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Every day millions of people all around the world depend on caffeine to make it through their day – but do people really understand the effects of caffeine on the body?  It is vital to understand how caffeine affects the body.  A study was done and came back that the average amount of caffeine consumed daily was over 300mg. That equals about two to four cups of coffee in one day.  Although this is not excessive and actually considered to be moderate, studies have shown much controversy about whether or not this is a healthy intake. The amount of caffeine intake that women and men should have are clearly different, in this case, I am going to inform you all about the side effects of coffee in females.  A lot of the same effects happen in men as well, but unfortunately for women, the effects are more severe.  Some of these disadvantages may apply to men who are coffee drinks also! Despite the fact that many studies show the benefits of caffeine, people are failing to realize a lot of side effects they experience are stemmed from coffee consumption. What does caffeine do to your body – well take a look at a few of the side effects of coffee. 

1. Dehydration

what does coffee do to you What does coffee do to your body or in other words, what does caffeine do to your body because it is not just coffee – it is caffeine. Well, it dehydrates you, which is why it is suggested that you drink a large glass of water before consuming your daily cup of coffee.  It is known that for every cup of coffee, you should be drinking about 2 glasses of water. This is how you will make up the lost fluids in your body.  If you are not careful about weighing out your water to coffee ratio, you may end up feeling nauseous or getting more headaches than normal. Coffee is known as a diuretic, which means that it dehydrates your body from the amount of water that’s available to you. This is one of many of the effects of too much coffee. 

2. PMS

pills for menstrual cramps Why is coffee bad for you?  One of the many side effects of coffee is experiencing premenstrual syndrome, also known as PMS.  Many nutritional doctors suggest that women who experience PMS, avoid caffeinated sources as much as possible.  This does not mean just your daily cup of coffee, but caffeine in general. Caffeine has been known to increase menstrual cramps as it stops your proper blood flow, leading to excessive pain which is, unfortunately, one of the many effects of caffeine on the body. There have been several studies done that lead to proof of coffee consumption making PMS symptoms more painful.  This is just one of the many disadvantages of coffee.  Bust Bunny’s natural breast supplement has natural active ingredients inside that help regulate your hormones to avoid PMS’ing. Start your journey with Bust Bunny today using coupon code “coffee” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied. Most of the time women won’t even realize their stomach cramps are coming from the leading source, coffee. If you’re looking for menstrual cramp relief, we advise you to stay away from caffeine as much as possible. Although there are many pills for menstrual cramps on the market, it doesn’t work well if you’re consuming heavy caffeine. 

3. Cellulite 

side effects of coffee Although coffee may not be the leading cause of cellulite, it will definitely enhance the issue of cellulite that you may already have.  This is what happens if you drink too much coffee.  Coffee’s main component is caffeine, which contributes to weight gain.  If you’re wondering “how does caffeine affect the body” well coffee is a hindering cause of circulation and as us women know, circulation is a vital part for healthy looking skin.  The caffeine inside coffee contributes to water retention. If our body is retaining water, that causes us to become bloated, which makes cellulite noticeable on the skin. Also, caffeine is known to drain the body of important nutrients such as Vitamin B and calcium.

4. Shrinking Breasts

boobs and coffee When we’re talking about boobs and coffee, they don’t really go hand in hand. Unfortunately, there are many side effects to coffee that could be causing your breasts to shrink.  If you’re wondering, “does coffee make your breasts bigger”, it actually does the opposite.  A few studies have been shown that women who consume more than the appropriate amount of caffeine have noticed a decrease in the size of their breasts.  Although the decreased size may not be extremely noticeable, if you are looking to enhance your breasts, this will not help. Over a time period, you will notice your bras not filling out the same. You may try incorporating your daily cup of coffee with a breast enhancement supplement to help balance this out. Although the effects of caffeine on the body may overpower and breast enlargement pill if you are consuming too much caffeine. 

5. High Blood Pressure

does coffee cause high blood pressure Does coffee cause high blood pressure?  Well, depending on how heavy of a coffee drinker you are, too much caffeine has been linked to high blood pressure. That’s why when people wonder is it bad to drink coffee every day, the easy answer is yes.  It has been known that caffeine blocks your hormones that contribute to keeping your arteries widened. In comparison to coffee drinkers vs non-coffee drinkers, those who were consuming caffeine had higher blood pressure.  Being sure to get the proper balance of water and coffee yet again, is important for keeping your blood pressure leveled. Coffee and high blood pressure go hand in hand which is another reason you should limit your daily intake.  This is an important factor to consider when wondering what does coffee do to you, if high blood pressure runs in your genetics then the chances this may happen to you are more likely. 

6. Acne

side effects of coffee in females Just as we mentioned about coffee and cellulite, the same goes for coffee and acne.  If you are already acne-prone, coffee is just like adding salt to a wound. It will not help, it could only make it worse. Despite all of the other benefits coffee may have, if you’re searching for clear skin, stay away from coffee and caffeine as much as possible.  Those who consume more than even one cup of coffee a day will tend to notice breakouts.  This is a huge problem with the effects of caffeine on the body.  Drinking coffee increases your insulin levels, and when that happens the surplus of insulin will cause excessive oils to be produced. This means, more oils, more acne which leads to clogged pores this is what happens when you drink too much coffee. If you’re one of those people asking the question “can coffee cause acne”, the answer is yes and for the sake of your skin, you should avoid it.

Are The Side Effects Of Coffee Actually Worth It? 

We understand that coffee is the part of the day that most of us look forward to, but for the sake of your health issues, try some other alternatives.  If you’re looking for a boost of energy to start off your morning, try substituting it with a cup of tea. Coffee will only give you a temporary increase in energy, it will actually do the opposite and leave you feeling more tired than before, this is truly how caffeine affects the body.  This is one of the true effects of too much coffee in your body that people tend to see past. We hope that we’ve helped answer your questions about “what does coffee do to you” and give you a clear understanding of the negative effects it has on your physical and mental health. There have been several case studies on the side effects of coffee and what coffee does to you including, stomach cramps, acne and a decrease in your breast size.  Although there are many advantages coffee has, we have found more long-term disadvantages of coffee and actually what happens when you drink too much coffee.  boobs and coffee If you’re looking for clear skin and larger breasts, boobs and coffee do not go well together. Coffee and estrogen do not go well together and what you need is proper levels of estrogen to keep your breasts firm and perky.  Many wonder “does coffee make your breasts bigger, we are glad that we could clear that up.  If you’re looking for pills for menstrual cramps, clear skin, perky breasts and lowered blood pressure, try out Bust Bunny as your daily supplement. Women have noticed an increase in cup size, glowing skin, and higher energy levels.* Taking an all-natural supplement will have better long-term results than dealing with the side effects of coffee. Taking a supplement of natural herbs will help to level this issue out. If you’re a heavy coffee drinker, but you’re noticing it’s causing your breasts to decrease, try increasing your breasts naturally with herbs. Bust Bunny is filled with natural/organic herbs to give you a healthy breast enhancement experience, get your 1, 3, 6 or 12 month supply today by using coupon code “coffee” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.
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