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11 Ways to Stop Period Cramps +1 Thing You Should NEVER do

Jul 9, 20214 min read

Period cramps are never a good.. Women complain about them every month because period pain can lead to stomach discomfort and even migraines. To help with Aut Flo’s unwanted monthly…

How to balance hormones naturally

Apr 1, 20209 min read

As women, any small change to our bodies can throw off our hormones and impact us in ways that we weren’t aware of. Balancing hormones doesn’t have to be difficult,…

Why You Experience Weight Gain During Your Period

Jul 23, 20197 min read

That cruel, cruel world … As if we had few other troubles during PMT and menstruation, extra pounds are sometimes added to all this. Is this normal? Why does it…

Best Hormone Balancing Foods

Feb 5, 20196 min read

As humans, we sometimes feel controlled by our hormones.  When our hormones aren’t balanced, we tend to experience negative side effects like dull skin, pain in our reproductive system, fatigue,…

Is it safe to exercise during periods

Jan 23, 20197 min read

Does the mere thought of exercise during your period make you annoyed and you wish to retire your workout gear for good? Well, you’re not all wrong and alone; the…

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