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Did you know that fenugreek is one of the oldest medicinal plants whose use is documented in ancient records such as religious scriptures and herbal publications?

Here are just a few documented uses of fenugreek that date as far back as 1000 BC:

  • Ancient Rome: To induce labor during delivery
  • Ancient Egypt: To embalm mummies
  • Traditional Chinese medicine: Treatment of hypertension, edema, and colds
  • Europe: To treat skin inflammations and lack of appetite
fenugreek seeds and leaves

Given its rich history as a medicinal herb, it comes as no surprise that modern pharmaceutical science has linked fenugreek to many health benefits.

From its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to its ability to increase breast milk production and induce breast growth, fenugreek is indeed a nutrient powerhouse.

Today, we’ll focus on its role in breast enhancement and highlight nine fenugreek breast growth before and after examples from women who were:

  • Looking to increase their breast size naturally
  • Seeking natural ways to get firmer and perkier breasts
  • Transitioning from male to female

Increasing Your Breast Size Naturally

woman holding Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement supplements

To increase your bust size, your body requires estrogen, the hormone primarily responsible for breast growth. It stimulates the development of breast tissue and increases your bust size.

Fenugreek is a hormone-active herb that mimics estrogenic activity in the body. It contains phytoestrogens, estrogen-like plant compounds that have the same effect as estrogen in the body. Thus, consuming fenugreek can help you grow your breasts naturally.

Taking fenugreek supplements also has other health benefits, including:

  • Lowering blood sugar levels
  • Easing menstrual pain
  • Reducing inflammation

The estrogenic effects of phytoestrogens can additionally help lift sagging breasts by encouraging breast tissue growth, leaving your breasts looking fuller, firmer, and perkier.

Fenugreek also promotes the production of prolactin, a hormone that boosts the growth of breast tissues and stimulates milk production. It does this by decreasing the production of dopamine, which is a prolactin inhibitor.

High prolactin levels are one of the reasons your breasts look bigger during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

happy mother with two adorable children

Our Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement supplements contain fenugreek, which can help you grow your bust size naturally.

But don’t just take our word for it—here are some fenugreek breast growth before and after examples from our customers.

1 – 2-Inch Increase in Bust Size

Ruth, who’s based in the UK, noticed a 2-inch increase in her bust size after taking our herbal supplements.

Before taking our breast enhancement supplements, her bust measured 34.5 inches over the nipple. Her bust size has now increased to 36.5 inches, and her breasts are firmer and perkier than before. 

She’s now receiving lots of compliments from her partner and friends, who’ve also noticed the increase.

2 – Bras Are Now Filling Up Nicely

Tina noticed a difference in her breasts after just one month of taking our supplements.

Her bras were previously loose, but after taking Bust Bunny supplements with fenugreek, her breasts are filling them nicely. She’s now said goodbye to padded bras and is looking forward to purchasing new ones that will fit her larger bust size.

3 – 4-Inch Increase in Bust Size, Plus No Period Pain

Not only does fenugreek induce breast growth, it also helps lessen period pain.

Casey Howard moved from an A cup to a B cup after three months of taking Bust Bunny supplements. 

However, just one week after she stopped taking the supplements, she noticed that her painful period cramps were back. That’s when she realized the supplements were helping with that, too.

Fenugreek contains anti-analgesic compounds, which have pain-relieving properties that help ease menstrual pain.

She resumed taking the supplements and grew four more inches, taking her to a C cup within two months. What’s more, she no longer has painful periods and feels more energetic than before.

Casey is also excited that she now has a cleavage to show off and that her boobs now bounce when she walks down the stairs!

4 – A Real Difference After Only Three Weeks of Use

Sharon reported a difference after just three weeks of taking the Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement pills.

Before doing so, her breasts could barely be described as an A cup. But they grew to a B cup after she took our supplements while following the dos and don’ts of growing breasts naturally.

Naturally Firming Up Sagging Breasts

woman breastfeeding her baby

As we mentioned before, fenugreek increases prolactin levels, which encourages growth and the storage of fat in your breasts. This fills up sagging and deflated breasts and makes them firmer and more bouncy.

As you grow older, the ligaments that lift and support your breasts stretch out, causing them to droop. Losing skin elasticity from weight gain or loss can also lead to saggy, deflated boobs.

Fenugreek can help restore the bounciness and firmness of your breasts.

Check out these fenugreek breast growth before and after examples from women who’ve firmed up and lifted their sagging breasts caused by:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Age
  • Weight loss
woman holding the Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement pills

5 – Slow but Steady Increase

One buyer, who identified herself on Amazon as “pineapple girl,” noticed a slow but steady increase in her bust size after three months of taking Bust Bunny supplements.

In her adolescent years, she was an active tomboy with great legs and arms but no boobs to speak of. As much as she tried to increase her bust size, nothing seemed to work.

After nursing four children, she noticed that her breasts were deflated and had lost all of their pre-pregnancy volume. She had grown from a B to a C–D cup with each of her four pregnancies, but deflated back to an average of a B cup once she stopped nursing.

Bust Bunny’s supplements, which include fenugreek, have helped her firm up her formerly deflated breasts. She hasn’t measured the difference, but she’s certainly noticed that her dresses are now tighter in the chest area.

6 – Firmer and Fuller Breasts After Nursing Three Kids

Dani wanted to boost her self-esteem by lifting her boobs after three kids and age had taken a toll on them.

She was looking for products with natural herbs after learning that herbs can help increase breast size, fullness, and firmness. The Bust Bunny ingredients list totally won her over, and she tried our product.

Aside from fenugreek, our breast enhancement supplements also include other natural herbs like:

  • Black cohosh
  • Chasteberry
  • Blessed thistle
  • Fennel seed
  • Dong quai

Dani is only halfway through her first bottle, but she has noticed that her breasts are much firmer and fuller than before.

7 – Fuller Breasts After Weight Loss

When Emi started training to build her abs, she was devastated that her already small boobs were shrinking in size.

After taking our Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement supplements for two weeks, she noticed a 1-inch increase in bust size. Her breasts now look and feel fuller, and she’s looking forward to a bigger increase after taking our supplements consistently for more than a month.

Trans Women Looking for Breast Growth

Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement pills

Trans women have also seen results from taking fenugreek for breast enlargement. Since fenugreek is a phytoestrogenic herb that mimics estrogen effects, it helps male-to-female (MTF) folks to develop breast tissue as well.

To increase their effectiveness, our breast enhancement pills are also combined with other phytoestrogenic herbs, including those listed in the table below.

Phytoestrogenic Herb Role In Breast Growth
Wild yam Contains diosgenin, which influences the production of progesterone and estrogen in humans. Both progesterone and estrogen stimulate breast tissue growth
Chasteberry Stimulates the production of prolactin and regulates progesterone and estrogen levels
Red clover Contains isoflavones, which are plant estrogen compounds that mimic estrogenic effects in the body
Fennel seeds Contain flavonoids, which are phytoestrogens that stimulate the production of both prolactin and estrogen

8 – Bigger Breasts for an MTF

Holly Fountaine started taking Bust Bunny supplements while waiting to start hormone replacement therapy. She was extremely surprised with the results, as her breasts grew to a B cup after four months of use.

She loves our breast enhancement supplements because they’re a natural, herbal way to grow your breasts without side effects.

9 – Natural Hormone Therapy

Perry Dubois used our breast enhancement pills as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). She’s very pleased with the results and has now grown her very own breasts.

Get Fuller and Firmer Breasts With Fenugreek

pouring Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement pills into hand

Fenugreek is one of the key ingredients found in our FDA-approved breast enhancement supplements. Combining fenugreek with other hormone-active herbs, like black cohosh and wild yam root, increases the potency of our supplements.

Our all-vegetable breast enhancement capsules are also non-GMO and contain no additives or fillers.

As proven by the nine testimonials, fenugreek does work and increases breast size, firmness, and fullness. These, however, aren’t the only positive stories; we’ve received hundreds of positive reviews on the effectiveness of our natural breast enhancement pills.

Order your first bottle of Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement capsules for bigger, fuller, and perkier breasts.

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