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MTF transformation is not a simple process. It takes time, social transition, and hormonal transition.

But the results are worth it.

The body you end up with will depend on your genetics, whether or not you undergo gender reassignment procedures, or use breast enlargement supplements to enhance your bust size.

It’s different for everyone. We have some statistics that show just how varied MTF transformations can be.

Statistic 1 – 71% of MTF Transformations Use Hormone Replacement Therapy

physical changes triggered by hormone therapy in MTF transformations

Not all trans-women use hormones to alter their bodies.

The 2010 National Transgender Discrimination Survey Report conducted a study involving more than 7,000 individuals and found that only 71 percent of MTF respondents used hormone therapy.

This leaves a significant portion of MTFs that choose to transition without hormones.

You might be wondering if it’s even possible for an MTF transformation to happen without hormones.

And the answer is yes. You can transition from male to female using non-medical options like:

  • Living as your authentic gender
  • Changing your name
  • Changing your clothing
  • Changing your speech
  • Wearing makeup
  • Using prosthetics like wigs and breast forms

The trans-women that choose to use androgen blockers, estrogen, and progesterone see changes including:

  • Softer skin
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Decreased libido
  • Natural breast enlargement
  • Reduced body hair
  • Body fat redistribution

Some negative effects come with hormone therapy including an increased risk of blood clots, particularly in people who have just done a gender reassignment.

Mood swings are also a common side effect, but they last only for the first few years after you start using hormones.

You can continue hormone therapy throughout your life, especially if you are older and your body’s natural hormone levels decline.

hormonal balance supplement bottle

You can also choose to stop using hormones whenever you want. If you’re wondering if your body will stay the same after you stop using hormones, the answer is that it depends.

Some changes are reversible, but only if you haven’t been taking the hormones for long. However, breast growth and reduced or absent fertility are irreversible.

Some trans women choose to stop using hormones after they have achieved their desired physical appearance.

Others choose to stop because of:

  • Health complications
  • Lack of finances
  • Lack of access to quality healthcare

Physicians may require you to undergo counseling before prescribing hormones for your MTF transformation.

Many doctors need their patients to have a gender identity disorder diagnosis before prescribing hormones or transition-related medical care. However, only 61% of MTFs reported having been diagnosed in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey.

So, where do the rest get their hormones from?

The safest way is to get your supply directly from a health care provider. Those who can’t afford to keep up with the routine visits and underlying conditions choose to:

  • Get hormones online where there is little medical supervision
  • Buy hormones through friends and family who have access
  • Buy from third-party street vendors
  • Use natural herbs and breast enhancement supplements

MTFs can safely use the Bust Bunny Breast Enlargement natural supplement to grow their breast tissue and get their desired bust size.

three bottles of breast enhancement supplements

Keep in mind that too much estrogen can stunt the development of breasts. So, if you are also taking hormones, it’s best to consult your doctor and find the right balance before you start on a breast development supplement.

Our customers typically see results within 2–3 months. Ayael was particularly pleased with the supplement.

satisfied customer review

Statistic 2 – 14% of MTFs Get Infections From Silicone Injections

Apart from HRT and natural herbs that increase breast size, MTFs also use illicit silicone injections to feminize their bodies.

Although it’s a quick way to feminize the body without using hormones, it carries serious health risks including:

  • Silicone migration in 59% of MTFs
  • Inflammation in 50% of MTFs
  • Varicose veins in 39% of MTFs
  • Infection in 14% of MTFs

If the injected silicone migrates from the desired area, it could cause systemic illnesses and in the worst cases, death.

Since a lot of these injections happen outside hospital settings, there is a likelihood that needles are shared and carry infections such as hepatitis.

As an MTF, ensure you take care of your health by using safe methods of transitioning.

Statistic 3 – 73% of MTFs Experience Gender Dysphoria by Age 7

Everyone has the right to live with a  body that is synonymous with their gender. But how young is too young to transition from male to female? How old is too old?

Well, there is no right or wrong age to start MTF transformation.

A 2016 report published by UCLA estimates that 0.7% of adults aged 16–24 identify as transgender. The same report also estimates that 0.5% of adults aged 65 and above are transgender.

Unfortunately, few reports specify the population of MTFs in the United States, but it’s clear that male-to-female transitions happen across all age groups.

Trans women who start HRT before puberty can avoid masculine development altogether. Cedars-Sinai research reveals that 73% of transgender women first experience gender dysphoria by age 7.

Gender dysphoria may worsen with age. So, don’t wait to live in a body that doesn’t feel like your own.

There are benefits to transitioning early such as:

  • You can avoid going through the irreversible changes of puberty and develop a natural female body from the start
  • You can socialize as a female from your formative years
  • If you happen to have gender dysphoria, you can treat it early and improve your well-being

There are also advantages to transitioning later in life:

  • Your testosterone levels have started to diminish, and you might respond well to HRT
  • There is a good chance that you are financially secure and have a stable job that can allow you some time off
  • You have life experience, so it’s easier to know exactly what you want, and how you want it
  • You might already have kids and don’t need to worry about medical treatments making this possibility infeasible

But if it’s possible to transition at any age, why don’t all MTFs do it early? It could be because of:

  • Lack of access to financial, social, or emotional support
  • Lack of access to safe medical care
natural supplements from Bust Bunny containing black cohosh

There is no right or wrong age to start your MTF transformation. All that matters is that you are mentally prepared for your transition.

You can talk to your doctor and find out:

  • What kind of medical care you should expect as a transgender individual
  • If you can still have children after your gender affirmation
  • What experiences other MTFs in your position have had
  • What happens during your appointments and visits to the clinic
  • What you can expect to change after your gender affirmation

It works

I’m on my second round of it. The price is amazing. 3 bottles, 3 months. I’m transgender, it works for us folks too. I had my white blood cell count and came back normal. Within 3 weeks I started to show. Now I’m filling out my 36b bras.

Marissa H, United States

Statistic 4 – 28% of MTFs Don’t Want Breast Augmentation

No single procedure can completely transform your body from male to female.

According to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey Report, the most common MTF procedures involve:

Facial feminization

A lot of MTF procedures involve jawline slimming, cheek implants, chin lifts, nose jobs, brow lifts, shaving the Adam’s apple, and other facial feminization techniques.

Genital procedures

20 percent of MTF transformations involve vaginoplasty, and 21 percent involve removal of the testes.

Breast augmentation

18 percent of MTFs have done medical alterations on their chest. 28% of this population don’t want to, and 54% would like to get breast implants to give the body a more feminine appearance.

Most trans-women consider facial feminization and breast augmentation priority procedures. This has a lot to do with the prominence of anti-transgender violence.

Those who can’t afford breast augmentation or simply don’t want to deal with the risks of breast implants choose a more natural way of growing their breast tissue—the Bust Bunny Breast Enlargement supplement.

As always, it’s best to speak with your doctor to know if natural breast enlargement supplements are right for you.

Amazing results for me

MtF transgender. I started taking this while waiting to start hormone therapy.

I can’t believe the results I’ve achieved with this product. Been using it for a little over 4 months and already have B cup breasts.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to develop/enlarge their breast using a natural herbal way without the possible side effects of surgical methods.

Holly Fountaine, United States

Start Your MTF Transformation With Bust Bunny

When transitioning from male to female, you can expect your breasts to be smaller than your closest female relatives by up to a cup size.

Most MTFs have anatomically broader shoulders that stretch the breasts, making them appear smaller.

With the Bust Bunny Breast Enlargement supplement, you can speed up the development of your breast tissue. However, the results can vary depending on the MTF hormones you are taking, so consult your doctor before starting on Bust Bunny supplements.

satisfied customer review

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