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You may already know that fenugreek is a hormonally active herb you can take in the form of capsules, fenugreek tea, or tincture.

Being hormonally active means that it contains phytoestrogens; compounds that work similarly to the female reproductive hormone estrogen. Therefore, taking fenugreek will perform the same functions as estrogen, such as regulating your menstrual cycle and increasing your breast size.

However, how long the herb takes to work entirely depends on you.

When asked how many days fenugreek takes to increase breast size, many will say that it takes anywhere from 90 to 120 days. But you can’t know for sure without factoring in your age, any underlying conditions, and other factors like:

  • The dosage of fenugreek you take (needs to be 1800 mg per day or less)
  • The type of fenugreek capsules you take
  • Your individual body chemistry

1 – Fenugreek and Lifestyle Choices

woman smoking while talking on phone

With the right lifestyle choices—getting enough sleep, quitting smoking, and exercising regularly—anywhere from 90 to 120 days are enough for fenugreek to increase your breast size.

Some exercises you can try include:

  • Push-ups: Strengthen the chest and pectoral muscles, consequently firming up breast tissue
  • Crunches: Strengthens your abs and chest muscles to give you a fuller look
  • Wall-ups: Tone breast shape and strengthen pectoral muscles to make your boobs naturally firm

The best part of these exercises is that you don’t need a gym to do them. You can easily do them at home and speed up the rate of your breast growth. Exercising can also benefit your overall posture, which makes your boobs appear larger.

Another lifestyle choice that can affect your breast growth is smoking.

Specifically, cigarette smoking is among the top causes of saggy boobs. Tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals, and many of them cause harm to your skin.

These chemicals particularly trigger the destruction of elastin and collagen—compounds that maintain the elasticity of your skin. Without these compounds, your skin will lose its strength and begin to sag. As a result, you’ll get deeper wrinkles and sagging breasts.

This can even happen if you’re exposed to secondhand smoke for long periods of time. Smoking cigarettes may also cause you to experience breast pain. Consult your doctor if this happens.

“I smoke and drink lots of sodas and I notice … a difference from when I smoke a lot vs when I hardly smoke at all … Give it a few weeks and you’ll start to notice a difference.”
Beth, United States

Finally, getting enough sleep is vital for breast growth. Growth hormones like estrogen are released during sleep, so ensure you get your full 7–8 hours every night for faster boob growth.

Your sleeping position matters as well.

Lying on your stomach for long hours is bad for your breasts because they’re pressed against the bed. All that pressure hinders the circulation of blood to your boobs, causing them to grow at a slower rate. 

To improve circulation to your breasts, sleep on your side with a pillow under your breasts, or on your back.

“I do my best to listen to guidelines of no caffeine, plenty of water and I do try to get plenty of sleep! … Bust Bunny has improved my mood, my skin, and yes even my bust.”
H.M.V., United States

2 – Fenugreek and Diet

woman in white tank top holding cupcakes

Breast growth occurs faster with proper nutrition. For instance, foods rich in protein can make your breast tissue grow faster. Omega-3 fatty acids also contribute.

This is how:

  • Protein triggers the production of more estrogen which is essential for breast growth.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids contain phytoestrogens which work similarly to estrogen in your body.

The table below shows different foods that contain vital minerals for breast growth.

Food Benefit For Breast Growth
Milk Rich source of protein which triggers the production of more estrogen
Green leafy vegetables Contain iron and calcium which support the body’s natural processes for creating estrogen
Nuts Contain monounsaturated fats which help in building breast tissue
Salmon High in omega-3 fatty acids which encourage breast growth

Other foods that are rich in protein include fish, eggs, chicken, and legumes. You can get bigger boobs within three months of using fenugreek and changing your diet to include these breast-growth-friendly foods.

“My tips? Drink soy milk for extra estrogen and drink water if you’re on the pill. Grapefruit is a great extra source of estrogen too!”
Evy, United States

3 – Fenugreek Plus Other Natural Breast Growth Herbs

Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement supplement capsules

Fenugreek capsules alone can help you get bigger boobs, but there’s an even better way to use it—combining it with other breast-enhancing herbs.

As you can see from the testimonial below, one of Bust Bunny’s customers tried using fenugreek seeds alone without much progress. As soon as they switched to Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement supplement, they started getting results.

“I had taken fenugreek seeds for a while to see if it would help with breast growth and I never got much benefit in that department … I just take this and it works noticeably better.”
Rufus Martinez, United States

To explain, fenugreek is only one part of the thirteen ingredients that we use to produce our capsules. 

The other twelve ingredients are black cohosh, flax seeds, fennel seeds, motherwort, vitamin D, Angelica Sinensis, wild yam root, Dong Quai, chasteberry, red clover, watercress, and blessed thistle.

While fenugreek can work on its own, combining multiple non-GMO ingredients like we do makes the supplement much more effective.

We remove all additives and fillers from our pills to give you a natural product that works within three months. 

Bust Bunny capsules are manufactured in an FDA-compliant facility in the United States and are healthy even when consumed with other medications like hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

woman holding the Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement pills

4 – Fenugreek and Metabolism

woman exercising with dumbbell

Fenugreek may take more than 120 days to increase your breast size if you have a slow metabolism.

To explain, a slow metabolism means there’s minimal circulation of blood in your system. Since blood delivers hormones and nutrients to your breasts, minimal circulation equals slower growth. It may take anywhere from three to six months before you start seeing noticeable results.

The good news is that there are ways to improve circulation to your breasts.

For instance, massaging your boobs at least once a day for 15 minutes increases blood circulation. With enough blood flowing, your breast tissue will get sufficient hormones and grow faster. Massaging your breasts will also:

  • Clear toxins that may interfere with the growth of your boobs
  • Increase the levels of collagen and make your boobs perkier

When massaging, remember to pay attention to your technique. Using too much pressure can hurt your breast tissue, and too little pressure won’t have an effect at all. Here are tips on how to massage your breasts the right way.

  • Use shallow, circular motions to avoid damaging your breast tissue.
  • Use the flats of your palms and fingertips to cover a larger area.
  • Massage just below your armpits to further increase circulation.
  • Massage after a bath when your skin is clean and your muscles are loose.
  • Use a massage oil, such as flaxseed oil, to relax your muscles and lubricate your skin.

“Do your massages and eat foods rich in progesterone. It helps more than you realize.”
Chrissy S., United States

Expert Tip: Exercise can also improve circulation and allow fenugreek to work faster.

How Many Days Did it Take for You?

How many days did it take for fenugreek to increase your breast size? If you’ve used Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement supplements, let us know how long it took for your breasts to grow. 

Most of our customers start seeing noticeable changes in their boobs at the two-month mark.

“It has been almost two months this time around, and I have already grown into a C cup … I have grown 4 inches around and they are perkier, firmer and fuller …”
Casey Howard, United States

If you have yet to try natural supplements, you might be curious to know how long they take to work.

All you have to do is follow the guidelines specified above as you take two Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement capsules daily with at least 8 ounces of water. 

You can take a maximum of three capsules per day. Any more and your estrogen levels will shoot too high to support healthy breast growth.

Remember to consult your doctor if you’re on HRT, birth control pills, or any other prescribed medication.

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