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Like most girls, you’re probably wondering why do boobs hurt before period. As women, our breasts go through a lot.  One moment things are okay, the next moment your boobs are hurting for no apparent reason.  It can be confusing when you are still learning your body and what is normal vs what is not.  Well, I am here to confirm that sore breasts before period is completely normal and should be nothing to worry about.  Distinguishing signs of period vs pregnancy can be tricky being that they are very similar.  We hear many women wondering if they are pregnant when in actuality they are just experiencing pre period symptoms.

Why do boobs hurt before getting your period?

Undergoing breast tenderness before period is due to many factors, but first and foremost it is due to your hormones fluctuating.  This is why you will experience the most breast swelling and breast tenderness during this time.  Your hormones are going up and down, at one moment they rise and the next they have fallen.  Your estrogen levels are rising and at the peak when you are pmsing causing your breast tissues to enlarge leading to pain in your breasts. The production of progesterone causes your milk glands to become swollen.  This is the primary reason you will have symptoms of sore breasts a week before period. You may also notice that your nipples hurt before period, which is not abnormal either. 

signs you're getting your period

You will begin to notice that the essential symptoms you are feeling are, swelling and excessive pain, which is due to the heaviness and tenderness your breasts are going through.  When you begin going through menstrual bleeding these symptoms will no longer be present.  For the most part, sore breasts before period will begin one week before actually starting that time of the month.

How to avoid breast pain before period?

Sorry to break it to you, but your morning cup of joe is not contributing to the relief of your breast pain and tenderness.  You should try your best to skip out on your daily cup of coffee and any other caffeine habits you may have.  If you’re looking for effective ways how to reduce breast pain before period, this is a big one.  Caffeine will wind up causing fluid build up due to the effect caffeine has on your breast tissues.  During this time, try substituting your coffee for something rich in antioxidants such as a herbal tea which will lead to an increase in your immune system.  We understand that although breast pain before your period is only about 7 long days, it can at times be unbearable.  If you are experiencing painful symptoms before period we have a few suggestions that you should consider in order to avoid sore breasts before period.   


Proven ways to limit the pain before your period.

  • Chasteberry (Vitex): This is a more holistic natural approach to fighting breast tenderness before period. There is a reason that Chasteberry received its nickname as the “woman herb”.  It has been proven for centuries to relieve premenstrual symptoms which are followed by the obvious, sore breasts. Vitex has many medical studies to support its multiple benefits for women.  Not to mention this herb helps keep your breasts fuller, firmer and rounder. Try Chasteberry to balance out your hormones and keep them from fluctuating as much.  You can purchase a supplement that has other PMS fighting herbs in it here.
  • Advil/Ibuprofen: Although we try to encourage going the natural route as much as possible if you don’t have the capability to get to natural herbs or holistic supplements you can take an over the counter medication.
  • Eat a balanced diet: Stay away from refined sugars, this will not only help your pain before your period but also helps cure breast pain during period.  Also, believe it or not, you can experience sore breasts two weeks before period if you don’t stick to a balanced diet.  Foods high in fat, sugars, carbs can cause severe breast pain.  You may confuse signs you’re getting your period with bad eating habits causing a hurt stomach.  Clean eating helps you to differentiate between these two. 
  • Wearing the proper bra: We have mentioned this many times but wearing a supportive bra will give your boobs the love they need during that time of the month.  This is one of the best ways of how to reduce breast pain before period.  You may want to sleep with a supportive bra only during that time of the month.

What causes sore nipples before my period?

This is normal.  If you are experiencing sore nipples before your period or even during your period this is a part of the painful process us women go through.  As mentioned above, a week before your period arrives your body has an increase in progesterone.  It is not only your breasts that go through pain, but your nipples will become sore and sensitive as well.  Chasteberry or Dong Quai root will help relieve these symptoms as well as contribute to an increase in your mood.  Bust Bunny breast enhancement provides both of these ingredients plus more that help assists in reducing painful sore nipples/breasts. You can start your journey today for 10% off using coupon code “preperiod” or CLICK HERE to have it instantly applied. 

sore breasts 2 weeks before period

Sore nipples can be a part of your menstrual process at any age.  There is no restriction or point as to when this may happen to you.  Although the cause of why you have sore nipples or breast tenderness may vary for several reasons such as PMS, pregnancy, breastfeeding or even menopause.  Usually, there is no reason to panic for painful sore nipples, this isn’t a typical area for concern although women experiencing it for the first time may be blindsided.  This is due to the authority estrogen has on your body during this time which leads to sore nipples.  Your levels of progesterone are not high enough to help balance out the estrogen-producing in your body at this point.  When your estrogen levels are fluctuating that is when you will notice cramps, bloating, mood swings, sore breasts and sore nipples.  This shows that sore nipples before period is not uncommon, in fact, it is rather common.  No need to worry, just try a natural method for relieving this pain as we mentioned above.

What are the signs of period vs pregnancy?

The best way to tell the difference between your period and pregnancy is obvious, if you are experiencing period symptoms but no period.  If your period is a few days late or even a week, give or take, you may want to take a pregnancy test.  It’s very common to experience the usual period symptoms but not get your period.  Pay attention to the signs of getting your period that you typically would, but if you are noticing that your period has not arrived it could either simply be late or you could potentially be pregnant.  Keep in mind, cramps and sore breasts before period can occur as early as 2 weeks before your actual period causing you to think that your period is late when in fact your symptoms are just early.  Any change in your diet, workout routine or daily lifestyle affects your body and can cause that time of the month to change leaving symptoms of sore breasts or sore nipples to arrive early.

breasts sore before period

If you are continuously experiencing period symptoms but no period, it may be best to start tracking your cycle, what you eat and your daily activities.  This will help you understand what has or hasn’t changed so you won’t worry when you have period symptoms but no period.

Why do my boobs hurt after my period?

As shocking as this sounds, it’s actually very normal for you to experience sore breasts after period.  There are several reasons this may end up happening. If you are experiencing sore nipples or sore breasts even though your period is over this can be from any of the possible reasons.

  1. Hormonal Changes – If your hormone levels are fluctuating more than usual then this is normal.
  2. Previous Surgeries – Any breast trauma you may have experienced can lead to sore breasts after period.
  3. Radiating Pain from the Chest Wall
  4. Change of Medications – Any change or new medications can cause sore breasts and or sore nipples.

These are few of many possible reasons you may be suffering from sore breasts after period, we suggest contacting your doctor for the best medical advice on this issue.

No sore breasts before period could I be pregnant?

sore breasts week before period

No. It’s actually reverse if you were experiencing pregnancy symptoms you would more than likely have sore nipples and sore breasts.  If you are not experiencing this then the chances of pregnancy are low.  It’s important to understand that the way one woman’s body reacts is completely different than another.  Therefore not all women will experience PMS symptoms.  Sometimes your period may come and be more painful than the month prior, if your body is giving you a break then just accept it and don’t worry.

Why are my pre period symptoms worse than her pre period symptoms?

As a woman, our bodies go through many changes and at times it’s hard to keep up with it.  Getting to know your body and why these changes are happening is not easy, it can take years to start understanding what is normal vs abnormal.  For some women, they will regularly experience sore nipples before period and breast tenderness before period, so they will start to understand that having breast pain before period is a normal part of the process.

sore breast before periodKnowing the difference between normal symptoms before period and unusual symptoms before period are crucial for learning your body as a woman.  Pre period symptoms vary from one woman to the next, so it is hard to compare your signs of getting your period compared to someone else.  For the most part, if you are acquiring sore breasts a week before period then you are going through a normal PMS process.   

How to reduce breast pain before period

If you struggle with really harsh pre period symptoms and you have not tried any remedies yet.  Bust Bunny is a natural supplement that is great for helping to fight pre period symptoms.  You may need a supplement to help level out the pain you are going through during that time of the month and for the week before your period as well.  Take a look at the possibilities of what causes sore nipples and you may notice that you aren’t taking the proper vitamins. 

breast sore before period

A natural supplement like Bust Bunny can help relieve sore breasts during period, sore breasts after period, and even breast pain during period.  Bust Bunny can help tremendously with that because the supplement has multiple PMS fighting ingredients in it. Your cycle may just be off course and need help regulating. This is a great way how to reduce breast pain before period. If that sounds like something you are experiencing then Bust Bunny may be perfect for you. Use coupon code “PMS” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon code instantly applied! 

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