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If you’re looking to grow your breasts naturally, you’re not alone. Many women seek simple, non-invasive, and better ways to enhance their bust areas to boost their self-confidence and appearance.

Why natural?

More and more women are becoming aware of the dangers associated with breast augmentation. Like most invasive methods, breast implants come with risks such as deflation and rupture of saline implants, scarring, blood clots, increased risk of infection, and more.

Nowadays, people know that breast augmentation is not the only way to increase breast size. You can improve your breasts’ size, tone, strength, and overall appearance naturally, through breast yoga, massage, exercise, and herbal breast enhancement supplements.

It’s worth noting that most natural methods, such as boob massage, need patience and consistency. However, breast enhancement supplements work a bit faster than other natural methods.

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Here, we’ll go over the following:

  • Factors determining breast size
  • Natural ways to increase your breast size 
  • Commonly asked questions about breast enhancement

What Determines Breast Size?

Do you ever wonder why some women are born with small breasts while others are born with large breasts?

Hormones and genetics play a significant role in determining breast size. For instance, the hormone estrogen stimulates breast tissue growth, and without it, women may not develop larger breasts. It regulates the amount of fat stored in the breasts and influences their shape and size.

Hormones, notably progesterone and estrogen, are also responsible for fluctuations in breast size during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause.

On the other hand, genetic or family history differences may also cause some women to produce larger amounts of estrogen than others. Just as genetics influence height, skin color, and hair texture, they can also impact your breast size.

Some other factors that influence the shape and size of your boobs include:

  • Age: As you grow older, your breast size naturally decreases. Your breasts at 18 will not look the same as when you’re in your 40s or 50s—the years that mark the end of your menstrual cycles. That’s because as you grow older, your body produces less estrogen.
  • Weight: Although weight gain or loss can influence the size of your breasts, you may not notice drastic changes if you only lose or gain a few pounds. Being overweight or obese can increase estrogen levels, contributing to excessive breast growth.
  • Sleep: Lack of sleep may affect breast size since it causes poor muscle tone and less activity during the day. Your sleeping position can influence the size and shape of your boobs too. For example, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended because you press your breasts against the mattress for hours, encouraging them to be flat and compressed.

So, let’s look at what you can do to increase breast size naturally.


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Getting physically active does not just decrease your body weight but also helps with getting bigger breasts naturally.

Below the fatty tissues of your breasts, you’ll find your pectoral muscles. These muscles connect the chest to the shoulder and contribute to upper body strength.

Routine breast enhancement exercises help you work out these chest muscles, enhancing breast growth and making your breasts firm. Many women prefer such exercises to other methods of firming and enlargement since they are safe and inexpensive.

The most common exercises to start your breast enhancement journey are push-ups. Push-ups are an easy, equipment-free exercise that can be done anywhere.

How to perform push-ups:

Step 1: Lie straight on the floor with your face facing the ground.

Step 2: Place your hands shoulder-width apart at the side of your ribcage.

Step 3: Slowly push your body upwards while keeping your knees straight.

Step 4: Repeat this process approximately 5 times in one set.

Expert tip: Breathe in when lowering your body and out when coming up.

Here are other exercises you can do to enhance breast size and tone breast shape:

  • Bench press
  • Arm circles
  • Chair dip
  • Chest press

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Breast Increasing Foods

When it comes to the size and shape of your breasts, your diet can make a big difference. Some foods contain nutrients that increase estrogen levels in addition to boosting your overall health.

The foods to eat should be ideally rich in manganese, progesterone, phytoestrogens, and minerals. Below is a table with top foods that can help you get fuller breasts.

Food Nutrients
Milk Milk contains reproductive hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and prolactin. These hormones are ideal for increasing breast size because they increase blood flow to the chest areas. Milk also boosts fertility. Other than milk, dairy products such as yogurt and cheese are also effective in stimulating blood flow.
Seafood Seafood such as fatty fish, seaweed, shellfish, oysters, and pawns contain manganese and Omega-3 fatty acids. They are a great option for women looking for perkier breasts.
Papaya Papaya contains phytoestrogens, phytosterols, and antioxidants essential for increasing breast size. However, don’t include raw papaya in your diet if you are pregnant. It contains papain which can cause severe allergic reactions and even miscarriage.
Fruits Fresh fruits like blackberry, cranberry, and strawberry are rich in estrogen. If you eat these fruits regularly, along with other foods, your breasts will grow by a few centimeters.
Soybean Soybeans contain phytoestrogens responsible for increasing breast size and preventing cancer-causing free radicals.
Nuts and seeds Nuts and seeds contain estrogen and key nutrients such as minerals, fiber, and vitamins that are an excellent option for breast enlargement. They are also packed with good fats that help build breast tissues. Some of the best nuts to eat are pine nuts, chestnuts, and cashews. However, you should avoid them if you have nut allergies.
Green leafy vegetables In addition to being good for your health, green leafy vegetables can make your boobs bigger. They are packed with nutrients, including phytoestrogen, that aid tissue growth, and regeneration around the bust areas.
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Breast Massage

Regular breast massage improves blood circulation and can consequently enhance the size of the breasts. To do this, use a natural and specialized cream or oil to encourage blood flow to your bust.

How To Massage Your Breasts

Step 1: Take a shower to warm up the area.

Step 2: Using breast enlargement creams or natural oils such as olive, flaxseed, or fennel oil, move your hands around your breasts in a circular manner.

Step 3: Repeat this 5-10 times a day.

Before massaging your breasts, focus on releasing any tension you feel in the area. It’s also important not to massage your breasts for too long because this can cause sensitivity and swelling.


Yoga improves blood flow to the chest and strengthens your ligaments and muscles. It also improves your overall quality of life and aids in the development of good posture. Here are some of the most common breast-increasing yoga poses:

  • Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)
  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
  • Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
  • Ustrasana (Camel Pose)
  • Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

For some time now, these breast-increasing yoga poses have been known to make boobs stronger and firmer.

Just like foods, massages, and exercises, it’s important to note that yoga won’t dramatically enlarge breasts. However, it’s effective in increasing body flexibility and releasing tension.

About Bust Bunny

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Bust Bunny is a herbal and all-natural dietary supplement that offers a more effective method for breast enhancement than other natural remedies alone. The enhancement has been scientifically developed to help you achieve fuller breasts by increasing blood flow and nourishing your tissues with nutrients.

It’s intended to target the bust area, allowing you to achieve the results you’ve always desired without the use of harmful chemicals or invasive methods. Bust Bunny Capsules are vegan-friendly as well and don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients or animal products.

Here is what one of our customers had to say about Bust Bunny:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to increase breast size at home?

Yes, you can make your boobs bigger at home.

Numerous products on the market claim to naturally increase breast size, but it’s often unclear what they’re made of. It’s hard not to be skeptical when the only information you have about a product is vague, ambiguous, and incomprehensible—you definitely can’t be sure if they are safe.

For this reason, thousands of women have turned to Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement.

What are the ingredients in Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement?

Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement contains a blend of natural ingredients including:

  • Vitamin C
  • Flax Seeds
  • Red Clover
  • Angelica Sinensis
  • Fennel Seed Extract
  • And more

Bust Bunny Capsules, made from this blend, contain phytoestrogens that trigger the body to produce tissue growth in the bust.

What are some other benefits of Bust Bunny?

Other than increasing the size of your boobs, Bust Bunny helps you improve your overall health. For instance, the supplement contains minerals and vitamins that are also essential in boosting your immune system.

Is Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement right for me?

Bust Bunny is for any woman who wants to make her breasts bigger and fuller. With this enhancement, you can easily achieve the body you’ve always desired.

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