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A woman’s body goes through an untold number of changes during the different stages of pregnancy. That’s the understatement of the century. Perhaps no part of the body changes more than the breasts. We’ve discussed previously how to get your breasts back after pregnancy, but we felt it prudent to educate on what happens to your breasts during pregnancy and how to keep them at their healthiest during these nine months.

breast changes during pregnancy

What Happens to Breasts During Pregnancy?

It’s nothing too complicated, although for such a simple process it certainly makes a lot of changes. Your body increases all sorts of hormone processes after conception (mainly estrogen) and these hormones increase the blood flow causing changes in the breast tissue. This may leave your breasts to feel tender, swollen, sore, tingly, etc., so much so that some women claim the experience to be somewhat painful. Which is probably a good thing because this tenderness of the breasts is one of the earliest signs of being pregnant. (Note: if you’re feeling this sensation in your breasts and you’re on a natural breast enhancement program, like Bust Bunny, please consult your doctor. These symptoms are typically not associated with these types of products.) Your breasts change so drastically during pregnancy because your body is preparing itself to feed and nurture your baby. But what are those changes?

Ways Your Breasts Change During Pregnancy

  The most common changes in your breasts during pregnancy could include: Breast Growth If you’re on this site, chances are you’re looking to naturally increase the size of your breasts. Well, if you want to get pregnant, then there’s really no more natural way to increase your breast size than that (those other side effects aside, right?) You’ll start to notice your boobs will look larger around the six to eight week mark. Good news is they’ll continue to grow through your pregnancy. The bad news is that this could leave some unwanted changes to your breasts after delivery (again, revisit our article on how to restore your breasts after pregnancy). Typical growth is around a one-to-two cup sizes. Unwanted side effects include: stretch marks and itchiness. Pigment and Veins Typical of pregnancy, your breasts will probably start to show their veins much more stunningly. veins in breasts during pregnancy After the first few months of pregnancy, the skin around your areolas will start to darken in color as well as increase in size. Areola Bumps You might not have ever noticed the bumps on your areolas before, but when you’re pregnant, you almost certainly will. The bumps, called “Montgomery’s tubercles,” are just an oil producing gland which help to sterilize your nipple during breastfeeding. Leaks Uh oh, this one sounds bad, right? It’s completely natural—don’t worry! Right around the three month mark, your breasts will start to produce milk and with that some women (not all) experience a leaking of this milk in the form of a yellowish substance. Lumps A more uncommon breast-changing symptom of pregnancy, but one to watch out for nonetheless. These lumps are probably nothing more than cysts cause by the production of milk as it’s unusual for women to develop breast cancer during pregnancy. However, please let your doctor know about any lumps you feel in your breasts during any stage of life. The sooner the better, too. Now that you know what changes you might experience in your breasts during pregnancy, what are some things that you can do to alleviate some of the discomfort brought on by those changes?

Easing Pregnancy-Breast Discomfort

One of the easiest things you can do to alleviate breast pain discomfort brought on by pregnancy is to find yourself a few supportive bras that have been fitted by a knowledgeable person. Underwire bras, you’ll notice, will seem more uncomfortable (and they’re not the best for breastfeeding mothers). Cotton bras will feel more comfortable and allow your breasts to breathe better than those made from other materials. bra during pregnancy Also look for bras with little to no stitching around the nipple area. You might also want to consider buying bras with room to grow because, as mentioned, the first changes you notice in your breasts during pregnancy, definitely won’t be your last! Now that you know an easy secret to the discomforts brought on by pregnancy breasts, let’s discuss a little bit on how to keep your breasts healthy during pregnancy.

How to Keep Your Breasts Healthy During Pregnancy

We’ve talked previously on how your breasts are forever changed after pregnancy. Therefore, it’s important to try and mitigate these changes during pregnancy and not afterwards. Eating Healthy Your diet is, as it always is, paramount in not only keeping your body healthy, but your breasts as well. Avoid red meats and grain alcohols and instead go for leaner meats and wine. Stay away from greasy, fatty foods as well. Your breasts are going to grow enough as it is without fatty foods adding to the growth. Take your vitamins as well, a women’s daily vitamin is a great way to ensure your body has all it needs to deliver a healthy baby and maintain healthy breasts while doing so. Bust Bunny breast pills have active ingredients inside to promote healthy breasts for pregnant women.  Use coupon code “pregnancychanges” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied. As always, consult your doctor before starting a new vitamin regimen during pregnancy. Exercise During the early stages of pregnancy, exercise is a fantastic way to rid your body of any toxins still lingering from your pre-pregnancy body. exercising while pregnant Come up with an exercise plan with your doctor and your body will thank you. Here’s a few guides on yoga and other exercises you can do which promote healthy breasts. Breast Massage A good breast massage, as more research is being done, is a great way to keep your breasts healthy during pregnancy. Massaging the breast tissue will alleviate some of those discomforts listed above as well as firm up your breasts to fight against the sagging that might occur after delivery. Check out our article on how to perform the best breast massage for not only keeping your breasts healthy, but naturally enhancing breast growth as well. If you’re looking to grow your breasts or maintain the growth you received during pregnancy, then we really recommend taking our natural breast enhancement supplement, Bust Bunny. Bust Bunny has many recommended vitamins for breast growth including, fenugreek and fennel which will keep more than your breasts healthy during pregnancy. Bust Bunny also includes Vitamin C which is a key vitamin in promoting overall body and breast health. Start your healthy breast journey today using coupon code “pregnancychanges” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied. Hopefully we’ve provided you with enough information to keep the natural benefits received to your breasts by your body during pregnancy. Healthy breasts usually result in having a health baby as well!
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