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Thanks to the media, teens are more self-conscious than ever when it comes to their body image. Self-Confidence is usually tied with physical appearance, and the public continues to reaffirm that. This has led many teens to look at themselves and pinpoint things they are unhappy with on their bodies. For a lot of young women, their breasts are one of the problems they see.

Why Teens Are Getting Breast Augmentation

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), 11,326 teens underwent breast augmentation in 2004. That’s up from 978 girls just 12 years prior. Almost another decade has passed, and there’s no doubt this number has increased again. Breast augmentation surgery has become the new graduation present or gift for their 18th birthday. At the average price of $5,000 for surgery, this is no cheap gift.

So if teen girls have their mind made up that breast enlargement is what will make them happy, and parents are willing to foot the bill to make their daughter smile, the least each potential patient should do is get the facts.

Healthy Breasts for Teenagers

When going to a breast augmentation surgery consultation, it’s very important for the teen to be completely honest with the plastic surgeon. Questions will be asked about family history, previous and current medical conditions, and medications taken in the past as well as today. It’s best to ask all your questions before taking the plunge, including knowing your risks and possible complications.

As with any other surgery where you’re put to sleep, you should know how your body reacts to general anesthesia, and alert your surgeon of any allergies to medications. You should be prepared for a painful recovery period of at least 2 weeks, where your breasts will be tender, sore, and had. There’s a possibility your breast implants may rupture or leak, especially saline implants, and this can cause infection. This is why we would recommend young girls 18 and over to use Bust Bunny breast pills over getting a hazardous surgery like a breast augmentation. Try it today by using coupon code “tipsforteens” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.

What Can Go Wrong during Breast Augmentation Surgery for Teenagers?

Because teen girls aren’t done physically maturing until their early twenties, getting breast implants in your teens can cause major medical complications, especially if the young woman is under 18 years old. Breasts will continue to grow during this time, and can adversely affect the surgery. If breast tissue is still developing, it’s not safe to place implants in the teen’s body.

Besides the physical affects breast implants may have, there are also mental and emotional complications to factor in. Many women who get breast implants still are unhappy with their bodies. Some are unhappy with the work done, and others become depressed after surgery. Before a teen makes the decision to get breast enlargement, it should be for the right reasons, and not for anyone else but themselves. This is a huge and expensive decision that should not be taken lightly. If the teen decides to go through with it, ensure that a professional is doing the work.

How Breast Enhancement Supplements Can Help Teens

Teens are complicated. There’s so many hormones flying around that can be difficult to manage even for the most hardy person.

If breast augmentation is important to a teenager, there are alternatives to surgery. Breast enhancement supplements, such as Bust Bunny, can increase breast size naturally by full cup sizes without any of the complications of surgery.


Using herbs that have been used for centuries, Bust Bunny natural breast enhancement supplements promote healthy estrogen and progestin levels in the female body that naturally help breasts retain water—thus increasing breast size.

Taking Bust Bunny is easy, even for a teenagers hectic schedule. Take with a full glass of water before or after a meal and you’re good to go. Teens should notice results quickly and the best part is, it’s natural. It’s your breasts, nothing fake.

This allows for the healthy growth of breasts that will allow teens to more naturally fit into the current fashion styles, boost confidence, and avoid nasty scars or other side effects of surgery that will persist for the rest of their lives.

Plus, taking natural breast enhancing supplements eliminates “buyer’s remorse” of surgery. More often than not, teens will regret their decision to opt for breast augmentation surgery. Not only that, but they can enjoy their most formidable years without worrying about follow-up surgeries, scars, or loss of sensation.

And with a fantastic returns and refunds policy there’s really no reason not to try Bust Bunny natural breast enhancement supplements before opting for surgery. Try it today for 10% off using coupon code “tipsforteens” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.  

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