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Breasts can be tricky to figure out, we know that there are a lot of factors that we have to consider when determining what our boob size is and how to properly deal with body changes in early pregnancy. There are a lot of myths out there about your breasts and we want to put some of them to an end. It’s important to be aware of the health of your breasts and knows when something is true or not.

Myth #1: My breasts will stay the same size forever

For some women, this is great news and for others, not so much. If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, the good news is that it’s a myth to believe your boobs will stay the same size forever. You will go through many different boob sizes as you age, gain or lose weight, go through pregnancies and hit puberty.

Sometimes you may step on the scale and see that you’ve gained 5 pounds and not exactly understand where that 5 pounds went. Well, it’s very possible that the extra weight may have gone straight to your boobs! That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? This is why we suggest getting your bra fitted at least every six months as change in breast size is more common than you may think!

It is a myth when people say that your breasts will stay the same size forever. Our breasts go through so many changes that make this statement almost impossible to be true.

Myth #2: Your boobs get bigger after pregnancy

full coverage nursing bra

This is a tough one because each woman’s body has a different reaction after she has a baby. Although most women claim that their breasts have gotten bigger during this time, some women have the complete opposite effect, they get smaller. You have to pay attention closely to the many body changes after pregnancy that your body is going through.

Some women get all the weight in their breasts which is the obvious place you will notice, but others may gain weight all over. Change in breast size is normal. Also, depending if you decide to breastfeed you may notice your boobs after breastfeeding is larger.

In some cases, women will come to us complaining that they lost their breasts completely after having a baby and are looking for a solution. You may even begin to notice body changes in early pregnancy which are when most women start to figure out that they are actually pregnant. Your breast size may change more than usual and you may notice strange things happening like having an itchy areola or itchy nipples. This is normal! It is a myth when people say that your boobs will get bigger after pregnancy because although this is possible, it is not a fact. Some women lose their breasts after pregnancy.

Myth #3: Your genetics don’t play a role in your breast size

It’s true, your genetics don’t determine this question on its own. Although it does play a minor role in determining what your true breast size is or is going to be. If you pay attention to your family tree, you will notice if your mom or grandmother had large breasts, you may have the same. If they had small breasts, it may be determined that your breasts will be the same.

Don’t let this factor itself worry you, breast size is not only about genetics but environmental factors as well. The more weight you gain, the bigger your breasts will get. Regardless of your family genetics, if you are heavier than other people in your family, you may notice your boobs are larger than your moms or sisters.

So, if you have sisters you may notice that you all have different boob sizes based on other environmental factors such as weight gain or pregnancies.

It is a myth when people say that your breast size solely is dependable on your genetics, environmental changes have a bigger role than genetics.

Myth #4: You should never sleep in your bra

chest wrinkles from sleeping

If we’re giving advice, we would say sleeping with a bra on is not the best choice. Sleeping in a bra doesn’t benefit your breasts the way you think they would. The only time we suggest sleeping with a comfortable bra on is if you start to feel random breast pain. Sometimes a bra can be more supportive of this and help bypass any pain you may be feeling.

It’s not the best idea to sleep in a bra every day, if you feel it gives you the comfort you are missing, a few times won’t hurt! Although there are specialty bras if you’re looking for something you want to sleep in. Specifically something without an underwire. Your bra should not fit the same way it does all day as it does in the night time.

It is a myth when people say that you should never sleep in a bra, although it is advised to sleep without one if possible.

Myth #5: Breast cancer is solely based on genetics

Most people thought that this would be an extremely simplified scenario. Actually, there is a bit more to it than just genetics. It is said that less than 10% of breast cancer is genetic that means the other 90% is based on other factors not being genetics. This is why breast cancer is so hard to pinpoint and stop because finding where it stemmed from has become almost impossible.

Although your genetics can sway your risk in some cases, having a clean history of breast cancer does not make you in the clear. This is why it is extremely important for women to check checked as often as possible to keep up with their breasts and their bodies as women.

It is a myth when people say that breast cancer is based on genetics alone.

Myth #6: It is abnormal to have uneven breasts

uneven breasts solutions

Actually, this would make you normal. Over 90% of women have uneven breasts to some degree. If you find yourself wondering “why is my left breast bigger than the right” then trust us when we say, your boobs are more normal than you think. Also, keep in mind, if you are a side sleeper then the chances of one breast being bigger than the other one is a lot more likely.

Welcome to almost 90% of all of us! Aside from just our breasts, most of our body parts aren’t fully symmetrical.

Which is why it’s really nothing to worry about. Let’s not forget about our lovely hormones that play a huge part in how our breasts grow as well. Hormones have everything to do with your boob size, boob shape and any other breast changes that come to play.

It is a myth when people say uneven breasts are abnormal, uneven breasts are more normal than most women are aware of.

Myth #7: Your breasts are getting bigger, you must be pregnant

Let’s be real here, growing boobs have nothing to do with pregnancy. It is the easiest thing for people to jump to because of the natural body changes during pregnancy you go through. But let’s be clear, if your boob size is changing and getting larger, that does not necessarily mean you are pregnant.

You may want to take more into consideration than just pregnancy such as contraceptive pills. If you are taking birth control, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you if you are gaining weight from this. The ingredients that they put inside contraceptive pills often result in an increase in boob size and weight gain.

Also consider your daily activities, a lack of exercise and eating poorly can result in bigger breasts. Some women have a target area which is their breasts and may cause an increase in their boob size.

It is a myth to believe that you must be pregnant if your breasts have increased in size.

Ultimately keeping your breasts healthy is a priority and eating healthy and taking the proper vitamins is key to this. Bust Bunny is filled with 13-essential ingredients that lead women to healthier breasts physically and internally. Being sure to fill your body up with the proper fuel is the first step to getting your body in good condition.

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