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Congratulations on your decision to take one of the biggest steps in your MTF transition—changing your body.

You probably have a million questions:

“What will be the first change?”

“How much will I change?”

“Will all my masculine features disappear?”

We have the answers. We’ll guide you through the changes that you’ll experience, precautions you can take when going through these changes, and the steps to accept and love your new body more.

What is an MTF Hormone Replacement Therapy Transition?

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A hormone replacement therapy (HRT) transition is the use of hormone therapy to create a more feminine appearance.

The therapy involves the use of estrogen (female hormone) and anti-androgens (testosterone blockers) to invoke physical, emotional, sexual, and reproductive changes.

These changes reduce gender dysphoria as the body realigns with the brain.

However, this transition requires patience and the extent of the change is not predictable.

Your breasts, for instance, may not get as big as your female relatives’. Even after long-term use of the hormones, you’re likely to remain a cup smaller than your closest female relatives.

The good news is that you can get a bigger cup size by combining HRT with safe and natural breast enhancement supplements.

Just as the natural breast enhancement supplement helps genetic females get firmer and bigger breasts, you can use it to accelerate your own bust development to make them fuller and perkier.

If you doubt it’ll work for you, David’s experience will change your mind.

As a transgender woman, she is excited about the noticeable increase in her breast size; something that transgenders who rely on HRT alone rarely achieve.

How Does MTF Compare to Other Methods of Transition

Hormone replacement is not the only way to transition.

A sex reassignment or non-medical transition can also help you be in the body you want.

Here’s how they compare to hormone therapy:

Method of Transition Description Possibility of detransition

Hormone replacement therapy

Involves the use of medication that contains:

  • Estrogen
  • Anti-androgens

It helps decrease male characteristics


Once you stop taking the hormones, some of the physical changes resulting from the hormone therapy can be reversed, such as skin texture and fat distribution.

Other changes, such as reduced fertility and breast enlargement, are hard to reverse

Sex reassignment

In this case, a medical procedure is carried out where:

  • The testicles and part of the penis are removed
  • The urethra is made shorter
  • Some of the skin removed is used to make a functional vagina and a neoclitoris (artificial clitoris)

It’s possible to have a reversal procedure

Non-medical transition

This involves non-medical steps like:

  • Wearing a more feminine hairstyle
  • Putting on makeup
  • Wearing feminine clothes
  • Using prosthetics, like breast prosthetics
  • Taking a more feminine name


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One of the best things about HRT compared to other methods is the wide range of feminization that it allows for.

Everything from your skin to fat distribution and hair growth changes.

So, where will this big transformation begin?

Step 1 – Physical Changes

The changes you’ll notice in the first few months will be physical—skin, chest, body fat, and hair growth.

Changes to Your Skin

You’ll notice:

  • Your skin will be drier because its pores will get smaller and there will be less oil production.
  • You’ll be more prone to cuts and bruises. This is because your skin will be thinner than usual.
  • When you touch things, they’ll feel different.
  • You’ll perceive pain, temperature, and touch a little differently.

HRT will also cause you to sweat less and the odor of your urine and sweat will also change.

Breast Development Begins

Here is our favorite part—the transformation of the chest.

Small “buds” will begin forming beneath your nipples. They could be slightly painful to touch, and the breast development of the left and right sides may be uneven.

Keep in mind that breast growth happens at different rates from person to person. Breasts will also vary in size and shape among different trans women.

With hormone therapy, most breast development will occur in the first 6 months. But you don’t have to wait this long.

Enhance your breast size naturally even during the transition.

According to other transgender women who’ve used our natural breast enhancement supplement, you could see the difference in as little as 3 months.

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Redistribution of Body Fat

Fat redistribution will also begin in the early stages, and will be noticeable.

  • You’ll begin to see more fat collecting around your hips and thighs
  • The fat below your skin will get thicker, making the muscles on your arms and legs have a smoother appearance and less definition
  • The fat on your face will redistribute, to give it a more feminine reappearance

Even as fat redistribution occurs, your bone structure will not change.

You may notice changes in your shoe size or height, but this is due to changes in the muscles and ligaments of your spinal column and feet, not changes in bone structure.

Expert tip: Expect a decrease in strength and muscle mass, but all these can be fixed with a healthier diet and exercise.

Changes in Hair growth

Women have body hair, just like men.

This means that the hair on your chest, back, arms, and other parts of your body may not completely disappear. However, it’ll be thinner and grow at a slower rate.

The hormone therapy will also stop or slow down hair loss.

Step 2 – Changes in Your Emotions

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Remember going through puberty?

You’re likely to face a similar emotional roller coaster during HRT. But these emotional changes vary among different people. The most common changes you can expect include:

  • Development of new tastes and interests
  • The occurrence of a wider range of emotions and feelings
  • A change in your behavior when dealing with other people or in your relationships

Most people get over this phase after a short period. Use this time to understand yourself better and get familiar with your new feelings and emotions.

Expert tip: You can use psychotherapy to cope better with your emotional changes.

Step 3 – Changes in Sexual Aspects

The third stage is sexual.

Expect your testicles to shrink significantly, less than half their original size.

You’ll also notice that:

  • You’ll experience fewer erections, and the erection may not be as firm or last as long. It’ll make penetration more difficult.
  • You’ll still experience erotic sensations, but the erotic pleasure will be from a variety of sex acts that did not previously bring the same sensations, and from diverse parts of your body that were not responsive before the HRT.
  • Instead of orgasms centered on your genitals, you will experience full-body orgasms. They’ll last longer, but with less peak intensity.
  • You could have a small ejaculation, but it’ll be a clear or white fluid, or no fluid at all.

Expert tip: Try exploring your new sexuality using sex toys and masturbation or with your sexual partner.

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Step 4 – Reproductive System Changes

Study results are conflicting when it comes to the effect of estrogen therapy on the reproductive system.

Three scenarios could occur:

Scenario 1: Within a few months of starting the HRT, you may no longer be capable of creating sperm. This could be permanent and irreversible.

Scenario 2: You could maintain a sperm count, even with HRT.

Scenario 3: You could have your sperm count return after stopping the hormone therapy for 3 to 6 months. But the longer you’ve taken the hormone, the fewer chances of having fertile sperm return.

But, you can never be sure which scenario will apply to your case.

For these reasons, you can take two precautions.

Preserve Your Sperms

If you want to have a child from your own sperm in the future, the safest option is to preserve your sperm in a sperm bank before beginning the HRT.

It’ll prevent the inconvenience of stopping the HRT later in order to get your testosterone levels up and conceive a child. Stopping the HRT could also make some of the masculine characteristics return for the period you’re off the hormones.

Use Birth Control Methods

In case the HRT doesn’t reduce your sperm count, being sexually active with someone who can get pregnant can result in an unwanted pregnancy. Stay on the safe side by using a birth control method.

Get More Satisfaction From Your MTF Transition

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It can take years of hormone therapy to see your body reach full feminization.

You can wait for the transition to take its course and accept whatever change happens or you can choose a gentler transformation with natural breast enhancement pills.

Each pill is a powerful blend of nature’s best herbs that’ll promote a fuller chest through the faster formation of breast tissue.

Take the right step. It’s never too early to start living a fulfilling life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HRT change the voice?

HRT doesn’t change the pitch of your voice. If you want to modify your speaking voice, consult with a voice specialist.

How long does it take for MTF hormones to take effect?

It takes about 3 to 6 months to start noticing feminization changes from MTF hormones, and the changes may take up to 6 years to reach their full extent.

Does HRT change your face?

HRT redistributes the fat on your face, giving it a more feminine appearance. It can take one to two years of hormone therapy to see the full change.

Does taking estrogen make you curvy?

Estrogen increases the fat that collects around your hips and thighs. Your breasts will also begin to grow, making you curvier.

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