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You may be wondering why a site that sells breast enhancement supplements is writing about Vitamin C. Afterall, your research showed that things like watercress, red clover, black cohosh, etc are all proven herbs that help your breasts grow naturally. So, why vitamin C?

Let me tell you.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is just about the best thing you can do for your skin. Healthy, vibrant, tight skin makes your new, larger breasts that much more enticing and boosts your confidence even more. That’s why Bust Bunny is one of the only breast enhancing supplements that gives you a dose of vitamin C with every pill as an added bonus.

ascorbic acid

But we’ll get into our product at the end. Now, let’s get into what makes Vitamin C so wonderful for not only your breasts, but your entire body.

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin C?

There are so many benefits to this wonderful vitamin that it’s difficult to find a place to start, so, let’s give a quick backstory.

Centuries ago, british sailors discovered the way to prevent the disease scurvy. That way was through Vitamin C. Spending so much time at sea, these sailors would not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables and eventually start to suffer from bleeding underneath the skin, ulcers, and joint pain.

So, what does Vitamin C do?

They didn’t know this at the time, but the reason that was happening was due to a lack of collagen, a protein in the body that facilitates the growth of blood vessels and cells and gives your skin a healthy sheen. They didn’t know the science behind it, but they did know that by keeping fruits and vegetables aboard their ships, they could prevent scurvy—and thus the mystic around Vitamin C was born.

You may have grown up under the impression that Vitamin C can ward off a cold and other common illnesses. While this is somewhat rebuked by modern science, it doesn’t mean Vitamin C is useless.

We touched above about Vitamin C’s role in producing collagen, but did you know that Vitamin C also helps create “good” scar tissues and ligaments, and it helps heal your skin when it’s damaged.

Vitamin C also helps people with hypertension as it helps lower your body’s blood pressure.

Your mood is also improved by this awesome vitamin as it helps send norepinephrine neurotransmitters to your brain (big words, but they make you naturally feel better).

If you suffer from asthma, vitamin C will help you ward off the harmful pollutants which cause asthma attacks.

An added bonus to the collagen-blood vessel benefit is that it helps ward off heart diseases and other cardiac problems.

There are a litany of other benefits Vitamin C provides (like help with diabetes, lead toxicity, and immune system), but there is one major benefit that readers of this article on this site would be interested in and that deserves its own section.

Vitamin C and Breast Cancer

New studies are out that show high consumption of Vitamin C is linked to a minimized risk for cancer.

Specifically, the European Journal of Cancer (behind paywall) found that higher intakes of Vitamin C improved the survival rates among those diagnosed with the disease. The study has been observed since the 1970s when researchers began studying the anticancer effects of Vitamin C on cancer cells.

vitamin c and cancer

The effect, researchers say, comes from a chemical reaction that produces hydrogen peroxide, which kills some cancer cells. A total of 17,696 women were observed and the use of vitamin C supplements resulted in a 19 percent lower mortality risk and a 15 percent lower risk of death from breast cancer.

One step further is that with each 100 mg per day increase in Vitamin C showed a 27 percent lower mortality risk and a 22 percent lower death risk.

So, not only does Vitamin C help in both preventing and mitigating the effects of breast cancer, it also has all the added benefits listed above. Especially if breast cancer required a mastectomy—vitamin C can help restore your skin!

Speaking of your breasts….

How Vitamin C Helps with Breast Enhancement

As you can see, it was an easy choice to add vitamin C to Bust Bunny natural breast enhancement supplements.

Sure you can eat your foods high in vitamin C like your red peppers, your oranges, your strawberries, and your brussel sprouts—but why worry about whether you’re eating enough Vitamin C when you can be sure you are with Bust Bunny (oh, and your breasts will look great as an added bonus).

sources of vitamin c There are women who turn to Bust Bunny instead of breast enhancement surgery. We tell them that the vitamin C within will help them have healthier, more beautiful skin to go along with their larger breasts—and without those nasty surgery scars to boot! We want women to have an enjoyable safe experience without putting their health at risk, come join the Bust Bunny team by giving our product a try! Here is 10% off your next order with coupon code “vitaminc” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.

Some women take breast enhancement supplements like Bust Bunny to help them after breast cancer. As you now know, Bust Bunny’s added Vitamin C kicks cancer’s butt and gives you your beauty and confidence back!

If you want a breast enhancement supplement that is looking out for your breasts and your overall health, remember that Bust Bunny has vitamin C—and you’ll know that we care.

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