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We understand that as a mother, your number one priority is being sure that you are capable of giving your child what he or she needs.  So, if you are reading this you are more than likely unsure if you are going to be able to breastfeed your baby if you have small boobs.  Breastfeeding can be tricky and understanding it won’t truly happen until you go through it.  This is one of many things that you and your baby will learn together as you go.  Finding the right comfort, position, and part of your breasts will take time.  Be patient with yourself and accept the fact that it is ok to be confused.  We want to answer as many questions as possible and help any flat chested women who are trying to breastfeed understand their capabilities.  

What is the best breast size for breastfeeding?

Many women believe that they should have a specific breast size in order to be able to breastfeed their child properly.  The truth is, breast shapes and sizes vary from each woman and there is no such thing as a perfect breast size when it comes to breastfeeding.  Flat chested women have the same advantage as a woman breastfeeding with large breasts.  Small breasted women produce the same amount of milk as a large breasted woman.  The way breastfeeding works is simple, the more milk your baby takes from you, the more milk your breasts will produce.  If you are a mother with a low milk supply, you should know that your breast milk is just as valuable as a woman who produces a large amount of breast milk.  If you find yourself wondering “what is the perfect breast size for breastfeeding” now you know, there is no such thing as a perfect size.  Every mom is just as capable as the next regardless of her chest size.

breastfeeding boobs

Now when it comes to nipple size and nipple shape, this plays a part in how easy or difficult it may be to breastfeed.  If you have very large nipples, your baby may not be able to easily latch onto your nipple being that their mouths are tiny.  Same goes in reverse, if you have very small nipples it may make it difficult for your baby to find his or her feeding zone.  Surprisingly enough, your boob size has less to do with the production of your milk than your nipple size and shape does.  So it’s safe to say if you are flat chested and breastfeeding you should have no problem supplying your child of his or her nutritional needs.  There are so many different boob sizes that if lactation was solely dependable on that, a lot of mom’s would be in trouble whether they had big or small boobs.

Big boobs vs small boobs with breastfeeding – there is no winner, they are both equal.

Breast Milk Storage Capacity With Small Boobs

Although breastfeeding with small breasts is completely possible and normal at that, the storage capacity of what your breasts can hold is different.  Picture your breasts as a container or carton of milk. If you have larger breasts, that simply means you can hold more milk than a woman with smaller breasts.  If you have small boobs, your breasts can only store so much.  Girls with small breasts cannot store as much breast milk as a girl who has large breasts.

breast milk Don’t worry, this just means that you may have to breastfeed more often than a woman who has larger breasts.  This does not hinder anything between you and your baby, you just may have to be a little more work in.  You will need to keep producing more milk and be sure that you have enough capacity open to constantly have room for milk production.  Newborns naturally eat very often, about every 1-3 hours that comes out to about 8-12 times a day.  So, in this case, flat chested women have to consider breastfeeding a lot more often and not focus on following a clock.  This is the only way you will be able to be positive your baby is eating enough and getting the proper nutrition often enough.

Be sure you aren’t doing any of these things in the image below.  You want to do everything you can to increase your milk supply and be sure that you aren’t doing anything to harm the process.

best breast size

Here are a few tips for breastfeeding with small breasts:

  1. Talk to your doctor first, always.
  2. Make sure your baby is latching on properly.
  3. Breastfeed from both breasts.
  4. Pay attention to signs that your baby is eating enough and getting the proper amount of breast milk.
  5. Notice if your breasts feel softer as they should after your baby has eaten.
  6. Your baby is able to fall asleep after.

You can notice if your baby is getting enough breast milk or not by paying attention to his or her weight.  It is normal for your baby to lose 10% of their weight in the first few weeks, but after that, your baby should be gaining weight.

Big boobs vs small boobs with breast milk storage capacity – Big boobs take the win.

Change In Breast Size After Breastfeeding Is NORMAL…

All women know that when you go through pregnancy, your body goes through a ton of unfamiliar changes including your breasts.  Many moms who have breastfed their children can tell you that your boobs after breastfeeding will not be the same as they were before.  Not only will they change in size, but potentially shape and symmetry.

breast shapes and sizes You may have had big boobs before breastfeeding, but then realize that you are now flat chested after breastfeeding.  No need to panic, this is normal.  Small breasted women don’t tend to have this issue as much as women with bigger breasts.  Breastfeeding with large breasts means that the chances you will become flat chested after breastfeeding is more likely.  When you are breastfeeding, your breasts are full of milk and by the time you’re finished, it can leave your breasts looking empty and stretched out.  This is not a medical concern, but rather a personal appearance concern.  Your boob size will fluctuate and this is not abnormal, there are plenty of foods you can eat and exercises for bigger boobs you can do to bring your ladies back to life.

Will My Boob Size, Shape and Fullness Go Back To Normal After Breastfeeding? 

Enjoy breastfeeding your baby as this is an extremely special moment that you will once have once with your child.  Don’t worry so much about what your breasts will look like after as there are many solutions to this minor issue.  Luckily there are many remedies to this problem and any moms that are suffering from “breastfeeding boobs” and have seen a significant change in their boobs after breastfeeding will be able to get back the boobs they had before! Your breasts are going through many changes, so bare with them. 

boobs after breastfeeding

Bust Bunny natural breast enhancement is great for women who are looking to not only increase the size of their breasts but help keep them perky and full after they are done breastfeeding.  There are specific and targeted ingredients inside this supplement that result in helping moms who have “breastfeeding boobs”.  Of course, when you are breastfeeding you should let your breasts run their natural course without any supplements involved besides the ones that your doctor has prescribed.  But, after you are done breastfeeding there are supplements such as ours (Bust Bunny) targeted to women looking to bring their breasts back to life. 

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