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So many women wonder “is breast implant illness real”, but never take a deep look into this harmful issue.  The quick and easy answer is simple, yes breast implant illness is very real.  Breast implant toxicity is real and it is extremely dangerous.  Breast implants can be a great thing by truly building one’s confidence, but what they don’t tell you is that there are many possibilities of complications that can lead to severe illnesses in other words called “implant illness” or “breast implant illness”.  There is not a way to go around this, breast implant illness may occur in both saline and silicone implants and is a very complex disease.

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Breast implant disease – also known as breast implant illness should not be taken lightly, before going forward with getting a breast augmentation you should be aware of any and all possibilities that could happen to your body.  We want to walk you through a few signs of breast implant problems that may occur after getting breast implants including breast implant illness symptoms.  Just as many diseases, sometimes breast implant infection symptoms do not show until things get extremely awful.  It’s best to catch these signs of breast implant problems early on to save yourself any more trauma than you may have already experienced.

*Warning! These photos below are graphic*

What is Hematoma?

One of the most common breast implant illnesses is hematoma blood clot.  First, we want you to understand exactly what hematoma is before going into further detail.  This is one of the big signs of breast implant problems as one of the major breast implant infection symptoms.  A hematoma is a collection of blood where the surgical procedure was performed.  Hematoma may cause bruising, swelling and pain which prompts blood to ooze out of the blood vessel of the surrounding tissues.  Your body can only handle a certain level of a hematoma, if they get too large you may need medical assistance in draining your hematoma through surgery.  This is the main reason you may notice bleeding after breast implants.  Hematoma pain can be excruciating due to the blockage of blood to the tissue and cause nerve damage.  This is a very known and common breast implant disease that can be taken care of but can be such a horrifying experience. 

haematoma after breast surgery

You may or may not notice a physical sign of hematoma, sometimes the bruise can be visible and in other cases may only show up in a mammogram.  After having a breast augmentation, you may begin to notice a bruise on your breast(s).  It’s very important to be aware of what does a bruise on your breast mean, this can potentially be dangerous.

Most of the time hematomas are visible and resemble a bruise like color – purplish/blue

If you are one of the people who experience a hematoma after breast surgery, after getting it surgically removed it should be the end of the issue.  Although, there are cases where the hematoma may come back and result in the same pain all over again.  Hematomas can become infected with bacteria causing inflammation, swelling, irritated skin and fever.

How To Get Rid Of A Hematoma?


You must drain the hematoma as quickly as possible for several reasons.  Breast Hematomas are very large which cause your skin to stretch, stretching the incision.  This is why women will end up with a scar that was even wider than before.  When the hematoma is being stretched that is when the pain becomes unbearable sending pain signals to your brain which is also why it must be removed. Although there can be a large hematoma it is possible that it can be small as well. 

What is a Seroma?

Most people confuse Hematoma with Seroma because they are very similar yet different. This is another one of the huge signs of breast implant problems.  A seroma is the collection of fluid that builds up underneath the surface of your skin.  Just as removing a hematoma, the doctor will make the incision in the same place that you had your incision from inserting breast implants. Take a look at these seroma pictures below. 

hematoma after breast augmentation pictures

Typically, you will notice the build-up of fluid, irritation and swelling a few weeks after your surgical procedure.  Despite the fact that this may not happen to everyone, you should be aware of the possibilities of what may happen after the development of a seroma forming.  Once identified you may need to go through extensive surgery and you are up for risk that the seroma could form again and come back.  There are many ways of how to get rid of a seroma, but the most common is draining it. If you’re experiencing seroma pain or signs of seroma it is important to get it checked out immediately. 

If you notice any of the following signs these may be symptoms of seroma and you may need to seek medical attention:

  • Swelling, pain, tenderness
  • Pus
  • Bloody drainage
  • Excelled heart rate
  • Fever
  • Flu
  • Intense pain
  • Bleeding after breast augmentation

get rid seroma If you have a low immune system, something as severe as a breast augmentation could take you a lot longer to recover from.  In order for your body to fight off an infection of this degree, you should not have an insubstantial immune system.  Seroma pain is typically not the easiest to tolerate which is why you should not be blind to the dangers of breast implants.

Breast Implant Toxicity Symptoms

Many women get breast implants and are blind to the breast implant illness symptoms that come along with it.  Sometimes the symptoms are so minor that women disregard them, only to later realize that the symptoms grew worse.  It’s best to catch any symptoms of silicone poisoning early on to prevent serious repercussions.  If your body is experiencing any of these symptoms, your body could be indicating that the breast implants need to be removed.  Whether they were simply bad breast implants or not, these symptoms may arise.


breast implant complications

This list is only a fraction of the possible symptoms that could be caused by your breast implants.  We urge you to seek medical attention if you are experiencing ANY of the following after your surgical procedure.

Symptoms of breast implant illness and silicone toxicity

  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Hair loss
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Swollen glands
  • Rashes
  • Thyroid issues
  • Low energy
  • Excess weight loss/gain
  • Cough
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Toxic Shock Syndrome Symptoms
  • Cramping
  • Anxiety, Depression or Panic Attacks

So if you’re one of those people wondering “is breast implant illness real”?  Take a look at the picture above just to see how real breast implant illness really is!  Breast implant toxicity symptoms sometimes may not show until its too late and your breast implants need to be removed.  Just as the image above shows what happened from her saline breast implant illness.  You may or may not notice signs of breast implant problems right away, but be aware that they may happen to anyone.

Why Do Breast Implants Cause Sickness?

When it comes to something as major as plastic surgery, your genetics only play a little part in why certain issues may come about.  You must recognize that you are placing a foreign object into your body. Not just any part of your body either, we’re talking about in your chest which is near essential organs.  Your body is fighting a war against a foreign object which commonly leads to illness. Breast implant illness symptoms should never be ignored, many women have doubted that this could happen to them and ended up regretting not seeking medical attention.

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There are so many stories of breast implants gone wrong, yet women still go through with the hazard of jeopardizing their life.  Why is that?  Most of the time the answer is to “build self-esteem”.  It’s unfortunate that women immediately run to what is familiar, such as breast implants. Rather than educating themselves on trying something that is natural and safe not only for them but for their children and future pregnancies.  Now in 2018, there are countless solutions for women with small breasts.

How Can I Get A Boob Job Without Implants?

If you are considering going under the knife for a breast augmentation, we urge you to try the alternative natural route first.  Bust Bunny is a natural supplement to help women achieve a larger breast size.  This is the safe way to obtain bigger boobs without harming yourself for the rest of your life.

Not to mention aside from safety repercussions, the price you will pay.  Going the safe route will also save you some big bucks in the end.  On average if you wanted to purchase a supply of Bust Bunny for 3 years, you would be spending less than $1,500.  That’s a huge saving compared to a $3,500 initial visit, not including all of the follow-ups to come.  We always advise trying a natural route before doing anything permanent to your body.




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