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When you get home from a long day of work, the first thing us women typically want to do is take off our bra and relax our breasts.  Suddenly you remember that it’s time to hit the gym and put yet another uncomfortable bra on to support your breasts.  Not wearing a bra sounds much better at this moment, but then you begin to wonder “is it bad to not wear a bra”?  Well, let’s break down what our breasts are actually made up of so you can get a clear understanding to this question.

Our breasts are made of a combination of fat and milk-producing tissues which area anchored down by our chest walls.  According to Sherry Ross, M.D., an OB/GYN at Santa Monica’s Providence Saint John’s Health Center “Breasts are super vulnerable to motion”.  Which makes them extremely sensitive to nerves throughout our breast tissues.  In simple words, this means that our breasts are highly sensitive to extreme movements including your daily workouts which can potentially tear them causing excruciating pain.  This is why wearing a sports bra helps to keep the weight of your breasts supported properly during your exercises.  Sports bras add support to your breast tissue to make it completely possible and safe to work out certain parts of your body.

Is Not Wearing A Bra Really A Bad Idea?

As you have read already you may notice that running braless may not be the best idea if you are trying to look out for the overall health of your breasts.  Although the significance of pain may depend on the size of your breasts, either way, you will probably come across some sort of pain if you are considering running braless or even engaging in any physical activities without a bra.  Working out without a bra could result in ruining your posture causing your ribcage to be pushed down.  If you are a woman with a larger cup size you will more than likely notice more pain, discomfort, and uneasiness in your breasts than someone with smaller boobs.  This can even result in headaches because your nerves are attached to your neck which will cause more of a strain as you workout unprotected. 

compression sports bras Although not wearing a bra while working out with smaller breasts may not be as much of an issue, it is still advised to keep your breasts protected.  Keep in mind, if you are a mom who is breastfeeding this is particularly important for you since your hormones are already causing uneasy sensitivity during this time.  Think about how many times you were braless jogging up and down the stairs of your own home and had to hold your breasts, it probably was not the most comfortable feeling.  The first signs of working out without a bra you may notice are sharp or burning pains in your breast tissue including breast tenderness.  According to some doctors, this pain can last minutes, days or potentially months.

Sports Bra vs Regular Bra

Surprising enough, this question is more common than you may think.  Although regular bras are great at supporting your breasts against gravity and heavy motions, this is only when your body is not bouncing.  When you are performing an activity as vigorous as running, a regular bra can only provide so much support.  As for a sports bra it has more capability of protecting your breasts from bouncing. Just as you would not go to the gym with a pair of sandals, it’s the same with a sports bra.  You should always wear one when you workout.  Now if you are looking for simple workouts you can do without a sports bra, there are few that you can choose from.  Remember that a good quality sports bra can help control movement that helps provide the most support by keeping your breasts into a firm place.  A regular bra cannot grasp sweat the same way a sports bra was designed to do.

working out bra

Sports bras are meant to reduce pain when we are working out.  Your muscles are moving up and down and side to side in the midst of a vigorous workout.  Sports bras were created to eliminate as much movement on your breasts as possible which is why most women who wear a sports bra claim that they do not feel any pain whatsoever.  Working out should not contribute to pain in your breasts if this is happening there may be something wrong.  If you’ve been working out in a regular bra for a while, you should consider switching to a sports bra to see if this helps!

Do Bras Make Your Breasts Sag?

Actually, they do quite the opposite.  Studies have shown that movement combined with insufficient support can lead to long-term sagging.  In a study by the University of Portsmouth, scientists revealed that “breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with.”  Which is exactly why a sports bra can not only provide safety but prevent sagging in the long run.  Compression sports bras are best if you workout hard.  So if you’re wondering “is it better to wear a bra or not” you should look into specialty bras for working out.

are bras bad for you If you think that wearing a sports bra is strictly for the gym, you can forget that thought.  Not only have sports bras actually became a trend, but they are great for many activities.  You can wear a sports bra around the house doing housework, running errands, lounging around or pretty much any activity that you can think of.  If you ask most women, they would prefer a sports bra over a regular bra because they provide the most comfort.  If you’re wondering “are bras bad for you” of course it is great to let your breasts rest at times, but for the most part wearing the right bra is actually most beneficial for you.

Is It Necessary To Wear A Bra?

braless jogging As you can see going braless jogging or running braless is not safe for the ultimate health of your breasts.  Unless you are doing something as light as braless walking then you should not be doing any physical activity without a suited bra on.  So if you were one of those people who came to this page wondering “is it necessary to wear a bra” the clear answer is, yes.  Not only for the safety of your body but for the appearance as well.  Most women want to do everything they can to keep their breasts from sagging sooner than they have to and wearing a bra is rule number one.  You can also incorporate daily vitamins to contribute to your breast health such as Bust Bunny natural breast enhancement. Bust Bunny helps all women including athletic women keep their breasts full, firm and perky.* Working out and not wearing a bra over the years can cause wrinkled sagging skin, which is what the ingredients inside Bust Bunny were created to aid.  Whether you work out a lot or just want to improve the appearance and health of your breasts, start taking Bust Bunny today.  We want to give you 10% off your first order using coupon code – “nobra” or CLICK HERE to have it instantly applied.

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