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Despite the world moving closer towards allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community, there’s still significant misunderstanding that makes it difficult for people to be true allies. 

Most of these misunderstandings are propagated as myths and misconceptions driven by societal, ethical, and religious norms and expectations.

Debunking these myths is necessary to protect everyone who’s part of the LGBTQIA+ community. This is especially true for transgender folks who are often victims of discrimination and sometimes violence due to these misunderstandings.

For instance, some people believe that gender is akin to one’s biological sex, and that no one truly needs to transition. 

The truth of the matter is that FTM or MTF transition is absolutely necessary for those suffering from severe distress due to gender dysphoria.

This is just one of the many myths you might face when transitioning from MTF. Below, we discuss more myths and provide you with the truth to counter the misinformation.

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Myth #1: MTF Transition Must Involve Medical Procedures

Many people assume that you can’t transition without undergoing gender affirming procedures or being put on hormone therapy treatment.

This myth is steered by inadequate information available on the topic, and by the fact that most doctors only cover the medical options. This leaves many unaware of the other options available.

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The truth is, you do not need any medical intervention to make the transition from male to female. 

Furthermore, the transitioning process is a very personal journey that means different things for different people. 

Some people have no interest in transitioning medically.

In other cases, someone might not be able to afford it or obtain the procedure safely. Fortunately, there are many other ways you can transition from male to female safely. 

  • Change your name and/or pronouns to ones that match your gender identity. 
  • Change your style to express yourself better and affirm your gender identity. This can include updating your wardrobe, wearing makeup, or switching out your accessories.
  • Change your hairstyle by growing it out or trying wigs.
  • Use public restrooms and other public accommodations reserved for women only.
  • Enhance your physical appearance by using breast and hip forms to achieve a more feminine physique.
  • Use natural supplements, such as Bust Bunny’s Breast Enhancement supplements. This supplement contains herbs and estrogens that help with breast development and accelerate other desired physical and emotional changes.

Myth #2: MTF Transition Changes Are Permanent

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People assume that all MTF transition changes are permanent and irreversible. That’s not always the case. In fact, you can reverse most non-medical transition changes and even some medical changes.

For instance, hormone therapy induces some permanent and non-permanent changes. You can gradually reverse most of the changes by discontinuing the hormones. But the extent to which you experience reversal mostly depends on your genetics and how long you’ve been on treatment.

Physical characteristics that are reversible when you stop taking HRT include:

  • Body fat distribution
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Decreased spontaneous erections
  • Softened skin and reduced acne
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength

Some permanent effects of hormone therapy include:

  • Breast growth and nipple development: Estrogen causes permanent breast tissue growth that is difficult to reverse even when you discontinue treatment. However, mastectomy remains an option if you change your mind.
  • Reduced sperm production and fertility: Sperm production and fertility are affected by estrogen and anti-androgens. Therefore, reversing this effect may or may not be possible when you discontinue treatment. It’s highly advisable to consider sperm banking before starting the treatment.
  • Decreased testicular volume.

Myth #3: Gender Transition Is a One-Time Event

There’s an assumption that transitioning, especially when connected to medical procedures, is a one-time thing.

In reality, transitioning is a long and complex process that goes beyond the medical procedures. 

This process typically involves personal, social, and legal changes, which can take years to establish.. 

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For instance, according to widely accepted healthcare standards, you must live as the gender you identify with for at least 12 continuous months before you can be considered for genital reconstruction. 

Additionally, it takes 1–3 months to start experiencing hormone therapy changes, but you might have to wait for up to 2–5 years to experience its maximum effects.

Myth #4 – Gender Identity Is Linked to Sexual Orientation

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There’s a common misconception that trans women are all gay men, which stems from the assumption that one’s gender and sexual orientation are one in the same.

To debunk this, we must start by defining both terms so we can point out the differences. 

  • Gender refers to your sense of being male, female, or non-binary.
  • Sexual orientation is the inherent and immutable feelings of emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction to others.

According to these definitions, the two terms are mutually exclusive, making it incorrect to assume one’s sexual orientation is based on their gender identity or expession.

Thus, being trans doesn’t determine who you are attracted, so you can be straight, bi-sexual, or gay and still identify as female. 

Your sexual orientation may remain the same after you transition, but according to recent research, a change or a new exploration period may occur during the transition process.

Myth #5: Children and Teens Can’t Undergo MTF Transition

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Contrary to popular belief, children as young as 24 months can suffer from gender dysphoria. This is a condition in which you experience a sense of unease or incongruence between your physical body and your gender identity.

Prompt recognition and treatment of the condition can help alleviate anxiety and depression associated with it. 

As a result, children as young as two who believe their gender identiy does not match their brith-assigned sex can start transitioning, provided they gain a healthcare professional’s advice.

Below is a table illustrating some less invasive MTF transition options for children and teens at different stages of their lives.

Period of Transition MTF Operations
Before adolescence Children can start their social transition. How?
  • Change their name and/or pronouns
  • Change how they dress 
  • Change how they wear their hair
During adolescence Children can start taking hormone medicines. Why?
  • Delay onset of puberty
  • Suppress puberty changes, such as the growth of facial hair, development of an Adam’s apple, or a deeper voice
After adolescence Trick the body into feminizing itself by boosting estrogen and progestin levels naturally through the use of breast enhancement supplements. How does it help?
  • Increases breast size
  • Results in softer skin 
  • Helps to thicken hair on the head
  • Assists with managing and controlling gender dysphoria

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Expert tip: There’s no relationship between gender dysphoria and parenting styles. Trans children exist in homes of all people regardless of ethinic, racial, or religious backgrounds.

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More Facts About MTF Transition

There’s a lot of misinformation about what the MTF transition process is about. 

Other than debunking common myths, we find it important to state some facts that will help make your MTF transition journey more seamless, effective, and safe.

#1 Don’t Rush the Process

An MTF transition journey is one that requires patience to be effective and safe. Trying to rush the process by combining treatment methods like HRT with breast enhancement supplements is not always the best choice.

As a matter of fact, the wrong dosage could introduce too much estrogen into the body, which could stunt breast development.

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#2 HRT Is Not Always the Safest Option When Transitioning

HRT is a widely prescribed option for people looking to transition from male to female. Unfortunately, this treatment option also carries multiple risks and some adverse side effects. These risks include:

  • Mood swings
  • Increased susceptibility to depression
  • Increased risk of blood clots
  • Nausea and vomiting

Natural supplements are a safer and more effective alternative that is often underrated. 

For instance, Bust Bunny’s Breast Enhancement supplements not only promote natural breast growth, but the herbal ingredients used also bring about other benefits.

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About Bust Bunny

At Bust Bunny, we provide women with all-natural solutions to help them feel more confident in their bodies.

Bust Bunny’s Breast Enhancement supplements are designed for use by cis-gender and transgender women, or those who are nonbinary and want to enlarge their breasts. The product is made using 13 herbs from nature, which help to increase estrogen levels, breast size, and promote an array of other benefits.

Black cohosh, ginger root, flax seed, red clover, dong quai, and chaste berry are among the ingredients in our breast enhancement supplements. These herbs have hormone-like effects that bring about the changes you desire as you transition.

The best part? Our supplements are enhanced with vitamin C, which has skin-toning properties. Therefore, it ensures your breasts are firm and perky and promotes better overall health. There are many reasons to love our products:

  • They’re made using all-natural ingredients
  • They’re made in the USA in a GMP facility
  • They’re gluten-free and vegan-friendly
  • We offer worry-free, discreet shipping
  • We have a 90-day return and refund policy in case you are not satisfied with your purchase

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Many of our customers can attest to experiencing significant breast growth (up to 2 cup sizes for men) along with other benefits, like softer skin, thicker hair, and accelerated nail growth.

customer review about Bust Bunny

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