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Breast shrinkage can be caused by a number of reasons, some being more severe than others. It’s valuable to know the history behind what is potentially affecting your breasts to get a true understanding of the answer you are looking for.

breast shrinking

We are sure you’ve heard the word estrogen, but don’t know the exact meaning behind it. Estrogen is the main female sexual hormone which is responsible for the development of the female reproductive system. Changes in estrogen levels can affect the glands, which means that the breasts do shrink lightly as estrogen levels decrease.

So, in other words, if you are taking the pill, HRT, or you are pregnant, you’ll notice your breasts will swell. This means that women who stop taking any estrogen additives will begin to notice a possible decrease in cup size.

Read on to learn more about:

  • Possible answers to the question – “Why are my boobs shrinking?”
  • Which body part should you lose weight first
  • Weight loss tips that don’t affect your breast size

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Why your boobs are getting smaller

Among the list of possible reasons, another possibility for breast shrinking is simply weight loss. As we know, our fat cells don’t typically decrease in the areas we would like. Overall, when a person loses weight, they are bound to losing some of it in their chest area. Now the extent of how much they will lose depends on each woman. However, a person will not only lose fat in their chest area but in their entire body overall.

Shrinking breasts can indicate changing hormones

Can your boobs get smaller? Yes, breast shrinkage is seen more likely in women 40 and above, due to the change in hormones. This is not an abnormal situation for menopausal women.

Although, if you are not over the age of 40 and are experiencing this issue as well, this can be from stopping the use of hormone contraceptives. This happens from the decline in your estrogen/oestrogen levels. This is also why you’ll notice your breasts seem less full towards the end of menstruation. It may seem as if your boobs have suddenly disappeared. 

According to MD Dr. Gottfried, “Breasts are at their lowest volume at this time because estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest”. This would define the actual size of your breasts because hormones are not altering the size of your breast. Your breasts shrinking is typically a result of unbalanced hormones.

Bottom line: Changes in estrogen levels, age, and weight loss are generally the elements for shrinking breasts. This is why we suggest taking Bust Bunny breast augmentation pills to regulate your estrogen levels, preventing your breasts from shrinking. Use coupon code “breastshrinking” for 10% off, or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.

Where do you lose weight first?

As women, we’re sure that you would all agree we would love to pick and choose where our weight comes off of first. Unfortunately, this is just not possible.

where do you lose weight first

The good and bad news is you will tend to lose the weight in the area that you most recently put it on. With that being said, if you noticed that your breasts seem a little larger these days, it’s possible that’s because you put on additional weight elsewhere too. Well, in this case, sadly, you would lose the weight in your breasts first. 

On the other hand, if your weight was most recently gained in your stomach area, well, then that’s where you will notice a decrease first.

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If I lose weight, will my boobs get smaller?

gym boobs

Yes, working out can reduce the size of your breasts. Although, with the correct exercises and nutrition plan, you can work on enhancing that area. Reducing cardio to roughly 3 times per week and focusing more on strength training will help with both losing weight and maintaining or enhancing your chest size.

How to lose weight but keep your boobs

The mystery question we all want answers to! If you are looking to lose an excessive amount of weight, anywhere from (20-40 lbs or more), without a doubt, you will notice your boobs getting smaller. It’s not necessarily the exercise but rather the weight loss from working out that is decreasing the size of your breast tissue and chest. You most likely won’t notice a change with slight weight loss, that’s because your breasts are primarily fat, so the less significant the weight change, the less noticeable.

A mixture of exercises is best for improving your figure, in this case, your breasts.

Directions: Do these three-exercise circuits three times, and take a break between sets to stretch your chest. Use weights between five and 10 pounds.

We also have additional workouts that you can check out for natural breast lift!

Chest workouts for women

  • Flat bench press – Your choice of using a barbell or dumbbells

breast workout

  • Incline bench press – Also, with your choice of using a barbell or dumbbells

can boobs get smaller


  • Close-grip push-up – You can do them on your knees if regular push-ups are too difficult

can boobs get smaller

Does running affect your breasts?

Having already large breasts doesn’t do anything to hurt your running regimen (besides needing a sports bra for support), although it may affect you if you have a smaller cup size. If you’re new to running, then you may begin to notice a reduction in your breast size. Every woman is different though, so there is no real guarantee that your breasts will become smaller.

woman with small boobs

Running can definitely make the process of trying to keep your breasts larger tougher, being that you are working off excess fat. Despite this fact, running can also enhance the appearance of your breasts. Sounds contradicting, but losing fatty tissue around your rib cage could actually end up making them appear larger. 

If you want to be able to run, lose weight and keep your boobs try an all-natural breast enhancement supplement. Start our 1, 3, 6, or 12month supply today using coupon code “breastshrinking” for 10% off, or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.

In simple words, even if your boobs shrink, losing fat in additional areas of your body can make your breasts appear bigger with a bit of an illusion. So don’t fear running, rather, keep it to a minimum.

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