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Although sleeping in your bra doesn’t seem like something you would typically want to do, you would be surprised by how many women actually do.  There is a lot of controversy about this question, us women want to know, is it bad to sleep in a bra? It seems as if there are more benefits of sleeping without a bra rather than sleeping with one.  As women, we know that taking off our bra and going braless at the end of the night is one of the most satisfying feelings we may experience in our days.  You may think that sleeping in your bra may prevent sagging breasts, but is it possible that it may actually do the opposite?  Sleeping in a bra may have an overall influence on your breast size, shape, fullness and perkiness.

Is it bad to sleep with a bra on?

wearing bra to sleep

Some would ask, is it better to not wear a bra when it’s bedtime. With reading plenty of articles where some say yes it is terrible to sleep with a bra on and the others saying no, it isn’t so bad to sleep with a bra on this can get confusing.  Ultimately, it is best to skip wearing a bra to bed. Not to mention the obvious statement of comfort, there are several health risks that come with wearing a bra to bed.  The problem is not necessarily sleeping with a bra on, as much as it is sleeping with the wrong bra on.  If you are not going to bed with a bra specifically designed as a nighttime bra then you may be causing more harm than good for your breasts.

Benefits of not wearing a bra to sleep  

This is one of the biggest benefits of going braless while you sleep, circulation.  Circulation is the key to healthy breasts. When you are sleeping with a bra on, it may seem as if your breasts are being held up in place preventing sagging, but in reality, they are not being able to circulate properly.  Your blood flow is restricted at this point which may result in your breasts shrinking.

night bra So, if you’re wondering is it better to sleep with or without a bra, the obvious answer is without a bra.  Researchers that worked on the 2013 French study claim that wearing a bra for a long period of time may lead to your circulation being cut off.  This certainly doesn’t sound healthy to us.  If you do not know your correct bra size and you are not going braless to sleep, this is an easy way for your breasts to lose circulation.

Should you wear a bra to bed? Does it help prevent sagging?

Unfortunately, no. This is the biggest claim that most women make which is why they believe sleeping in a bra is beneficial.  So when we hear the question, is it better to not wear a bra to bed, we say yes. Sleeping without a bra is more beneficial to your breast health. There is no real proof or evidence that wearing a bra to bed will help keep your breasts perky.  It seems as if it comes down to personal preference because wearing a bra to bed doesn’t prevent sagging and going braless doesn’t cause sagging, it’s really up to your comfort. Some women ask us “does wearing a bra cause sagging” and we like to inform them that it does not cause sagging necessarily. Although wearing the wrong bra can harm you in the end.  If you are going to choose to wear a bra to sleep we suggest looking at specific bras meant for sleeping.  It’s best to look for a bra that has breathable fabric that still has a bit of wiggle room so you don’t feel as if your circulation is being restricted. So if you’re wondering does wearing a bra prevent sagging, solely wearing a bra will not do this, there is additional work that needs to go into it.

best sleep bra

With the research we have done, we found that the best sleep bra was a sports bra.  If you are not big on wearing sports bras, you can take a look at the list of options that were rated best bras to sleep in.  Sagging is caused by gravity which is pulling your breasts downwards.  This is why the larger your breasts are, the more likely they are to sag. Wearing a bra is more like a bandage for women with large breasts that are beginning to sag.  The only way to actually prevent sagging and aging breasts are by getting into the inside.  Taking a natural breast lift supplement is a beneficial way to help keep your breasts perky.

Will I get better sleep by going braless to bed?

When you are compromising your circulation for the sacrifice of keeping your breasts youthful, it can be uncomfortable.  You will notice that you find so much more comfort going braless.  This is another one of many reasons not to wear a bra when you are going to bed.  If your bra isn’t shaped properly and made with the proper material, it can make it very hard to sleep which can lead to a lot of restless nights.  This is harmful to your bodies proper growth cycle as well. 

is it bad to sleep with a bra on

If you are hoping to increase your breast size this can interrupt that by your body’s tissues not being able to produce properly.  When you are in a deep sleep, that is your bodies chance to repair any damaged tissue.  If you aren’t fully comfortable, you may miss out on your sleep entirely not even realizing.  Health benefits of not wearing a bra go far beyond this, but this is one that is not focused on enough. Unless you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then wearing a bra shouldn’t be of too much concern. 

Taking your bra off to sleep allows you to breathe better

Wearing tight clothes restricts your body from being able to get the proper oxygen flow.  This is why you should consider sleeping without a bra in order to get a good air supply.  A bra is one of the most restrictive clothing items to exist, second to your underwear.  They are wrapped around your rib cage which restricts your ribs from being able to expand.  Sleeping without a bra allows your body to breathe and allow oxygen to flow properly.  We suggest sleeping braless in order to reap all of the benefits it has on your body.

Are there more benefits of sleeping without a bra than sleeping with one?

There are far more benefits of not wearing a bra rather than wearing one.  So, if you are one of those ladies wondering if should you sleep with a bra on, do yourself a favor and take it off.  Although many will say it is a personal preference, it does you far more good than bad by sleeping braless.  Take your bra off and enjoy the comfort of sleeping in your bare skin for the best long-term results.  The effects of not wearing a bra are not harmful, they allow your body to get a good night’s rest without feeling restricted in the middle of your sleep. The only time you may see side effects of not wearing a bra is if you are doing vigorous workouts without additional support for your breasts.

should you sleep in a bra

Sleeping braless will not contribute to making your breasts fuller or perkier, we suggest taking a natural breast enhancement supplement to be sure your breasts maintain their firmness.  You can include a braless massage as well to your routine. When you are sleeping and tossing and turning, your breasts are moving around and not maintaining one position, this is why taking natural herbs will help keep the youth in your breasts. There are benefits of going braless, but you need to chose the timing of doing so cautiously. There can be side effects of not wearing a bra if you choose to do this in the wrong time such as working out, lifting heavy items without support for your breasts and or you just finished breastfeeding. So, next time you are asking yourself “should you sleep in a bra” the answer is no.  Wearing a bra in your sleep only disrupts your sleep and causes worse effects in the long run. If you are looking to get a little extra help keeping your breasts looking younger, try Bust Bunny. Use coupon code – “braless” for 10% off your entire order or CLICK HERE to have it instantly applied. 

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