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When you think of breast implants, it sounds like it may be a good idea for someone who is looking to enhance their breast size, but what is it that they don’t tell you about breast implants and breast augmentation complications?  What are the many dangers of breast implants?  Breast implants have been around for many years, although the 20th century holds the highest record for breast augmentation procedures.  The cons of breast implants outweigh the pros by a long shot, so are breast implants worth it? Breast enlargement surgeries take second place for “most popular form of cosmetic surgery”.  In 2010, over 1.5 million women had a breast augmentation surgery performed.  That number is extremely high for women who probably didn’t do a fair amount of research before going through with that immense decision.  At what cost are women willing to pay to have larger breasts?  When we say “cost” not only do we mean the actual expense of the procedure, but the potential consequences that come out of it.

How Much Are Breast Implants?

Let’s start with the obvious, the expense of how much do breast implants cost.  Among the list of pros and cons of breast augmentations, the cost is at the top of the cons list.  Breast implants price can range anywhere from $3,500 to as much as $10,000, although the average breast augmentation cost in 2017 was $3,718.  Keep in mind, these numbers are only based on the plastic surgeon’s fees, which doesn’t cover any other necessities such as facility fees, medication (anesthesia), garments, etc.  These prices are subject to change depending on where you are located, the doctor you are looking at, and the patient’s medical history.  By the time you are actually leaving the doctors office, you may have spent well over 6k at a minimum. breast implants cost These numbers are just an average cost, most of the time the surgeon will find reasons to rack up your bill.  Most women think that getting a breast augmentation is just a one time cost, in actuality that is not true.  Here are some numbers to think about after the initial procedure cost. FDA recommends getting an MRI 2 years after your procedure which will cost around: $2000 You should get an MRI every few years after as well which in total will end up costing you about: $8000 After a few years, you must go through a revision surgery to get your implants replaced which will cost you around: $7000 It is recommended to get a breast lift after 10 years of implants which will cost about: $8000 On average, over 10 years or so you will be spending a total of roughly: $31,000 This should make you rethink getting a procedure that could cost lifelong damage.

Are Breast Implants Safe?

We want to dive right into the complications that may arise from undergoing breast augmentation surgery.  This clear answer is, no.  Anytime you are going under the knife, under heavy medication, there is always a possibility that complications may come out of it especially when it comes to breast augmentation complications.  Now, of course, these doctors are professionally trained so most women don’t take these possibilities into consideration, but it is important to be aware of the risks of breast implant complications that you may be choosing to take. There is a very common issue that women who get breast implants experience, it is called capsular contracture.  This is one of the many side effects caused by breast implants and breast implant complications that comes out of a boob job.  This is a pocket of scar tissue that forms around your breast implants.  When the scar tissue begins to compress the capsule, it will begin to harden causing a possibility of the shape to become deformed.  This is a very dissatisfying feeling that leads to excessive pain.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

It’s no secret that one huge downside to getting breast implants is the recovery process.  Scarring is a natural part of doing cosmetic surgery, but it’s not so pleasant.  Not enough women think about the long-term results of getting a breast augmentation.  They are only imagining their breasts looking larger but not the potential repercussions of breast augmentation complications.  The dangers of breast implants should not be taken lightly. Bust Bunny breast pills were made to for women to be able to have an alternate route to surgery. You can get larger breasts without harming yourself through painful surgery.  Use coupon code “noimplants” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied. breast augmentation before and after Each of our bodies is completely different, which means that the healing process may not be the same for each of us.  Some people heal faster than others, but one thing that is forever constant with breast implants is the scarring.  No matter which breast implant you are looking to get, it will leave some sort of scar.  Some women are left with more noticeable breast implant scars that may never heal. This fact alone should make you think twice before going under the knife.  This is easily one of the biggest cons of breast implants because you must worry about covering up a scar on your body for the rest of your life. One of the many side effects of getting breast implants results in the long term scaring that comes with it. Some may diminish over time, others will be left with a terrible scar for the rest of their lives. 

Can My Breasts Really Deflate?

Yes. Deflation or rupture transpires in about 10 to 25 percent of breast implants, regardless if you get silicone or saline.  This is the primary reason women will end up needing a second surgery, which means going under the knife and going through cost all over again. Your implants can break for a number of reasons, some being unknown.  Some common reasons your implants may rupture could be from overfilling or under-filling the implant with saline solution, capsular contracture, physical trauma, or umbilical incision placement.  Leaks may even come about through an unsealed or impaired fill valve as yet another of the many dangers of breast implants. cons of breast implants When we are speaking about deflation of your breasts, this means that there is a sudden loss of magnitude to your implants.  This can occur very slowly and lose its volume over time or this may happen quickly. You would notice this immediately due to the shape and size of your breast changing.  Although silicone ruptures are more likely to happen over a period of time.  If you are planning on getting silicone implants or already have them, you should get regular MRI check-ups.

Are The Results Worth The Sacrifice?

Surprisingly enough, you won’t get to see the true results of your breasts until months after the procedure. So, imagine going through all of that pain and suffering to only be able to see your boobs months later and be unhappy!  Typically this is around a 6-month time period.  This is not just the time you have to wait to see your breasts results, but also the time it takes for swelling to go down.  Depending on the surgeon you’ve gone to, the amount of trauma your breasts will go through will vary.  So, if you are going to go forward with getting a boob job, please look into a board certified plastic surgeon to try and avoid the many disadvantages of plastic surgery. are breast implants safe Also, it is very common during the “drop and fluff” phase of your breasts to have one breast settle quicker than the other.  This will cause your breasts to become asymmetrical and could be temporary or permanent.  If this happens, you may need to consult with your plastic surgeon and this could result in needing another procedure done.

Breast Implant Removal

You may have thought getting a breast augmentation would be the perfect decision for you, but then later down the road realized your breast implants are coming with a whole lot of complications.  I urge women to look at all of the pros and cons of breast augmentation before making any major decision.  Over 10 percent of women are going through the process of getting a breast implant removal due to serious conditions affecting their body.  Just when you thought the cons of breast implants was finished, we have more. The reason behind each women getting their breast implants removal varies.  Although, common issues are due to:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Breast cancer diagnosis
  • Infection
  • Deflation
  • Bleeding
  • Necrosis which is the development of dead tissues around the implant

When you see these potential risks, you have to ask yourself “are breast implants worth it”? Getting breast implant removal is the same process of getting a breast augmentation but in reverse.  Incisions will be made in the exact place they were originally made which will be opening back up the scar that is left on your breasts.

So, bad news for you if your scarring finally faded, they will have to use the same incisions.  It’s important to be aware that even after your scarring has calmed down, it will never truly “disappear”.  Keep in mind, you won’t be able to engage in any physical activities for a few months, so if you are an athlete you will be out of the gym. Any of these issues may occur after getting your implants removed:

  1. Loss of breast sensation, this could last 6 months to a year.
  2. Numbness around your breasts.
  3. Sagging breasts/Breast Deformity.
  4. Red, thick and painful scarring. This will be there permanently but may diminish over time.
  5. Soreness on your breast area.

Can You Breastfeed With Implants?

It is not impossible to breastfeed with implants although, it depends on a few factors.  Breast implants may affect a mother’s ability to produce the proper full supply of milk.  A few reasons you may only get a partial supply of milk could be any of the following:

  • If there is any scarring in the milk ducts
  • How much functional glandular tissue is left after your procedure.
  • Location of the incision
  • The position of the implant

pros cons breast implants If an incision is made around the edge of the nipple, this can potentially affect nipple sensation.  The nerve that’s needed for making and releasing breast milk is called “neurohormonal reflex” and if this is harmed by any incisions, this could affect your breast milk from producing.  The studies are not exactly clear still to this day about breastfeeding affecting your infant.  Although, researchers have found that foreign objects inside your body including silicone have the potential to trigger health issues.  A mother with implants should take extra care when breastfeeding due to these issues being unclear. Not only do you want to pay attention to breast implants cost, breast implant scars, breast implant removal, but here are a few other things to consider before getting a breast augmentation.  Do not be shocked if you end up having any of these issues after getting implants. Sitting very high Be prepared for your breasts to sit extremely high up on your chest, this is a rather extreme version of having ideally perky breasts.  Yes, this is normal, but you should be advised that your breasts will look rather extreme for a few weeks. Shape They could potentially appear exceedingly round or square.  Your muscle tissue has been altered, so your breasts might push your muscle tissue into an odd shape.  The position of your implants will change, this is why you do not get the true vision of your breast implants until they stop changing. Itchiness  Once you have a breast augmentation the skin on your breasts will be very stretched out in order for your new breast implants to fit.  The area where your incisions were made could cause your breasts to become itchy.  The garments that you are required to wear afterward, could be a reason for your itchy breasts. Nipples Not only one of the biggest issues with your nipples after breast implants is the loss of sensation in your areola, but the way they physically look can be altered.  Depending on the size of your implants, your nipples will look much larger than before.  It is possible they will go back to the original size of your breasts.

Implants Do Not Last Forever

As mentioned above, after about a decade you must either get your implants redone and go through the entire process over again or you have to get them removed.  This is why we suggest going about things in a moral natural approach.  There are now many options for natural non-surgical breast enhancements that you should consider before putting a foreign object into your body.  It’s up to you if you want to take the risks that may come with breast implants and not to mention, breast implants cost.  It is not just a one time fee and or a one time job. how much are breast implants This is a forever ongoing process that you will need to be physically and financially ready for in the future.  There are other alternatives to surgery such as Bust Bunny, that are much more effective and safe.  Taking an all-natural herb to grow your breasts in phases, has no risk to it but can give you the results you want.  Believe it or not, women have gone up 2 cup sizes from being patient taking supplements the natural way.*  Ask yourself, are these side effects worth taking the risk of getting breast implants.  Taking a chance that you may come out one of these women with a horror story on getting plastic surgery is not worth the risk.  If you are one of those women who has been considering breast implants, we want you to have the breasts you’ve always dreamed of without the repercussions of surgery. Bust Bunny was created to help women who want larger, fuller, firmer or perkier breasts but don’t want to go through the complications of surgery. Use this coupon code to get 10% off – “noimplants” or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied.

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