 – Making an Incision

The surgeon will then make an incision in the area where the implants are to be inserted. An incision can be made based on the following guidelines:

  • Inframammary fold or sub-pectoral: The incision is made in the fold of your breasts. Most MTF breast augmentations are done in this region.
  • Transaxillary: This approach involves making an incision underneath each breast near the armpit. This approach helps to reduce the appearance of scars on the skin surface.
  • Peri-areolar: The surgeon can also make a peri-areolar, or circular, scar around the nipple. This is not a common approach for MTF breast augmentation because it can cause a loss of sensation around the nipples and areolas.

Step 4 – Inserting the Implants

The surgeon will then insert the implants into pockets he has created in your breasts.

The implants are placed either under or over the muscle, depending on your preference and anatomy.

Steps 5 – Closing the Incision

After inserting the implants, the surgeon will use sutures to close your incisions. He’ll also make sure that there’s no leakage of fluid from either side using a syringe.

He’ll then cover the incisions with an appropriate dressing and place gauze over each breast. This prevents the breasts from hardening and keeps the dressing in place.

Steps 6 – Postoperative Care

After the operation, you will be prescribed painkillers for the first few days. You’ll also receive antibiotics and steroids to reduce fluid accumulation in each breast.

You will be required to rest after the operation to ensure proper healing. You may also experience pain, swelling, and bruising for at least a week.

Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement Supplement is a safe and convenient alternative to augmentation procedures. Our customers have been very satisfied with this supplement:

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“So far the product is working great, no sides effects, and I feel like my breasts are firmer than they were before I started taking the supplement.”

Ashley Alley, USA.

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3 – How is Feminizing Hormone Therapy Administered?

Feminizing hormone therapy involves the use of female hormones to achieve a more feminine appearance.

Altering one’s sex hormones will affect breast growth, voice pitch, muscle mass, fat distribution, and other gender-associated attributes.

There are two methods of administering feminizing hormone therapy:

Oral medications: This is the most popular way to take feminizing hormones. The drugs pass through your liver and into your bloodstream, where they exert their effects. The most common hormone used in this case is estrogen.

Injections: This approach involves the injection of hormones into your body. These injections are painless, but they have some side effects that can be uncomfortable such as swelling, tenderness, and burning sensations. In addition, there’s a risk of infection or bruising each time you inject.

Feminizing hormone therapy utilizes the following hormones:


Estrogen is a female sex hormone that affects your body’s appearance. It increases breast size, reduces muscle mass, and promotes fat storage in the buttocks and hips to create a more feminine figure.

The table below summarizes the effects estrogen has during feminizing hormone therapy:

Average Time Effects
After one month, and up to six months
  • More body fat with fewer muscles
  • Lowered sperm count and ejaculatory fluid amount
  • Softer skin
  • Accumulation of body fat on breasts and hips
  • Decreased instances of morning erections
  • Challenges in getting an erection
Maximum transition witnessed after two to three years
  • Growth of nipples and breasts
  • Smaller testicles
  • Growth of hair on the face and body stops
hormonal balance supplement bottle

Androgen Blockers

These are drugs that work by blocking the effects of male hormones like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). They include anti-androgens such as spironolactone, finasteride, and cyproterone acetate.

Most of the changes that occur as a result of using androgen blockers are reversible. This means that when you stop taking the medications, your body will go back to how it was before.

Typical Dosage

Feminizing hormone therapy does not have a specific dosage. It varies significantly from person to person depending on their health. This is largely due to the fact that this therapy poses various risks and side effects.

Your healthcare provider will prescribe a dosage based on your health and body hormone status. Additionally, you’ll be prescribed hormones you can afford.

4 – How Can I Transform My Breast Size Without Implants?

Bust Bunny breast enhancement supplements.

You can transform your breast size without implants in two ways:

  • By using the feminizing hormone therapy
  • By using breast enhancement supplements

Using Breast Enhancement Supplements

The use of breast enhancement supplements allows you to change the size and shape of your breasts without undergoing an operation. This process involves the use of natural ingredients known for the aesthetic benefits they have on breasts.

These supplements usually contain herbs like Pueraria Mirifica, fenugreek seeds, dandelion, and blessed thistle. These herbs are all known to stimulate breast growth naturally.

When considering a supplement, make sure that you choose one that has been proven to work and is made from natural ingredients. Always be sure to read the reviews of people who have used the product before to get an idea of what to expect.

Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement Supplement naturally increases breast size and firmness. The formula used in this supplement combines natural herbs with natural hormones found in the body. This combination allows your breasts to grow naturally without using implants or other harmful substances.

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Queen, NZ.

About Bust Bunny

Shawn, a BioChem major in school, combined his love for science and entrepreneurship to sell health and beauty products online.

Being a teenager at the time, Shawn needed family support to launch his business. After discussing his ideas with family members, his brother offered to help as an adviser and a financier. This led to the establishment of Bust Bunny, a family-owned business based on science, customer satisfaction, and value for good health since 1999.

Shawn decided to listen to customers as a way of creating more value. He started with Kathy, who re-ordered every 3 months. By listening to customers and furthering his research, he wanted to find the ingredients that would result in the best feedback.

Based on Kathy’s feedback, Shawn switched from gelatin capsule coatings to all-vegetable capsules, non-GMO ingredients, and removed additives and fillers. His main concern was to get a clean product manufactured in the United States in an FDA-compliant facility.

customer review about Bust Bunny

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my breasts take to grow after starting an MTF breast transition?

On average, most of the growth you will experience will occur within the first 6 months. You’ll continue to experience slight increases for up to two to three years after starting an MTF breast transition.

How much does MTF breast augmentation cost?

MTF breast procedures can range in price from $5,000 to $10,000. You may be required to pay extra for facility and anesthesiologist fees.

Does estrogen treatment increase breast size?

Yes, estrogen treatment increases breast size. Estrogen hormone therapy causes an increase in the amount of breast tissue that is produced. In addition, it also thickens and enlarges the milk ducts which leads to an overall increase in breast size.

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