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Did you know that it’s possible to tell whether or not your breasts are growing simply by paying attention to a few signs?

As a woman, you’re probably concerned about the growth of your breasts. It’s natural to feel this way since it can be hard to tell if they are really growing or not.

Breasts are a big part of womanhood as they serve as a sign of growth. However, the challenging part is how to confirm this growth.

The development of breasts is a fairly normal phenomenon in the natural course of puberty. However, natural breast enhancers are available to increase the size of, firm up, tighten, and uplift your breasts.

Today, you’ll learn the 4 signs that your breasts are growing.

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Factors That Affect the Growth of Breasts

The growth of breasts is affected by several factors.

Estrogen Level

The growth of breasts happens during puberty. In this stage, testosterone and estrogen levels are constantly changing in the body, which causes alterations to breast size and shape.

During puberty, the estrogen hormone stimulates the growth of milk ducts in the breasts. The more ducts that are stimulated to grow, the larger the breast will become.

High estrogen levels lead to the growth of many ducts that cause breast enlargement. This is why most women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on birth control pills have larger breasts.


The genes you inherit from your parents play a role in how big your breasts grow.

If your mother or sister has large breasts, there is a good chance that you will too. However, this is not always the case. Some women with large breasts do not have any relatives with similarly sized breasts.

Body Weight

The amount of body fat you carry also affects breast size. Fatty tissues produce estrogen, which then causes the breast tissue to grow. A woman’s weight will affect her bra size since a larger person will need a bigger bra than a smaller person.

If you’re heavier in your family, you may notice that your breasts are larger than those of other family members. This is also the case if you’re overweight or obese.


As women get older, their breasts naturally start to sag. This is because the ligaments that support the breasts become weaker over time. As a result, there is a general decrease in breast size and firmness with age.

Now that you know some of the factors that influence breast growth, let’s take a look at the signs that your breasts are growing.

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Itchy Nipples and Breasts

You may not be able to notice any physical changes in your breast size, but you can surely tell if you’ve itchy nipples and breasts.

The increase in estrogen production during puberty can cause the breasts to become itchy. Estrogen-receptor sites in breast tissues are responsible for this symptom as they stimulate the growth of milk ducts which in turn, leads to an increase in the size of breasts.

The itchy feeling is an indication that your breasts are growing since the formation of the new milk ducts causes breast enlargement. The itchy feeling in your breasts may not be constant and will only last until the breast growth process is complete. The itchiness occurs when estrogen levels are elevated, which usually happens during puberty or pregnancy.

If you’re experiencing this symptom, it’s good news that your breasts are growing. If the itchiness is accompanied by other symptoms such as redness or swelling, it may be a sign of infection. In case of such symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

Puffy and Raised Nipples

Nipples are one of the first areas to change during breast growth.

During puberty, it’s normal to experience puffy and raised nipples. This is due to the enlargement of milk ducts that surround the nipple. The increased blood flow to these ducts causes the nipples to become puffy and raised.

Puffy nipples usually go away as the breast growth process completes. However, if they persist even after your breasts stop growing, it may signify that you have inverted nipples.

Inverted Nipples

Some women are born with inverted nipples, while others develop them over time. Inverted nipples are nipples that point inward instead of outward.

Inverted nipples are a common symptom of breast growth since the increased production of estrogen causes the milk ducts to grow and envelop the nipple. This can cause the nipple to become inverted or puffy.

Most women with inverted nipples will return to their normal state after the breast growth process is complete. If your inverted nipples don’t change back to normal even after you’re done growing breasts, then you should consult a doctor. This may be an indication of an underlying medical condition.

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Sore and Tender Breasts

Tenderness and soreness are signs that your breasts are growing.

During puberty, your breasts are subjected to a lot of hormonal changes.

The primary hormone responsible for breast development is estrogen,which causes the milk ducts and glandular tissues of the breasts to grow. The increased growth in these areas can cause soreness and tenderness in your nipples and breasts.

There’s no reason to worry if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort during breast growth. Breast pain is a common symptom during puberty, and usually disappears after the growth period is over.

Apart from breast growth, the three other leading causes of soreness and tenderness of breasts include…

Bra Size

Ill-fitting bras can cause breast pain. The role of a bra is to support the heavy and fatty tissues in your breasts.

Big, old, and stretched bras leave the breasts to jostle and move around, which can cause pain and soreness.

In addition, wearing a tight bra for too long can also lead to breast pain. A tight bra restricts blood flow and disrupts the lymphatic drainage of breasts. This can cause the breasts to become swollen and tender.

It’s common to wear the wrong bra size unknowingly. For example, a 2008 study found that 80 percent of women wear the wrong size of bras. In turn, this causes breast pain and discomfort.

Muscle Strain

The pectoral muscle beneath and around your breast is responsible for moving your arm.

When you stretch this muscle, you’ll feel pain that seems to originate from your breasts. This pain is caused by the muscle strain and not your breasts.

The pectoral muscles can get tired and strained from overuse or excessive weightlifting.

The struggle to have perfectly shaped, perky, firm breasts is never-ending for most women. Although exercises such as yoga can increase the firmness of your breasts, they’re tedious, and can take longer to see results.

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Many women experience breast pain during their periods.

Breast pain during menstruation results from the associated hormonal changes.

The pain can signify that your period is about to start or that you’re having an early period.

It can also be a sign of ovulation, PMS, or endometriosis.

Although breast pain is not an issue to worry about, you should see a doctor if you experience severe symptoms like:

  • Swelling
  • Persistent Pain
  • Unusual discharge
  • Chills
  • Fever

Uneven Breasts

Most symptoms of growing breasts can also mean pregnancy or premenstrual cycle. However, the existence of uneven breasts is a complete giveaway.

Uneven breasts are one of the crucial signs that your breasts are growing.

If you have always had breasts with different sizes, it’s a sign that your boobs are growing. The condition indicates that one breast is growing faster than the other.

Your breasts will be the same size once they’re done going through hormonal fluctuations. On average, it takes around 4–4.5 years for the growing process of your breasts to complete and make them even in size.

Although asymmetrical breasts are common during puberty, they can persist into your adulthood.

Natural breast pills can help regulate your hormones but it will take longer to see results.

Bust Bunny hormonal supplement is effective at regulating fluctuating hormones for breasts.

To sum up, we’ve talked about four signs that your breasts are growing. Although breast growth is a natural process, it can be slow at times. Furthermore, your breasts can become loose and saggy due to lifestyle conditions. Because of these factors, we created Bust Bunny to give your boobs a boost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my breasts grow faster?

The best way to make your boobs bigger is through a healthy lifestyle. Breast growth requires a lot of energy and resources, which you can get from eating nutritious foods, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep every night, staying active throughout the day, and reducing stress. Alternatively, you can use breast enhancement supplements. These products provide your body with the necessary nutrients and minerals to develop bigger breasts.

What does it mean when your breasts hurt?

There are several reasons why your breasts may be hurting. The most common reasons are that your breasts are growing, you’re wearing the wrong size bra, or you have been wearing tight bras for too long. In addition, breast pain can also result from pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms like bloating, acne breakouts, cramps, or mood swings.

When do breasts stop growing?

On average, breasts stop growing when a woman reaches the age of 18. However, it’s important to note that every woman is different. Some may experience continued breast growth into their early twenties.

About Bust Bunny

Bust Bunny is a family-owned business built on science, customer satisfaction, and valuing good health more than anything else. Shawn, a biochem major, founded the business.

The core of Bust Bunny, according to Shawn, is to create greater value for people who need a natural alternative to silicone implants and breast operations.

Moreover, Bust Bunny serves people who want to avoid the damaging and long-term effects of illnesses associated with breast implants.

Shawn decided to take note of customers’ needs to make the business better. He started by listening to Kathy, a customer who always re-ordered every three months without getting in touch. Shawn switched to Marketing and Businesses studies to better understand his customers’ needs.

Knowing that everything can be improved, Shawn learned, researched, and questioned the perfect recipe. He aimed to find the right ingredients to attain the best results.

Shawn listened to Kathy’s advice to avoid using gelatin capsule coating. As a result, he switched over to all-vegetable capsules, non-GMO ingredients and removed all additives and fillers. Apart from being manufactured in the United States, Shawn wanted his facility to be FDA compliant.

In 2017, Shawn decided to build a better buying experience for his customers, which led to the birth of Bust Bunny.

Shawn’s mother has type-2 diabetes. Due to this condition, she has recurring night sweats, moodiness, and anxiety.

Shawn went back to the lab to develop something that would help his mother. The result was the Bust Bunny hormone supplement. The supplement has helped his mother feel less anxious with no need for prescription drugs.

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