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When we think of boobs, it is obvious that every woman has different breast sizes.  It was to our surprise that women actually have envisioned a perfect boob size and believe that there really are “perfect breasts.”  Now is there really such a thing as a “perfect boob size”?

Key Takeaways

  • Breast size can vary depending on a number of factors.
  • There is no right or wrong breast size–all breasts are beautiful, regardless of their size.
  • There are a number of natural ways to boost breast health, including Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement.v

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Does Breast Size Really Matter?

Although perfect might be a tough word to add up to, each person has an idea of what is considered to be perfect.  What is considered to be a good boob size varies from person to person.  Some women prefer small and perky, and others prefer large and busty.  Through all of this research, this is clearly what the opinion around the world is – keep in mind, it is simply one’s opinion.

This is not to make those women who are not in the bracket of the average bra size around the world feel less.  If it helps any woman who is reading this, there truly is no such thing as “perfect breasts.”

The perfect breast size is according to a list of researched opinions. When we mention a normal breast size, this is according to the most common bra size.  Boobs are a special part of a woman’s body, and everyone’s proportions of what is considered a good boob size or “normal boob size” are different. 

There are plenty of different types of boobs out there, but according to Dr. Ed, he has researched 1,000 Americans and 1,000 Europeans to determine the average breast size by country. It turned out that the average boob sizes around different countries came out to C-cup breast size.  It is not to say that having a B-cup breast size or an A-cup breast size is not an “ideal breast size.” This is just coming out to be the most common size of the breast.

What Is The Average Breast Size By Country?

different types of boobs There was a map created targeting breasts from as small as A cup boobs to as large as D cup boobs.

According to this information and looking at this boob scale, women from Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Russia had boob sizes larger than a D cup coming in as the largest breast size. The smallest women’s breast size was located in Africa and Asia, coming in between A cup boobs and B cup boobs, which, concordant to this chart, is considered the smallest cup size. The average bust size of a C-cup breast size in countries such as Italy, France, and Australia is considered an ideal breast size for most women. 

So, if we are looking at the overall average breast size in the world, the C cup takes the cake.  If you are interested in checking out the average cup size by country, use this chart below to see the average breast size.   


Breast Size Chart

Country Continent Cup Size Range 1-5
Afghanistan Asia B 2
Albania Europe C 3
Algeria Africa B 2
Andorra Europe C 3
Angola Africa B 2
Argentina South America C 3
Armenia Asia/Europe C 3
Australia Oceania C 3
Austria Europe D 4
Azerbaijan Asia B 2
Bahamas North America A 1
Bahrain Asia A 1
Bangladesh Asia A 1
Barbados North America A 1
Belarus Europe A 1
Belgium Europe C 3
Belize North America B 2
Benin Africa A 1
Bhutan Asia A 1
Bolivia South America A 1
Bosnia & Herzegovina Europe D 4
Botswana Africa B 2
Brazil South America C 3
Brunei Asia A 1
Bulgaria Europe D 4
Burkina Faso Africa A 1
Burma Asia A 1
Burundi Africa A 1
Cambodia Asia A 1
Cameroon Africa B 2
Canada North America C 3
Cape Verde Africa B 2
Central African Republic Africa A 1
Chad Africa B 2
Chile South America C 3
China Asia A 1
Colombia South America D 4
Comoros Africa A 1
Congo (DCR) Africa A 1
Congo, Republic of the Africa A 1
Costa Rica North America C 3
Cote d’Ivoire Africa A 1
Croatia Europe D 4
Cuba North America B 2
Cyprus Asia/Europe B 2
Czech Republic Europe D 4
Denmark Europe D 4
Djibouti Africa A 1
Dominica North America A 1
Dominican Republic North America B 2
Ecuador South America B 2
Egypt Africa B 2
El Salvador North America A 1
Equatorial Guinea Africa A 1
Eritrea Africa A 1
Estonia Europe C 3
Ethiopia Africa B 2
Fiji Oceania A 1
Finland Europe DD 5
France Europe C 3
Gabon Africa B 2
Gambia, The Africa A 1
Georgia Asia C 3
Germany Europe D 4
Ghana Africa B 2
Greece Europe C 3
Grenada North America B 2
Guadeloupe North America B 2
Guatemala North America A 1
Guinea Africa A 1
Guinea-Bissau Africa A 1
Guyana South America A 1
Haiti North America A 1
Honduras North America A 1
Hong Kong Asia A 1
Hungary Europe D 4
Iceland Europe D 4
India Asia B 2
Indonesia Asia A 1
Iran Asia B 2
Iraq Asia B 2
Ireland Europe B 2
Israel Asia A 1
Italy Europe C 3
Jamaica North America B 2
Japan Asia A 1
Jordan Asia A 1
Kazakhstan Asia B 2
Kenya Africa A 1
Korea, North Asia A 1
Korea, South Asia A 1
Kuwait Asia A 1
Kyrgyzstan Asia A 1
Laos Asia A 1
Latvia Europe A 1
Lebanon Asia A 1
Lesotho Africa A 1
Liberia Africa A 1
Libya Africa B 2
Liechtenstein Europe D 4
Lithuania Europe C 3
Luxembourg Europe D 4
Macedonia Europe B 2
Madagascar Africa B 2
Malawi Africa A 1
Malaysia Asia A 1
Maldives Asia B 2
Mali Africa A 1
Malta Europe A 1
Mauritamia Africa A 1
Mauritius Africa A 1
Mexico North America B 2
Moldova Europe B 2
Mongolia Asia A 1
Montenegro Europe C 3
Morocco Africa B 2
Mozambiques Africa B 2
Nepal Asia A 1
Netherlands Europe D 4
New Zealand Oceania B 2
Nicaragua North America A 1
Niger Africa A 1
Nigeria Africa A 1
Norway Europe DD 5
Oman Asia A 1
Pakistan Asia B 2
Panama North America B 2
Papua New Guinea Oceania A 1
Paraguay South America B 2
Peru South America A 1
Philippines Asia A 1
Poland Europe C 3
Portugal Europe B 2
Puerto Rico North America B 2
Qatar Asia A 1
Romania Europe C 3
Russia Asia DD 5
Rwanda Africa A 1
Saint Lucia North America A 1
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines North America A 1
Salomon Islands Oceania B 2
Samoa Oceania A 1
Sao Tome & Principe Africa A 1
Saudi Arabia Asia B 2
Senegal Africa A 1
Serbia Europe C 3
Sierra Leone Africa A 1
Singapore Asia A 1
Slovakia Europe C 3
Slovenia Europe C 3
Somalia Africa B 2
South Africa Africa B 2
Spain Europe B 2
Sri Lanka Asia A 1
Sudan Africa A 1
Suriname South America A 1
Swaziland Africa A 1
Sweden Europe DD 5
Switzerland Europe D 4
Syria Asia B 2
Taiwan Asia A 1
Tajikistan Asia B 2
Tanzania Africa A 1
Thailand Asia A 1
Timor-Leste Asia A 1
Togo Africa A 1
Trinidad & Tobago South America A 1
Tunisia Africa A 1
Turkey Asia/Europe B 2
Turkmenistan Asia B 2
Uganda Africa A 1
Ukraine Europe C 3
United Arab Emirates Asia B 2
United Kingdom Europe C 3
United States North America DD 4
Uruguay South America C 3
Uzbekistan Asia B 2
Vanuatu Oceania B 2
Venezuela South America D 4
Vietnam Asia A 1
Western Sahara Africa A 1
Yemen Asia A 1
Zambia Africa A 1
Zimbabwe Africa A 1


What Determines Breast Size?

There are many factors to consider when deciding what is truly the average breast size.  What determines breast size can vary for many reasons, such as genetics, weight, age, health, exercise, and pregnancy. Studies have found that heavy coffee drinkers were associated with smaller breasts.  Also, young girls start developing breasts around the age of 8 years old, and this may continue till mid-twenties. 

When it comes to genetics, I am sure all of the women in your family have different breast sizes, so it’s hard to determine who you will take after.  Therefore, you must consider both sides of your family.  Researchers have proven that breast size, breast sagging, and breast shape are all genetically-influenced but not solely dependable on this. 

When researchers asked men what they preferred, they said: “perky, shapely boobs rather than large breasts that may become saggy over time.”

Although breasts have definitely increased a lot in the past decade, it is not inevitably from genetics. This is due to the increase in breast augmentations over the last 15 years as well.  This is why breast implant operations have streamed over 40 percent within the past decade.  Women who do not have the average breast size of a C cup are looking to get surgery to obtain the perfect boob size.  There’s plenty of ways to increase the size of your breasts without surgery that we urge women to look into before making such a drastic decision.

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What Size Breasts Do Women Really Want?

A few plastic surgeons were interviewed and asked the question “what is the average breast size women come in and ask for.”  It was shocking to find out that on average, women were looking for a C cup. One plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Gilbert Lee mentioned that women wanted a more natural chest size.

If women are looking for ways on how to get bigger boobs but yet they want a natural chest size, why not go the organic route?  If you are looking for a boost in your breast size, putting a foreign object inside your body to have larger breasts should be your last resort. 

There are plenty of alternatives to this that should be considered before going through such a risky procedure.  The perfect boob size is whatever you feel comfortable with as a woman. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have larger breasts, as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons.

women breast size

What Causes Breasts to Grow Suddenly?

Women are always looking for new ways how to make boobs grow. Rest assured, and there are plenty of natural ways to increase your breast size.  You should be sure that you are not doing anything to hinder your breast development if you are one of those women searching for an increase in your breast size. 

Some women’s breasts sizes may suddenly fluctuate through different phases of their lives.  When it comes to boob sizes, it can be tricky because several possibilities may cause your breasts to grow suddenly. This can happen from any of the following reasons:

  1. Weight Gain
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Birth Control
  4. Lack of Exercise

As mentioned, typically, a woman’s breasts will stop growing in her twenties, approximately 23 years of age.  Although these situations may influence breast growth, it is not common to see any other changes besides after pregnancy. These changes are usually temporary. 

Also, keep in mind, measuring bra size wrong can result in you thinking your breasts are actually smaller or larger than they really are.  You should follow a bra size chart to be sure you are wearing your “true size” and not your “sister size.”

How To Get Bigger Boobs

reasons for increase in breast size

The size of a woman’s breasts for centuries has been a model of attractiveness.  When we compare what society has said about this, bigger seems to be better. Don’t let this statement fool you; bigger is not always better

What’s best is what fits your body and comfortability.  Wanting a fuller chest size is something that should be obtained naturally and gradually. 

Bust Bunny was created as a daily dietary supplement to help gradually increase women’s breast size. Bust Bunny may help you achieve that full cup size without harming or scaring your body.  Use coupon code “averagebreastsize” for 10% off or CLICK HERE to have your coupon instantly applied. 

Women should never have to go under the knife to make physical alterations to their bodies just to fit into the idealism of what society says.  Wanting to enhance your features is ok. We actually encourage women to do so if they feel it will help boost some missing self-esteem.  Finding the right breast size for your body is a personal preference and should be whatever you feel confident with.

How Can We Help

If you are a woman who wants to know how to make your boobs grow naturally and your A-cup boobs are causing you insecurities, we have several solutions for this.  Besides taking an all-natural breast enhancement supplement to increase your breast size, you may incorporate foods rich in estrogen, chest workouts, and breast masks to help enhance your bust.  You may also try out specific supplements and herbs to help you on your journey. 

Most women don’t realize that they are missing some main components in helping them achieve larger breasts by not taking the proper daily supplements.  Even if you are not necessarily looking to increase the size of your breasts, you may still want to keep the firmness of them.  We have created a product that caters to women’s desire to increase their chest size.  Sometimes all you’re missing is just that extra boost to enhance your chest.

If you are not satisfied with your breast size even after seeing the average size of each country, try Bust Bunny to help increase your breast size. If you are searching to fill out your bra sizes, enhance, firm, or lift your breasts, then you should give Bust Bunny a try. We would love for you to feel confident in your own skin, so we want to offer you a coupon to get started.

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