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You’re getting ready for a night out. You’ve showered, found the perfect outfit, and then you try it on. You shift it side to side, pull it up, down, this way, that way—just to make it not so obvious that one of your breasts is smaller than the other.

Having uneven breasts, or uneven cup sizes, can have a dramatic effect on any woman’s confidence. But you are not alone!

uneven breasts pictures

Almost half of the entire female population have breast asymmetry. It’s a far from serious condition and occurs from very normal situations.

Why Are My Breasts Uneven?

Before we get into the whys and hows—an anatomy lesson. As you’re probably aware, breasts are glands (mammary glands) and they are quite complicated. Each breast is comprised of around 15-20 lobes which branch out from the nipple and form at a centralized duct, which opens up the nipples to release milk during breastfeeding.

With all that going on, it’s not hard to see how one gland could fluctuate during different times in a woman’s life. Besides, how much of your body that you have two of are actually the same size? Not many.

Breasts shrink and grow during your menstrual cycle, puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and at other times. It’s perfectly normal.

Some of today’s brightest stars, like Keira Knightley and Jennifer Lawrence, have commented about their uneven breasts. It’s normal!

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keira knightley breasts

So, why are your breasts uneven?

Normal Anatomy

That’s right—it’s just anatomy. Like mentioned, your body has two of many things. How many of them are exactly the same size? It’s not hard to understand then, that breasts wouldn’t be very different.

Also, if you’re left-hand dominant, your left breast is probably larger and vice versa if you’re right handed. This is due to the muscles on your dominant side being used more often. Again, just a side-effect to anatomy.

Normal growth variations during puberty is the most common reason why breasts become uneven.


This could be lumped under normal anatomy, but we think it deserves its own section. When you’re going through puberty, your body is going through many changes—some rapid, some slow. In fact, sometimes one breast starts growing before the other, or one stops growing before the other. It’s annoying, but perfectly normal. Bust Bunny breast pills can help regulate your breast hormones and help even them out. Use coupon code “differentsizes” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.

Breastfeeding / Pregnancy

Unless you’ve breastfed a child, this really shouldn’t be an issue (obviously), but it’s worth noting that even if you have perfectly even breasts now, they may change during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

breastfeeding uneven breasts

As most mothers know, babies typically prefer one breast to another, regardless of how hard you try to feed the baby evenly from both breasts. The preferred breast will start to stretch and appear uneven, even after breastfeeding occurs.

Other Reasons

While the reasons already mentioned are the most common, it’s worth going over some other causes that might be more serious. If you notice your breast becoming uneven, please check yourself for breast cancer or lumps. While a gradual unevenness of your breasts is annoying, if you catch it early enough you could save yourself from something far more serious if you get yourself checked out.

We mentioned Jennifer Lawrence above and her uneven breast situation is very similar to this. Listen to her story:


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How to Fix Uneven Breasts without Surgery

Now that we know what causes them, let’s give some uneven breasts solutions. All of our solutions do not require surgery, which we believe causes more problems than it’s worth. Also know that all these solutions will be boosted with help from Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement supplements, which we’ll get into later.

But now—let’s get some even breasts!

Always Favor the Larger Breast

The most annoying thing you’ll find with uneven breasts is finding the perfect bra. Manufacturers simply don’t make bras with two different cup sizes (unless you custom order them, which is expensive). So, never buy a bra that comfortably fits your smaller breast. This will cause your larger breast to spill out over the cup of your bra. You can always fill the space in the cup with the smaller breast with padding if the gap is too much.

Speaking of bras….

Make the Smart Bra Decision

As mentioned, it’s next to impossible to find a bra with two different cup sizes. We’ve already told you how to deal with that, but there are some other bra tricks for uneven breasts.

First, go with a bra with padded, molded, or contour lined cups. The lined cups will create an optical illusion that your breasts are the same size.

You can also opt for a bra with removable padding as well and just remove the padding in the larger breast’s cup.

As a general rule, never say no to breast pads!

Give Your Smaller Breast a Boob Massage!

That’s right—it’s time to play with your boobs. A breast massage is one of the healthiest things you can do for your breasts and it has a big influence on the size and overall health of your breasts.

We’ve written exhaustively about breast massages here, so if you want the complete run-down, go ahead and read that. You won’t be sorry!

massage for uneven breasts

There are several kinds of massages which you can find in the aforementioned article, but for this article’s sake, let’s go over a few breast massage tips:

  • Always use inward motions while performing a breast massage.
  • Your hormones are most active right before bed, so give your breasts a massage before you close your eyes for the night, preferably following a hot bath or shower.
  • Don’t use too much pressure when applying oils or creams
  • Massage your breast for at least two-to-five minutes, or 300 rotations (remember, the ideal massage lasts ten to 15 minutes!).
  • Perform the massage at least twice a day!
  • The suggested method is to use the flats of your fingertips and your palms.
  • Massaging your armpits, oddly enough, is a great way to get the blood flowing to your breasts!

Work Out

There’s nothing healthier for your entire body than exercise. This is no different for your breasts. We mentioned how your handedness factors into which breast is larger. Well, working out will shift your body into a more even disposition and can go a long way into making your breasts appear more symmetrical.

Breast Enhancement Supplements

For overall breast health and growth, nothing works better for most women than Bust Bunny Natural Breast Enhancement Supplements.

Bust Bunny’s blend of natural ingredients, like Watercress and Vitamin C, promote your breast health and helps them grow larger without the risk and expense of breast enhancing surgeries.

Bust Bunny supplements can also help with your uneven breasts!* By facilitating the overall health of your breasts, over time, Bust Bunny may help your breasts appear more even, especially after breastfeeding.

Uneven breasts are an annoyance, but don’t worry—you’re not alone. Bust Bunny is here to help with this issue that no longer needs to be an issue. Many women have overcome this issue using our supplement, give it a try for yourself today and get 10% off using coupon code “differentsizes” or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.

By following the tips above, your breasts will look healthier, larger, and more even in no time at all!*

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