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If you’ve considered breast enhancement, you’ve probably done a lot of research. Surgery of any kind can be risky, especially since you’d be under general anesthesia. The recovery time itself is enough to turn many women away from it. Those who aren’t interested in getting their breasts enlarged via surgery often consider breast enhancement pills. The most frequently asked question is are the side effects to breast pills?

One thing you must know with all types of medications is that there are possible side effects. Even natural supplements can have a reaction with some people. However, taking breast pills like Bust Bunny Capsules reduces your risks of dangerous side effects.

How Do Breast Enlargement Supplements Work?

Organic breast pills incorporate natural herbs that work together to speed up the breast tissue development. These herbal plants have estrogen-like benefits, triggering water retention inside the bust, and improving your bust line measurements.

This is because breast enhancement pills contain phytoestrogens, which is the dietary form of estrogen. Estrogen is the female sex hormone that a woman’s body produces, and it can also be found in oral contraceptives for birth control, estrogen replacement therapy, and hormone replacement therapy. Phytoestrogens can be found in foods such as soybeans and tofu. Since phytoestrogens are similar to the hormone already found in the female body, the side effects would be similar to those of birth control pills.

What Are the Side Effects to Breast Enlargement Supplements?

Very few women have adverse reactions to phytoestrogens because their body makes a hormone so similar to it. Allergies to phytoestrogens are extremely rare. When you first start taking breast pills, you may experience bloating but the effect goes away in the first couple of weeks as your body gets used to the pills.

This effect is similar to a change in diet. If you’ve ever started a special diet, such as the mediterranean diet, the change in diet will affect your body’s performance—but only during the adjustment phase.


While not as drastic, during the first few days or weeks of ingesting breast enlargement supplements you may experience similar effects. But once your body adjusts it will not be as noticeable.

Additionally, your body is never an exact science. One is never sure how they’ll react to new substances or how they’ll interact with other supplements, medications, etc. Therefore, it is always best practice to consult with your doctor before starting the intake of breast enlargement supplements.

Your doctor should be able to clear up any risks or allergies that may occur due to your past history or medications.

Why Choosing the Brand of Breast Enlargement Supplement Is Important

Pills that are not made with natural ingredients contain fillers and additives that can affect the body and make it hard for the patient to identify what exactly is wrong. That’s why it’s so much safer to take Bust Bunny Capsules, because you know exactly what’s going into your body and know where the herbs came from, the earth!

Bust Bunny Capsules are scientifically researched herbal extracts, meaning they contain no additives or fillers that are usually responsible for negative side effects. All the ingredients made to make our breast pills are on the FDA’s GRAS list, which stands for Generally Regarded As Safe. There are no known negative side effects to take our breast enhancement pills.*

Another great thing about taking breast pills as opposed to getting breast enhancement surgery is that there are no stretch marks and no scars left. Bust Bunny Capsules also does not affect your menstrual cycle, which is a concern for many ladies considering the pills. As always, before taking any type of dietary supplement, it is best to check with your physician to ensure that your medical history and medications will not have a negative reaction with the ingredients listed.


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