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It can be hard to tell if you’re breasts are actually growing or if they are just hurting because that time of the month is coming around.  It’s important to look for signs your breasts are growing in order to be able to tell the difference between breast growth and menstrual symptoms.  Pay attention to these signs of breast growth, especially if you are on your breast enhancement journey through supplements because breast development is happening at this moment and can be confusing for some women.  Although, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you are not experiencing these symptoms, you’re breasts aren’t growing.  

Everyone’s body is different, so each one’s symptoms of breast growth will vary because there are many different breast development stages that women all experience at different times.

Read on to learn more about:

  • The signs and symptoms of growing boobs
  • When to worry about breast lumps
  • Different ways to grow your boobs naturally

Breast Health Tips

Understanding Breast Growth

signs of breast growth in 20s

Just as women go through their menstrual cycle, some get worse PMS symptoms than others, some may not experience any.  This points out that each has a different experience she goes through when it comes to changes going on in our bodies.  

When women’s breast development begin, breast-growing symptoms can also fluctuate. At times, you may feel a strong sense of soreness. Other times, you may feel nothing.  We understand that breast growth can be very confusing, especially if you’re one that is experiencing this later in your life.

First, women, you should understand that normal breast development begins at about 13 years of age. This is about the time of their first menstrual period.  Breasts develop during this phase, although the speed of how fast they will grow will vary from person to person.  

Being aware of the signs your boobs are growing is going to make the journey a lot smoother, as also being aware and understanding what makes breasts grow.

How to Tell if Your Boobs Are Growing

It can be tricky to differentiate if your boobs are actually growing or if you are just going through your lady time because there are many stages of breast development that are similar to your menstrual symptoms.

One of the most common and first signs your breasts are growing is breast soreness in your breast tissue.  If you’re wondering “what causes sore breasts,” it’s because your body is producing a lot of estrogen and progesterone at this time, which is why it is normal to have sore breasts during this time.  The fluid in your breasts is expanding, which is contributing to your growing boobs.  This is a rough time for your body, so the feeling of aches and pains is part of the process of your developing breasts.  

Although, sore breasts could mean several other things, such as signs of early pregnancy.  You should seek medical attention if your breast soreness is a lot more unbearable than usual.  

So if you’re wondering does sore breasts mean they are growing, it is hard to give a straightforward answer.  Most of the time, yes, but as mentioned, breast soreness can be caused by other things as well.  Growing boobs comes with a wide range of symptoms, so be cautious as to what is normal as your breast buds and what could be something you need to see a doctor for.

signs your boobs are growing

What does it mean when your breasts hurt?  

These are simply signs of breast growth.  Your body is going through an unusual reaction that it is not typically used to.  

Most of the time, young girls will start to develop breasts and feel these symptoms early on, although women can experience signs of breast growth in their 20s and on through pregnancy.  

During the time that your breasts begin to grow and you are experiencing breastgrowing symptoms, wearing a supportive bra is highly advised.  You will want to be sure that they are getting the proper support they need because growing boobs are going through much pain, and they need more support during this time.  

Female breast development can be tricky. But giving them full support by wearing a bra is important and should be taken seriously.  You should be looking into the best support bra during this time as well.

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Your Breasts Will be Different Sizes

It is hard to know how to tell if your boobs are growing with a lot of the common symptoms because those symptoms can relate to pregnancy or your premenstrual cycle.  Although, this one, in particular, is a complete giveaway.  

One of the biggest signs girl’s breasts are growing is uneven breasts.  This is a very popular sign during your breast growth stages.   Most women’s boob sizes will vary during this time in their lives.  

Sometimes one of your breasts is growing at a faster speed leaving the other one behind, this is the cause of asymmetrical breasts.  No need to worry; this is part of your breasts getting bigger.  Your breasts should end up being the same size as they are done fluctuating and going through hormones.  Although this is most common through puberty, it may still happen after that point. 

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how to grow your boobs

Sometimes they can be a noticeable size difference, and others very slight.  Taking a natural breast enlargement supplement can help to level this out.  This is not a typical health scare, but we would still advise seeking medical attention to be assured.  

Most of the time, your breasts sizes will even out as you get a bit older, but keep in mind it is normal for women to have two differentsized breasts also.  

Luckily you can wear special support bras, inserts, or clothing to hide that your boob sizes are different.  This is a common reason women look into getting breast augmentation because of the insecurities it has caused.  Rest assured, this is a part of breast growth and is one of the many stages of breast development. This just simply means that you are developing breasts, so be patient.

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Should I Worry About Breast Lumps?

Breast lumps and bumps are a completely normal part of growing boobs.  Most of the time, young girls get worried because they are seeing a lot of changes in their breasts, so they don’t understand if this is something they should be worried about or not.  

As your breasts are growing, you may notice small bumps around your areola.  After your breasts have developed more, you may notice that your breast soreness is accompanied by larger breast lumps.  These are nothing that you should worry about; they are little soft lumps that you should barely be able to feel.  Even if they get a bit larger as your boobs are growing, you do not need to worry.  

Breast cancer is extremely rare for anyone under the age of 30.  Breast development comes with many different situations that may come about. Pay attention to all of these changes happening in your body during this time.

Why do I Have Stretch Marks on My Breasts?

A huge part of growing boobs in young women is stretch marks which are a common part of female breast development.  This is solely because they may not experience any growth in their breasts until suddenly they hit a growth spurt. When breasts are very small, and suddenly they increase, this causes stretch marks.  

The most common time a woman will experience stretch marks is through puberty and or pregnancy.  If you’re wondering,How do you know your boobs are growing,” well this is an obvious one!

how do you know if your boobs are growing

No need to worry, through time, these marks will fade, but this is an easy way of discerning breast development.  When your body is developing rapidly, going from being flatchested to now having an increase in your breast size, your breasts are going through a shock, so this is a common situation that will happen.  Staying moisturized and hydrated will help the appearance of your skin!

Recap of Traditional Signs of Breast Growth

There could be multiple signs your breasts are growing, and sometimes breastgrowing symptoms are not always accurate.  Women’s bodies go through a lot of changes constantly, so being able to understand breast development is tricky.  

Young girls are always wondering how you know when your breasts are growing, and in addition to these ways that we have mentioned, there are a few other signs of breast growth.  Here is a recap of how you know you may be experiencing breast development, According to Medical News Today:

  • Small lumps under your nipples
  • Itchiness around your nipples
  • Tender or soreness in your breasts

These signs your boobs are growing will go from adolescence up to your last pregnancy.  So, if you’re one of the women asking the question to yourself,Are my boobs done growing?” now you know that you will not fully be done developing your breasts until you are done having children.

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Why Am I Not Experiencing Any Signs of Breast Growth?

Before you decide to look into getting a breast augmentation because you are not experiencing any of these signs of breast growth and have no clue what “growing boobs” are because that train missed you.  Well, lucky for you, there are many ways to grow your boobs without undergoing surgery.  With proper diet, supplements, foods, and exercises, you still have a chance to grow your breasts as you have always desired. 

how to make your boobs grow faster

You may want to look into trying an all-natural breast enhancer, even if you just want to fill out your a cup boobs or you want to increase an entire cup size.  Natural breast enhancers were created not just to increase but to firm, tighten, and lift your breasts.  Some women did not go through the cycle of breast development, so we created Bust Bunny to give your breasts a boost.

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