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When we think of Vitamin C, immediately we think of the vitamin that cures our colds and helps our bodies fight off sickness.  Although this is true and vitamin C has a plethora of wonderful benefits other than simply fighting off colds.  The list of benefits that this vitamin has goes far beyond what you might even be aware of which is why we want to bring it to your attention.  Vitamin C is full of antioxidants that create firmer, brighter and new beautiful skin.  Many people are unaware that they are deficient in vitamin c.  If you notice any of these signs you may also be vitamin c deficient: Slow wound healing, dry hair, rough hair, weak immune system, painful joints, inflammation in your gums.  If this sounds like you, or even if it doesn’t, you should continue reading to see why vitamin c is so important for you.

What is vitamin c?

how much vitamin c should i take Before diving into vitamin c benefits, it’s important to know what it is.  Vitamin C is easily one of the most effective nutrients that you can get.  In other words, it is known as ascorbic acid which you may find in a wide variety of some of your favorite foods.  It is an essential nutrient that you need for the repair of your body’s tissues.  It also helps in forming and maintaining your blood vessels, skin and bones.  You can take this in the form of a supplement, get it naturally from your foods, or you may find it in your beauty care.  Without vitamin c you would not be able to have proper collagen production which would leave you with sagging aging skin

Benefits your skin

When it comes to our skin, there are so many things that we must do to protect it.  The importance of vitamin c is crucial when it comes to the appearance of your skin and sun damage.  When the sun hits your skin without protection, you are increasing the chances that you will end up with wrinkles, sun spots, dark spots and even possibly skin cancer.  Vitamin C is extremely potent and full of antioxidants that fight against these things for your skin.  Women who tend to take their daily dose of vitamin c and or use it in their skincare routine end up aging a lot later in life.  importance of vitamin c As women, we want to keep our skin strong and firm for as long as possible.  We constantly need new collagen production in order to have that smooth, tight, dreamy skin that we all lust for.  Whether you’re taking a vitamin C supplement and or using it in your skincare products, you want to be sure that you’re getting the proper amounts needed for ultimate protection.  In addition to protection, it also works as a healer.  If you have any prior injuries or cuts that may cause damaged skin and lead to scar tissue, vitamin c will be your holy grail.  This will help diminish the appearance of any scars or marks made to your skin.  Keep in mind, pure vitamin c is always best.  You may have noticed products out there that have it combined with other ingredients, but the more pure it is, the more potent it will be. 

Benefits your hair

what does vitamin c do We all want a head full of long, thick, luscious hair right?  Right.  On top of your skin, vitamin c is vital for the production of protein collagen which is what your hair needs for proper growth.  One of the things that block and stops hair growth is free radical damage.  Being that this nutrient is full of antioxidants it helps protect against free radicals and helps your body to actually absorb the iron which is required for hair growth.  It can also help free any mineral build-up that naturally accumulates on the surface of your hair which stops the production of your hair growth.  So if you haven’t started taking vitamin c supplements, I suggest you start now!  It’s never too late. 

Lowers high blood pressure

can vitamin c lower blood pressure About one-third of Americans have high blood pressure which means that they are at risk for heart disease.  After a few studies, it was shown and proven that vitamin c can help lower blood pressure.  For those that don’t have high blood pressure but want to be sure that they don’t get it, vitamin c also helps to protect against it.  Taking a vitamin C supplement has shown to calm down the blood vessels that hold blood from your heart.  One of the many vitamin c benefits to lowering high blood pressure is that it can work as a diuretic by removing extra fluids from your body!  This will work by lowering the pressure between your blood vessels. 

Can vitamin c help me lose weight?

  vitamin c supplement No matter what your fitness goals are, losing weight or building muscle, you can count on Vitamin C to help you along your journey.  It has been proven that those with a sufficient amount of Vitamin C tend to burn fat quicker and hold onto muscle easier.  Those that are deficient in vitamin C tend to hold onto unwanted body fat easier.  Vitamin C may not be the entire answer to weight loss, but it is proven to be related to body weight.  The great thing about eating foods rich in this nutrient is that you can fill up on vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber without adding extra calories to your diet.  Be sure that you are not consuming more than you need.  

How much vitamin c should I take?

This is the magic question that everyone wants to know, “how much vitamin c per day should you be taking”.  In order to get the proper amount of vitamin c throughout your day, only getting it as a part of your diet through foods is not enough.  In order to get all vitamin c benefits, you need to be sure that you are consuming the proper doses.  It is highly suggested to take a vitamin C supplement daily and be sure that you are getting approximately 75 milligrams a day if you’re a woman, 90 milligrams a day if you’re a man and 85 milligrams a day if you’re pregnant. pure vitamin c You can find additional sources of vitamin c in the following foods:

  • Green peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Oranges (and orange juice)
  • Papaya
  • Strawberries

Helpful tip: Eating these fruits and vegetables along with foods high in vitamin E will give you the most benefit.  The importance of vitamin C goes far beyond what you can imagine.  This is exactly why being sure to have it a part of your daily routine is of utmost importance.  Vitamin C repairs tissues throughout all parts of your body that provide necessary antioxidants and provide a long list of health benefits.  Bust Bunny was sure to add your daily dose of vitamin c in every capsule knowing how important this vitamin is.  Be sure to remember that your body cannot create vitamin c on its own nor does it store it, therefore you need to be sure you’re providing your body with it daily. 

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