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Breast sagging tends to happen to women of older age and or women who drop an excessive amount of weight rapidly.  However don’t be fooled, breast sagging can happen at any age, even as early as your 20s.  Although women in their twenties will be less prone to breast sagging, don’t underestimate it.  Depending on how you take care of yourself, your lifestyle, your habits and everyday routine, this may or may not be happening to you.  When this happens to women who are in their later years, there aren’t as many factors other than gravity and loss of elasticity.  Now when it comes to women who have this concern in their twenties, there are a number of things you will have to consider.  Consider this a checklist of things that you should and shouldn’t be doing.  Let’s see how many of them apply to you and your lifestyle, because even if you do have saggy boobs – it’s not too late to save your girls!

Taking control of your body is as easy as changing and adding some things to your current lifestyle.  Besides genetics and certain things that you can control in life, there are natural remedies for the things that we can.  There are a number of reasons that your body begins to change causing sagging, wrinkling, acne, loss of elasticity and so on.  It’s all a matter of finding bad habits and gaining control of them to prevent these unwanted issues.

What causes saggy breasts at a young age?

It’s important to know where this problem may be starting from in order to know how to fix sagging breasts.  So let’s discuss a few possibilities: 

how to get perkier breasts

You’re a smoker 

No matter your age, sagging breasts in 20s is a lot more common if you’re a smoker.  Smoking causes loss of skin elasticity in your skin and as you know, your breasts are made up of fat which means that it needs strong skin elasticity to hold them up.  If you lose this, this will result in droopy boobs as early as your twenties. 

You run a lot

If you are one who partakes in many activities that cause your breasts to do excessive bouncing up and down, then your breasts may start to sag.  If this is you, you’ll want to pair your cardio with breast lifting exercises to avoid saggy boobs.  Also, if you run very often you should consider a good breast lifting bra to avoid any potential sagging.  By running or jumping up and down often, you are weakening the ligaments in your breasts resulting in unwanted sagging. 

You’ve dropped a large amount of weight

This is good for the rest of your body, but when it comes to your breasts, they will suffer.  Being that your breasts are made up of fat when you drop weight, your boobs will be one of the first to go.  Not only does your breast tissue decrease, but your skin and breast tissue will begin to sag.  You may even start to notice that one breast sags more than the other, no need to worry because there are remedies for this. 

Can pregnancy cause sagging breasts in my 20s?

This is tricky because this doesn’t happen to everyone, although pregnancies do play a role in the shape, size, and fullness of your breasts.  Although while you’re pregnant your breasts may increase if you choose to breastfeed your baby after, you may notice a decrease in the fullness of your breast tissue.  Depending on how large your breasts grew during pregnancy will determine the actual effect that breastfeeding will have on you, but most women notice that their breasts aren’t the same after breastfeeding.  Often women will notice that one breast sags more after breastfeeding. This is a result of focusing on only one breast while feeding your baby.  It’s important to be sure that both of your breasts are equally feeding your child to prevent this from happening. 

sagging breasts in 20s

Also, keep in mind that the more weight you gain during pregnancy will result in needing to drop more pounds after pregnancy which leads to loose sagging skin.  This is why it’s also important to remain a healthy weight during pregnancy avoiding any excessive weight loss or gain.  You can try breast lifting exercises while your pregnant and or after with light weights to maintain healthy perky breast tissue. 

How to prevent breast sagging in your twenties?

Now we know in life there are some things that you can’t control, but breast sagging in your early twenties is definitely one that you can!  Beginning self-care at a young age is extremely important for your body to develop properly and to its full potential. Creating healthy lifestyle habits are great for not only preventing saggy breasts but your overall health. Most of these benefits actually are beneficial in areas such as clearer skin, weight loss, happier moods, and an all-around healthy lifestyle. 

saggy breast

How to lift sagging breasts without surgery

Most women immediately opt-in for surgery when they want to change something physically on their bodies.  We understand that this is a common way because most women don’t know any alternative ways.  Well, now that we’re aware of what causes saggy breasts at a young age we can find natural ways to stop, prevent and fix the issue.  Treating your body naturally from the inside out is the best way to safely achieve your goals in preventing sagging breasts. 

how to lift sagging breasts without surgery

Massaging your breasts daily is a great way to get the circulation flowing through your breasts and get them back to their original shape.  If you are looking how to get perkier breasts this is one that you’re going to want to put at the top of your list!  This is an easy way to strengthen the connective tissues and muscles which is what you need when you start to inherit saggy breasts.  You can add aloe vera at the end of your breast massage which has natural skin-tightening properties in it helping to lift the skin.  Aloe vera is full of antioxidants that work together with the circulation of your skin to repair any previous damage. 

How to lift sagging breast naturally?

You came to the right place is you suffer from saggy breasts and are starting to experience droopy boobs.  If you are catching it in the beginning stages, then that’s great for you.  If you’re taking care of it a bit later, it’s also still reversible so no need to panic.  Bust Bunny is a natural breast lift supplement that helps repair the lost elasticity in your skin by providing scientifically researched ingredients that work inside your body naturally.  So if you came here wondering how to fix sagging breasts, then you’re in luck. 

Bust Bunny helps fill out and perk up your breasts by creating new breast tissue.  Taking natural breast enhancement supplements work best in combination of a healthy lifestyle.  That means staying away from sugary foods, caffeine, alcohol, and bad lifestyle habits and begin taking on good habits.  Although your genetics play a role in how your breasts form, taking a supplement can help boost your hormones creating space for your breasts to grow.  Start using Bust Bunny today by using coupon code “twenties” for 10% OFF or CLICK HERE to have it instantly applied.


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