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No one likes to face the sad fact that when you lose weight, you lose your boobs as well.  As you may or may not know, our boobs are made up of primarily fat.  Which means when you lose weight, you are losing fat.  Now there’s no questioning that when you lose weight your breasts are going to get smaller, the only question is “how much smaller”?  Well, this depends on how much fat you have stored in your breasts.  So, in this case, it will depend on how much weight you actually lose overall.  Of course, your breasts aren’t the only place you will lose weight from. This can vary and sometimes be slightly noticeable or other times, quite noticeable.  So if you keep asking yourself “why are my boobs shrinking?” keep in mind it could be from the weight you are losing.

Will I get saggy breasts after weight loss?

firming breast after weight loss Depending on how much weight you lose and the amount of fat that is leaving your body can depend on if your breasts will become saggy.  Your breasts after weight loss could end up resulting in your breasts sagging and shrinking, although most of the time women don’t drop weight excessively very quick.  Just as any part of our bodies, if we lose a large amount of weight our skin will begin to sag and lose the elasticity. If you want to know how to keep skin firm while losing weight and how to keep boobs perky, then it is best advised to not lose a ton of weight all at once and gradually start shedding the pounds.  This way you can keep your firm boobs and tone your body at the same time. Firming breast skin after weight loss can take a bit of time, so remember that patience is key. 

How can I diet but keep my firm boobs?

Of all the ways how to keep breasts perky, dieting is number one. All women want to know how to lose weight but keep boobs. Keep in mind anything that happens too quickly isn’t safe for your body, specifically losing weight.  A healthy and safe way to lose weight but keep your firm boobs is by sticking to only losing 1 to 2 pounds per week.  So, if you want to know how to keep skin firm while losing weight, you should be choosing healthy foods and intermixing your workouts with cardio and weight lifting to keep your body from going into shock by losing an excessive amount of weight.  The faster you lose weight, you are actually hurting your metabolism.  By excessively dropping pounds you are not only ruining the appearance of your body, but you are causing your metabolism to be slowed down.  This may lead to your breasts losing collagen and elasticity resulting in small saggy boobs.  Many women get concerned wondering what their boobs after weight loss will look like.

boobs before and after weight loss

Unfortunately, each person’s body is different and it’s hard to guarantee.  This is why we suggest taking an all natural breast enhancement supplement at the same time to help keep the firmness and elasticity in your breasts. This is a great alternative for a natural way to tighten breast skin.  Be sure to always wear a properly fitting sports bra while you are working out to hold your breasts into place to avoid sagging breasts.  Your boobs after weight loss don’t have to become saggy as long as you are monitoring your diet and exercise.

Why do athletes have smaller breasts?

As we know, athletes are constantly working out and staying fit.  Their primary workout is cardio which clearly leads to weight loss.  Athletes tend to have a very low amount of body fat which means that they probably didn’t have large breasts, to begin with.  This is why when an athletic woman experiences breast weight loss, you may not notice any difference compared to the average woman who experiences breast weight loss.  Your typical athlete with most likely not go through the experience of deflated breasts after weight loss because chances are, they didn’t begin with large breasts anyways.  Smaller breast sizes don’t have much to take away because their fat tissues are very minimal.  This is why athletes have a different experience with losing weight than someone who has put on an excessive amount of weight and now needs to shed a large number of pounds.

how to make breasts perkier after weight loss

Here are a few tips to consider when dealing with boobs after weight loss and ways how to keep breasts perky.

1. You must follow breast exercises that result in perky, firm and lifted breasts.  You should follow breast workouts 2-3 times a week and continue to maintain that.

2. Try breast enhancing and firming methods to increase and maintain the collagen and elasticity in your breasts.  When breasts lose those two components, they will notice that their breasts are beginning to sag slightly and over time it will become noticeable.  You should consider taking an all natural breast enhancement supplement to help contribute to your workouts.  Taking an all natural supplement will help out women who aren’t looking to be as dedicated in the gym also.

3. Be sure that the bra and clothing your wearing is supportive.  Especially if you are looking to run or do any vigorous workouts, your breasts need all the support they can get.  Focusing on keeping your boobs firm at the beginning of your weight loss journey is equally as important as maintaining firming breast after weight loss.

4. Check out our bra size chart to see what bra size you should be wearing.  This is a highly important part of keeping your breasts before and after weight loss perky and firm.

5. We can’t stress enough how important it is to eat estrogenic foods.  You need the proper source of a healthy estrogen rich diet.  These foods have been known to increase breast size naturally.

There are many tricks out there that you may follow to keep your breasts firm breasts before and after weight loss.  These tips will not only help with your breasts after weight loss but also keep the shape of your breasts as well.  To avoid small saggy boobs after losing weight, try to follow as many of these tips as possible.

How to make boobs perky as I age?

Aging is one of the hardest issues when it comes to weight loss boobs.  When we’re in our 20’s our breasts are at their prime. As we age, our breasts tend to change and not always for the best.  When you begin to age, your boobs naturally lose the perkiness that they once have.  Especially, when you’re gaining and losing weight.  As you age, your weight fluctuates and makes it harder to maintain a certain weight.  When you get older you don’t get to have the same firm boobs that you once had. You have to work a little harder at it.  Gravity has it’s way with our breasts and as we age, it works against us.  Our skin is no longer as tough as it once was meaning that the collagen production is not the same. 

breasts after weight loss

You should be doing more weightlifting at a moderate weight as you begin to age to be assured that the muscle in your breast tissue helps keep them full and perky.  Saggy breasts after weight loss can be a thing of the past as long as you work a little harder towards it.  It becomes harder to tighten breast skin after weight loss the older you get, that’s why it’s important to get into the habit of working out your pectoral muscles.  If you aren’t a big fan of the gym, try taking a supplement to keep the firmness of your breasts is a great way how to keep boobs perky naturally. This is a great natural way to tighten breast skin.  This may also help with menopause which is a two for one!  Get your order of Bust Bunny today for 10% off using coupon code – “weightloss” or CLICK HERE to have it instantly applied. 

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