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Are you curious to know how yoga poses can enlarge your breasts? Sound strange, but it does and is possible! You may be thinking, how is it possible, but we ensure you that yoga can help with breast growth. You can find several products on the market including oils, ointment, suction cups, supplements, etc., which can help you gain a fuller bust, but remember that with the combination of yoga, you’ll get the best results.  So, keep in mind that yoga is something that increases your breast size naturally and also without any side effects. You can find certain yoga poses that help to enhance your breast size by increasing the fat and glandular tissue in your breasts. But, before knowing these yoga poses, you may want to start keeping track of your weight loss as well as your breast growth. You can visit specific sites to get an efficient and well-planned weight loss planner as you go on your journey. Remember, that working out for larger fuller breasts takes time and doesn’t happen overnight which is why doing the following workouts with a healthy diet and adding in daily supplements will make your process quicker!

Breast Increasing Yoga Poses:

These poses tone your muscles, support your breasts and make them stronger. You should find out which yoga poses work best for you although doing all of this in combination will give you the best results. Although you may have heard of most of these yoga poses, doing them correctly is the most important part! You cannot get the results you’re looking for if you don’t take the time to be sure you’re doing these poses properly. Plus – you want to reap the full benefits that these yoga poses have to offer.

Gomukhasana (Cow Pose):

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What You Have to Do:

  • First, you have to sit erect on the floor and legs stretched out in front of you
  • Once done, you ought to gently bend your left leg, then place it under your right buttock
  • Then, there is a need to fold your right leg and then place it over your left thigh
  • After that, you have to place both your knees close together, let they are stacked one on top of the other
  • Then, you ought to gently fold your left arm and then place it behind your back
  • Once done, after that you ought to take your right arm over your right shoulder, then there is a need to stretch it as much as possible until it reaches the left hand. Try best to catch your left hand
  • After that, you have to keep the trunk erect, expand your chest, and then lean slightly back
  • Finally, you have to hold the same pose as long as you can ad breathe slowly and deeply, and you should concentrate on your breathing
This is very beneficial for breast enhancement because this pose focuses on stretching your breasts to build new tissue and create muscle. This helps by creating new elasticity in your breasts and increasing existing elasticity. Combining this workout with a supplement that has vitamin c will give you the most beneficial results for increasing your skin elasticity. Remember that as you age or stop properly taking care of your body, your breasts may shrink simply due to loss of elasticity.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

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What You Have to Do:

  • First, you have to lie flat on your stomach, then place your hand on the side and make sure that your toes touch each other
  • After that, there is a need to move your hands to the front, ensure that they are at the shoulder level, then place your palms on the ground
  • Once done, then there is a need to place your body’s weight on your palms, and then inhale and raise your head and trunk. Make sure that your arms bent at your elbows at this position
  • After that, you ought to arch your neck backward to replicate the cobra with the raised hood. But, keep in mind your shoulder blades are firm, and also your shoulders are away from your ears
  • Once done, then you have to press your hips, thighs, and feet to the floor
  • You should have to hold the same asana maximum for 15-30 seconds while breathing normally, and ensure that your stomach pressed against the floor. With practice, there is a need to stick with the same asana for up to 2 minutes
  • To release this pose, there is a need to bring your hands slowly back to the sides. After that, there is a need to rest your head on the floor by bringing forehead in contact with the floor. Then, you have to place your hands under your head and slowly rest your head on one side and breathe.
Just like the other pose, this one works also on stretching your chest area and building new breast tissue which gives a larger fuller appearance. At times our breast tissue has been broken down to the point that it can be impossible to repair without proper exercising, vitamins, and estrogen rich foods. Depending on how soon you are catching these issues, you may be able to get the results you want quick or it may take time. This one is great because it focuses on toning many areas of your body as well. The more tone and fit you are all around, the more your breasts will stand out also!

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose):

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What You Have to Do:

  • First, you have to lie flat on your stomach, then keep your feet hip-width apart, and your arms must stand beside your body
  • Once done, then there is a need to fold your knees and hold your ankles
  • Then, you have to inhale, and lift your chest and legs off the floor – and pull your legs back
  • After that, you ought to look straight and keep your face stress-free – make a smile as it helps
  • Once done, then you have to hold the pose as you concentrate on breathing. Make sure your body as taut as a bow
  • Once you feel comfortable in this pose, then you have to breathe long and deep
  • About maximum 15 to 20 seconds later, you have to exhale and release the pose
Increase in blood flow is a major part of gaining larger breasts and proper development which is why this is one of our favorite poses yet! This one really targets your breast tissue creating new tissue and blood flow. Therefore this is a wonderful exercise to help the growth of your breasts. Doing this one a few times a week will give you your desired breast shape in no time.

Ustrasana (Camel Pose):

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What You Have to Do:

  • Get started by kneeling on your mat and place your both hands on your hips
  • Then, you have to make sure that your knees and shoulders are in the same line, and also the soles of your feet are facing the ceiling
  • Once done, then you ought to inhale, and draw your tailbone in towards your pubis. At this time, you should feel the pull at the navel
  • While you are doing that, you have to arch your back. Then, you have to gently slide your palms over your feet and straighten your arms
  • After that, you ought to keep your neck in a neutral position, make sure it should not be strained
  • After that, you have to hold the same position maximum for 30-60 seconds before you release the pose
This pose works by stretching the muscle tissue in and around your breasts which leads to an increase in blood flow. This works by strengthening your muscle tissue making them appear fuller and rounder.

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose):

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What You Have to Do:

  • First, you have to stand absolutely erect and drop your arms to the side of the body
  • After that, you have to bend your right knee slightly, then put the right foot high up on your left thigh – you have to make sure that your sole is placed firm and flat on your thigh
  • Once done, then you have to make sure that your left leg is erect – Once you assume this position, then you have to breathe and figure out your balance
  • Then, you ought to inhale, and gently raise your both arms over your head and should bring them together in a ‘namaste’ mudra
  • Once done, then you ought to look straight at a distant object and hold your gaze, doing this will assist you in maintaining balance
  • Then, you have to keep your spine straight. You ought to note that your body needs to be taut yet elastic. Then, you have to take in deep breaths, and every time you exhale, relax your body more
  • Then, you ought to gently bring your hands down from the sides, and then release the right leg
  • Finally, you ought to come back to the original position of standing tall and straight, same as you did at the beginning of the pose. Then, you ought to repeat the same pose with the left leg
This pose works on the side of your breasts creating that rounder appearance of breasts which every girl looks for! Although this one doesn’t target your breasts as much as the others, it works your entire body which is great. Anything that takes work takes time, so stick with the above poses of yoga to enhance your breast size and over time you will see a difference. In addition to these workouts, you should be eating foods that are rich in estrogen to be sure that you are getting the proper nutrients for developing breast tissue. Many women combine these two steps with a supplement like Bust Bunny to help you grow bigger boobs naturally. If you are looking for something a bit faster than yoga, check out Bust Bunny natural breast enhancement for a fuller firmer more natural look.
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