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In a society where many people admire bigger boobs, it’s almost every woman’s desire to have perkier and well-filled breasts. You’re not alone.

While all breasts are attractive and come in many hues, shapes, and sizes, bigger boobs can boost your confidence. They give you cleavage and make you look beautiful without much effort. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with round, firm, and perky boobs.

If you’re among the many women who find their breasts unappealing, there’s some good news for you. Chest exercise and natural breast enhancement supplements can help lift sagging breasts, improve your health, and boost your appearance.

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Today, we’ll take you through 3 simple exercises that can help you feel better in your own skin.

1 – Push-Up

Push-ups are an excellent bodyweight exercise that engages nearly every muscle in your body while also providing many health benefits. Push-ups strengthen your muscles by using the body’s weight to work against gravity.

They are an ideal exercise for women looking to strengthen their chest and connective tissue beneath the breast. You don’t need any special equipment or a gym membership to start doing push-ups; only some inspiration.

Here are some of the best beginner push-ups you can perform to give your boobs a lift naturally.

Wall Push-Up

fitness woman doing standing wall push-ups

Wall push-ups are great for beginners and those experiencing pain in their lower back, wrists, or elbows. That’s because they require you to use less force to overcome gravity’s pull compared to standard push-ups.

As a result, the exercise strengthens your muscles, improves your posture, makes your breasts firm, and prepares you for standard push-ups.

How to perform wall push-ups safely:

Step 1: Stand straight, facing a wall at a distance of about one foot or an arm’s length. Ensure your feet are hip-width apart and your arms shoulder-width apart.

Step 2: Extend your arms towards the wall until you touch the wall’s surface as your body inclines into a standing plank position. While in this position, your fingers should be pointing upwards.

Step 3: Inhale as you slowly move your upper body towards the wall while keeping your feet flat on the ground.

Step 4: Stay in this position for about 30 seconds.

Step 5: Exhale as you move further from the wall back to the starting position. Repeat this process with a smaller range of motion and increase the pace as you get more comfortable.

Knee Push-Ups

woman performing knee push ups

Also known as modified push-ups or “girl push-ups”, knee push-ups are one of the most effective and easy workouts for strengthening the upper body and lifting sagging breasts.

Steps to follow when performing knee push-ups:

Step 1: Warm up first to relax your muscles and get into activity mode. You can warm up by stretching, doing squats, or jogging.

Step 2: Kneel with your knees and toes touching the floor. Kneeling on a throw cushion or folded towel can help relieve pressure on your knees.

Step 3: Grip the ground with your arms a little broader than your shoulders. Spread your fingers wide to help your knees handle your body weight.

Step 4: While maintaining a straight back, bend your elbows and lower your body until it’s almost touching the floor. Pause and extend your arms to push back up to the starting position.

Repeat the movement until you complete a set of about 5–10 repetitions.

Besides lifting your boobs and strengthening your upper body, other benefits of push-ups include:

  • Building bone density
  • Increasing your core stability
  • Improving your body posture
  • Boosting your cardiovascular health
  • Burning calories
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2 – Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbell bench press, also known as dumbbell chest press, is a great exercise to add to your training routine to help you lift your bosoms. This exercise focuses on your upper body, including the arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.

How to do the dumbbell bench press:

Step 1: Lie down on a flat bench facing upwards while holding a medium-weight dumbbell in each hand. Press your hips and shoulders against the bench to ensure you’re comfortable enough. Also, ensure your palms are facing your feet.

Step 2: Slowly lift the dumbbells to a point vertically above your collarbone. Raise both dumbbells over your chest until they are at the middle height of your chest.

Step 3: Exhale and lift the dumbbells away from your chest, straightening your arms so that they are directly above your shoulders.

Step 4: Slowly inhale and return the weights to their starting position.

Repeat this process for 10 to 12 repetitions.

The following short video shows how to do a dumbbell bench press:

Other than lifting your boobs, this chest exercise can help activate muscle groups in your triceps and pectoral muscles.

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3 – The Cobra Exercise

women doing cobra pose

The cobra pose helps strengthen the lower back muscles and stretch the abdominal muscles. If you’ve done yoga, you’re probably familiar with this movement.

It’s an easy exercise for women who want to lift their breasts and develop greater flexibility. Steps to follow for this exercise:

Step 1: Find a level ground with enough space for your workout. If possible, use an exercise mat.

Step 2: Lie on your stomach (prone) on the floor or mat. Ensure your feet are straight and firmly planted on the ground.

Step 3: Straighten your elbows and gradually lift your upper body off the ground with your hands facing forward. Maintain an arch in your upper back while keeping your legs flat. Hold this position for about 20 to 30 seconds.

Step 4: Lower your upper body back to the starting position. Do about 10 repetitions for each set, and each time you do a set, push yourself a bit harder. Inhale as you raise your upper body and exhale while lowering yourself.

Expert Tip: If you experience any pain while working out, stop the movement and consult a specialist.

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About Bust Bunny

Bust Bunny is a family-owned business with a strong foundation in science, consumer satisfaction, and overall health.

For over 20 years, we have dedicated our time and resources to developing all-natural breasts enhancement and hormonal balance supplements to help women of all ages feel beautiful, confident and tackle menopause and PMS symptoms.

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Shawn, the founder, was a Biochemistry student when he discovered his passion for women’s health and beauty. As a result, he combined science and entrepreneurship to establish a business that would offer greater value to women looking to improve their physical appearance and general health.

Shawn had to sift through hundreds of customer reviews about their products to discover what works best for most women. To better understand his customers, he switched subjects from BioChem to Marketing & Business studies.

To improve the outcome of his customer reviews, he began asking more and more questions regarding their products. He wanted to improve everything about the product, from the outside look—which was murky brown—to the ingredients.

With countless hours of questioning, scientific research, and study, our team came up with an all-natural, herbal-based breast enhancement and hormonal balance supplement known as Bust Bunny. The product entered manufacturing in an FDA-compliant facility in the United States.

Other than fuller breasts, Bust Bunny can also help you:

  • Reduce acne and get clear skin
  • Relieve menstrual cramps
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Slow down the aging process
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Get Or Regain Your Perkiness With Natural and Effective Breast Lift Methods

So, there you have it. A couple of chest exercises that can help you enhance your cleavage by uplifting your breasts.

The best part is that you don’t have to go to the gym to feel more confident. You can do these exercises at home and at any time.

Done correctly, regular exercise tones the muscles around and behind your breasts, making them firmer, tighter, and bigger. What’s more, if you combine these exercises with Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement, the lifting effects will become much greater.

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