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When you think about it, human breasts are fascinating, to say the least.

You don’t need to give birth for them to produce milk, they can grow even after puberty, and (the best part) everyone has breasts regardless of the gender they identify.

That last fact is why male to female breast growth is possible. It’s also the reason stories such as, “Man grows breasts after unknowingly taking supplements,” make for an interesting news item; because it’s possible.

Unfortunately, this fascination with breasts has led to a lot of misinformation about their growth process, especially for transitioning individuals. For instance, contrary to what you’ve read online, your body weight doesn’t influence the size or speed of breast development at any stage.

To help sift the facts from the hearsay, we’ve discussed five intriguing facts about the stages of male to female breast growth. As we go over them, you will learn:

  • Why apples and plums are valuable for stage one breast growth
  • At which breast development stage you’ll experience the most growth
  • The typical timeline for breast development in trans women
  • Why stage four breast growth is permanent
  • Why breast enhancement supplements speed up growth
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Fact 1 – Most Breast Growth Occurs at Tanner Stage One

When in transition, your body goes through the same Tanner stages of breast development as in cis women:

  • The initial breast bud development at stage one
  • Further breast enlargement at stages two and three
  • Maximal breast growth at stage four

But what’s fascinating is that most growth takes place during stage one—three to six months into therapy. This is when the areolar, nipples, and breast tissues begin to enlarge.

A study of 229 trans women between the ages of 18 and 69 found the average bust size increase to be 0.7 inches over the first three months, 0.5 inches over the following three months (all stage one), and 0.2 inches over the last six months (stage 4).

The following table compares the various developments at different Tanner stages for trans women.

Tanner Stage Characteristics
Stage one
  • 3 to 6 months into hormone therapy
  • Tip of the nipples are raised
  • Buds begin to form under the nipples
  • Areolas begin to expand
  • Tissue under the nipple feels denser
Stage two
  • 6 to 12 months into hormone therapy
  • Breasts tissue starts to expand beyond the margin of the areolas
  • Further enlargement of areolas
Stage three
  • 1 to 2 years into hormone therapy
  • Further enlargement of breasts but no distinction between the areolas and breast contours
Stage four
  • 2 to 3 years into hormone therapy
  • Areolas move away from the contour of the underlying breasts and rise
  • From the side, there’s a distinct separation of the areola from the breast contour

Fact 2 – Your Diet Helps With Breast Development

group of people eating healthy meal

As you transition, several foods can help you through the various breast growth stages and enhance your overall appearance.

Chia seeds, for instance, are packed with hormone-boosting amino acids, fiber, and proteins, which are essential for breast development at any stage.

Meanwhile, avocados contain healthy fats and large amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids that nourish your breasts and even stimulate milk production at stage four of breast development.

The following table highlights some more food types and how they help with breast development.

Food Type Effect
Spinach High in antioxidants, vitamins, and phytoestrogens that support breast growth, shaping, and toning
Apples and plums High in vitamin A, which promotes breast tissue development during stage one and hormonal balance throughout the subsequent stages
Alfalfa High in proteins and minerals for increased estrogen production, which leads to larger breasts

Alternatively, breast enhancement supplements are a faster and natural way to develop fuller breasts. They come loaded with a careful mixture of active ingredients, from vitamins to seed and herb extracts, to support you throughout the breast growth stages..

Here’s one such enhancement supplement by Bust Bunny that’s vegan-friendly, all-natural, and manufactured in the United States by an FDA-compliant facility. It’s also a hit with previous buyers.

two bottle breast enhancement supplement

One happy Bust Bunny customer, Shari, noted that these supplements took effect within three months of usage. Read Shari’s Amazon review about enhancing her breasts.

Another user, Ruth, noted that these supplements helped her increase her bust size by two inches. Check out her review on Trustpilot.

These reviews are consistent with a study of breast supplements that concluded that fenugreek and wild yam contain diosgenin, which is a growth stimulator for mammary glands.

These are the very ingredients (plus more) that make up this supplement by Bust Bunny. Other components include:

  • Wild yam root: These are powerful phytochemicals for optimal breast growth. They contain functional bioactive compounds such as phenols that prevent the development of free radicals (an associated risk of breast growth).
  • Watercress: This ingredient contains vitamin E, which supports breast growth by strengthening the blood vessels that carry nutrients to your breast tissues.
  • Black cohosh and Blessed thistle: These are hormonal balancing agents. Your body needs a balance between estrogen and progesterone to mediate their opposing functions and facilitate breast development.

    Excess estrogen turns into testosterone and hinders growth, while excess progesterone hinders ductal branching.

Fact 3 – Functional Lactation Is Possible at Tanner Stage 4 Breast Development

The breasts at Tanner stage four are fully developed with glandular tissue (responsible for milk production) and ductal branches (carry the milk to the nipples).

As such, it’s possible to induce functional lactation at this stage through the following pregnancy-mimicking regimen:

  • Boost progesterone and estradiol dosing to simulate pregnancy
  • Increase galactogogue intake to enhance prolactin levels
  • Consider breast pump suctioning to increase prolactin and oxytocin levels
  • Reduce progesterone and estradiol dosing to mimic delivery
  • Take fenugreek seeds to stimulate milk glands
fenugreek medicinal plant

The success achieved through this regimen proves the similarity of breast tissue in cis and trans women, which are indistinguishable under the microscope.

Meanwhile, various studies confirm the possibility of breastfeeding for trans women.

In one study, a 30-year-old trans woman achieved functional lactation and became the sole source of nourishment for her baby for six weeks.

In a different study, a transwoman achieved milk production in a little over a month, producing 3 to 5 ounces of milk per day.

Expert Tip: Consult your doctor before committing to any regimen for tailored advice and maximum results.

Fact 4 – Extra Hormone Dosage Doesn’t Speed Up Breast Growth

bust growth illustration

It’s normal to get anxious over results, a few months into hormone therapy, but taking more than the prescribed hormone dosage is not a great way to speed up growth.

In reality, a higher hormone dosage can slow down changes and increase health risks such as blood clots.

The extra estrogen in your body from the excess dosage can be converted to testosterone, which (by default) suppresses breast development.

Also, testosterone suppression using anti-androgens is a major aspect of male to female transition and this conversion essentially counters this action.

Expert Tip: If you believe your dosage is low or that your progress is slow, consult a health professional with training and experience in hormone therapy. The most likely advice will be to use a different medication or combination rather than a higher dosage.

Fact 5 – Breast Growth Is Permanent

While most of the transitional changes of hormone therapy are gradually reversible, such as decreased muscle mass and fat distribution, breast growth isn’t.

The estrogen used in therapy causes the development of breast tissue and nipples, which remain after treatment.

Even so, the process of breast development is gradual and can take up to two years to finish. Therefore, it’s possible to get off treatment earlier and halt the process if you change your mind.

Get the Results You’re After With Bust Bunny

So there you have it, five intriguing facts on male to female breast growth stages and some expert tips.

With these ideas in mind, are you in transition? We can help.

Here at Bust Bunny, we are committed to providing a healthy and natural alternative to implants that helps our customers feel more confident in their bodies.

This is why our breast enhancement supplements are:

  • All-natural vegetable capsules
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Have no GMO ingredients
  • Have no additives or fillers

This philosophy comes from our family-owned business roots and our passion for customer satisfaction and good health above everything else.

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