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Women are the luckiest human beings on earth. They have received the extraordinary gift of being able to give birth and become mothers. Maternity is one of the most spectacular periods a woman can experience. Her body goes under spectacular changes as the baby grows inside of her. The organs shift, making more room for the baby, while the pelvis and hips widen. Moreover, the skin experiences some changes also. As the belly grows, the skin’s elasticity is being challenged. In addition, the hormones put the face skin under test. Despite the glow of happiness that any woman shows on her face during pregnancy, there are a lot of skin problems which can appear during the 9-month period. Therefore, if you wonder what tips you can use to support your skin health during pregnancy, then this article is for you.

  1. Drink plenty of water

loose skin after pregnancy There’s no surprise that water is essential for skin elasticity. It is very important to keep the good habit of drinking at least 2 liters of water daily during pregnancy. Water helps in cleansing the body and washing out all the toxins. Moreover, water is extremely beneficial during pregnancy as it helps to keep the right amount of amniotic fluid. Thus, if you haven’t yet followed this tip, you shouldn’t lose too much time. Drink at least 2 liters a day and you will keep your skin healthy during pregnancy. Furthermore, your baby is the first one who receives the hydration, leaving the remains for the mother. Therefore, even though you don’t feel the need to drink water during the day, you should keep a constant hydration pattern. You can make it taste a lot better by adding a couple of lemon drops in your glass.

  1. Exercise as much as you can

pregnancy exercises There are a lot of women who consider that moving from the couch to the fridge is enough exercise during a day. But, this is not the solution for healthy skin during pregnancy. First of all, exercising will increase your mobility and help you resist over the last months before giving birth. In addition, if you manage to do some gentle exercises at least three times a week, they will improve your blood circulation and nourish your skin. Furthermore, your body will eliminate endorphins which are responsible for making you feel happier and have uninterrupted sleep.

  1. No compromises on diet

pregnancy diet plan

One of the golden rules for pregnancy without problems is having a clean diet. As your baby bump becomes bigger, it will become more difficult for you to move and experience sleepless nights. Therefore, apart from the normal kilograms that you will take during pregnancy, you should pay attention to not gain even more kilos because of an unhealthy diet. In addition, every toxin included in your food will have visible effects on your skin. Discuss with your doctor to recommend you the allowed ingredients for you and your baby. For example, raw fish or deli meat is totally forbidden from your daily meals.

  1. Use sunscreen

sensitive skin pregnancy

One of the skin problems you may face during pregnancy is the “mask of pregnancy”. This means that you will deal with dark spots on your forehead and cheeks. This means that your body produces more hormones which lead to pigmentation increase. Unfortunately, 1 in 2 pregnant women deals with this problem. This situation can be solved by wearing a sunscreen with a minimum of 15 protection factor every time you go outside.  You can also protect yourself from the sun by wearing a ball cap and thus decrease the chances of facing dark spots on your face.

  1. Keep a strict cleansing routine

pregnancy skin tips

If you are already struggling with acne, then the pregnancy might irritate it even more. The hormones from your body will make oil glands eliminate more oil, which will cause more irritation. What can be done in this situation? It is very important to keep a very strict cleansing routine. Wash your face every day with gentle face soap and avoid using one which has a strong perfume. What is more, try to clean your face in the morning and afternoon, to make sure that you eliminate all the impurities. On the other hand, you should not exaggerate with the cleansing routine as your skin might get too dry. In addition, even though your acne becomes very obvious, you should avoid the medicated astringents. They contain several ingredients which are totally forbidden for a pregnant woman.

  1. Moisturize your abdomen

loose skin after pregnancy

As you get closer to the delivery time, your abdomen becomes bigger causing skin stretches. Therefore, you will face itching and dryness. They are very uncomfortable, making you desperately search for remedies. One of the most efficient remedies for an itchy abdomen is using a highly-moisturizing body cream. Moreover, you can also use anti-itch products to give you more relief. For example, calamine lotion is very efficient in these cases. You can also invest in a high-quality body oil to protect your skin from stretches and marks. The sweet almond oil is a very good alternative and you can use it on your belly, hips, and breasts.

  1. Relax

skin changes during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you should stay away from stress. Pregnancy is a unique period that appears in your life. Thus, you have all the reasons to relax and stay away from stress. What is more, when you are stressed, your skin will immediately show if something wrong is happening inside your body. Therefore, if there is something which causes you to stress, then your skin will be affected and lose its radiant look.

  1. Wear light makeup

pregnancy skin

When you are pregnant, you don’t need too much makeup to show others how beautiful you are. Therefore, the best thing you can do is use as little makeup as possible. Moreover, you can use multipurpose products which will help you define your makeup, but it will not overload your skin. For instance, you can use a foundation stick which can be also a concealer. Furthermore, when you choose your beauty products, you should also check the list of ingredients. Avoid those products which contain toxic ingredients and might jeopardize your skin health. It would be perfect if you could use bio or natural cosmetic products.

How Can I Restore My Skin After Pregnancy?

Once you give birth to your baby, all the skin problems will disappear in a couple of weeks. However, if you don’t want to struggle too much with these problems after giving birth, you can prevent any skin problems from the pregnancy period. The above tips will help you get ready for the pregnancy period and stay away from any skin health problems. We hope that these tips help make your pregnancy easy and smooth. Most women who are new to pregnancy tend to have a lot of concerns and worries in the beginning about their body and the changes that they will go through.

how to tighten loose skin after pregnancy naturally

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