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Period cramps are never a good.. Women complain about them every month because period pain can lead to stomach discomfort and even migraines.

To help with Aut Flo’s unwanted monthly visit  we came up with 11 ways to stop period cramps fast + 1 thing you should NEVER do.


Doctors tell everyone to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water a day. Relieving period pain is just one benefit. When you choose to drink hot water, your muscles will relax and the pain will subdue. Ahhhhh.


2 Do Yoga

Yoga is the type of exercise that will relax your muscles. It is no secret moving around will make you experience pain a bit more but not this one as the poses stretch and help to alleviate pain. You might even lose calories in the process.

3 Get a Massage

Most people are already familiar with the fact that massage relieves stress. Thus, better tell the massage therapist what you are experiencing so that the professional will know the massage techniques to apply on the painful part. You will feel a lot better when the session is over and you might even fall asleep and catch up on some much needed zzzzzs.

4. Take Supplements

herb supplements

There are some dietary supplements that contain herbs that  stop period cramps fast. We recommend Hormonal Balance.  It’s an all natural supplement designed to provide quick relief for PMS symptoms like cramps, nausea and irritability. 

5. Take Medicine

Most women find relief with Advil or Tylenol but if those don’t work see your doctor to find out what medicine you can take in order to stop period cramps fast.

6. Reduce Stress

We all know how stress can make the pain a lot worse than it already is. Thus, the next thing to do would be the techniques that you are used to in order to make the stress go away including meditation, watching comedy shows, and even reading.

7. Apply A Heating Pad

Heat can help relax your muscles. hence, better apply a heating pad to wherever you are feeling pain. Another alternative would be to take a nice hot shower. It is so relaxing that you may even forget where you are. 

8. Eat Anti Inflammatory Foods

The food you eat will play a huge role in minimizing the pain that you are experiencing. Thus, it would be better to focus on eating a healthy diet. It is a good thing there are many meal plans that would make you eat healthy foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so there won’t be a need to skip a meal. Some foods you can eat include almonds, fruits, and salmon.

9 Avoid Unhealthy Foods

It’s in your best interest to avoid sweets and foods high in cholesterol. Unfortunately, that list includes the usual food that you eat in fast food joints like french fries, burgers, ice cream, and sodas. These foods are gas-producing and therefore would not help your cramps. Better to stick with healthy foods  like bananas and walnuts.

10. Switch to Decaf

Most of us are pretty much addicted to coffee. However, caffeine can increase the pain that you are having. As a result, it would be better to switch to drinks that don’t contain caffeine. If you need your coffee fix, then decaf is a great option.

11. Drink Herbal Teas

Speaking of non-caffeine drinks, there is herbal tea. This drink is known to have compounds that relieve stress. In addition, it also has other benefits like being able to speed up your metabolism so it is would be best to drink herbal teas after a meal.


Whatever you do do NOT eat salty foods. Salty food increases water retention which would make you bloat… never a good feeling and this will definitely make your period cramps worse. Be sure to watch out for sodium which is hidden in a lot of canned foods, like soup. Sorry, no salty popcorn, peanuts, sunflower seeds for you!


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