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Trying to avoid all the things that are harmful to natural breast enhancement can be a tiresome discourse.

Maybe you don’t want to give up your daily cup of joe or not have to worry about ruining all the hard work you’ve done for your breasts after a night out at the bars.

Sometimes, it just feels like there are too many rules in natural breast enhancement that the surgery knife starts to look better and better.


We get it. Trust us.

While we’ve written exhaustively about what to do and what not to do if you want to do the best thing for your breasts, we understand that the most difficult part to master is the lifestyle—more specifically the diet.

That’s why we thought it prudent to make a one-stop-shop for some healthy alternatives to the things you may not want to give up. A place where you can come to better manage your life. So that when you’re out with your friends you know exactly what to order. Or if you’re getting that two-o’clock feeling, you know exactly what to do. We’re here to help. We want your boobs to be as spectacular as you do, therefore let’s get going!

Breast-Enhancing Alternatives to Caffeine

Coffee is an addiction. A glorious, wonderful addiction. The smell, the taste, the perk… ahhhhh it’s so great, right?

Unfortunately, not so much if you’re in the natural breast enhancement zone!

But that’s ok. There are plenty of other magical wake-uppers that can give you the same effect as caffeine without the detriment to your naturally growing breasts.


Ginseng is like caffeine only it doesn’t block those wonderful estrogen receptors.

Much like the ingredients in Bust Bunny, ginseng is naturally occurring root found all over the world.


It’s known to increase blood flow and reduce stress and depression (sounds like something you’d want if you’re trying to pump those boobies up, right?).

The best thing about ginseng, however, is that it provides a stimulating effect—just like coffee!

You can consume ginseng in capsule form or with tea (just be sure to not sweeten your tea too much!)

Ice Water with B12

What? Water doesn’t pick ME up. Well, sure. A stagnant, lukewarm glass of tap water isn’t going to do the trick. While you should always stay as hydrated as possible for not only your breast health, but for your overall health, sometimes water just doesn’t give you that added energy you crave in the morning or late afternoon.

That’s why drinking an ice-cold glass of water right when you wake up does wonders for your body.

breast enhancement with ice water

It shocks your system and wakes up your metabolism like a coal furnace because your body has to warm up that water.

As an added kick, that ice-cold glass of water in the morning should wash down not only your Bust Bunny supplement, but a B12 vitamin as well. Use coupon code “growmybreasts” to get started today with 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.

B12 is proven for mental stimulation, melatonin production and can help the formation of red blood cells—which, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, is a great way to increase the size of your breasts naturally.

Carob Powder

Caffeine-free carob powder is a thing of wonder.

It has a mocha-ey flavor which reminds you of your favorite coffee drink without the breast-ruining additives.

A little carob powder mixed with warm milk and honey is an afternoon pleasure that will not only save you from that sleepy-crash, but won’t affect your body’s fight for naturally larger breasts! It’s a win-win!

How to Keep Your Growing Breasts on Track While Drinking Alcohol

Most unfortunately if you’re trying to grow your breasts naturally is the fact that you just should consume alcohol. You just really shouldn’t.

Alcohol dehydrates and are typically packed with sugars. That leads to weight gain (in other places than your breasts, unfortunately) and other health issues.

However, there is an alcohol that many scientists and doctors recommend for just about anybody—and that includes those who are trying to increase the size of their breasts naturally:

Red Wine

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “one glass of red wine per day” rule. Red Wine is chalk full of antioxidants, perfect for reducing the toxins throughout your body and facilitating the growth of your breasts.

red wine breast enhancement

So, next time you’re out on the town and don’t want to be a drag just because you’re trying to grow your breasts—order some delicious red wine! Just remember to drink as many glasses of water as you do wine and to always take your Bust Bunny supplement at least two hours before or after you consume alcohol!

Are There Alternatives to Smoking?

If you smoke, you don’t need us to tell you the damage you’re doing to your body regardless of what it’s doing to your breasts.

As a general rule, any type of smoking is horrible for naturally enhancing the size of your breasts due to the tissue-reducing, vitamin C suppressing effect.

However, there really isn’t anything bad that tobacco does to your breasts. But that doesn’t mean you should just switch to smokeless tobacco (please don’t).

Instead, try e-cigarettes if you absolutely must.

Steam, rather than smoke, doesn’t damage your tissue or suppress your vitamin C.

Light Exercises to Slim Your Waist and Grow Your Breasts

We know, we know—the ideal thing is to slim your waist and grow your breasts. But how are you supposed to do that without exercising!? I thought exercising was good for me.

light exercises for breast enhancement

It absolutely is! Please don’t stop—just don’t over-do it! Excessive exercise will actually reduce the size of your breasts. It’s just science. You want some of that “healthy fat” in your breasts. It’s natural and it makes them look and feel great.

But—there is a win-win scenario: Yoga!

We’ve written exhaustively about how Yoga is great exercise while also increasing the size of your breasts naturally.

For the full context, please read this blog, but for now, we’ll put some exercises here that will get your started!

Cobra Pose

Cow Face Pose

Camel Pose


So there you have it! Your life doesn’t have to be stressful just because you’re trying to grow your breasts. You can still do all the things you like to do, get all the energy and exercise you need without sacrificing too much! Hopefully this guide will help ease some of the stress you might be feeling trying to do everything right to grow your breasts naturally! If you need a boost then give Bust Bunny a try, many customers have seen results in 2-3 months! This is the best all natural way to increase your breast size. Use coupon code “growmybreasts” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.   

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