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What Is The Average Breast size?

Aug 22, 201813 min read

When we think of boobs, it is obvious that every woman has different breast sizes.  It was to our surprise that women actually have envisioned a perfect boob size and believe that there really are “perfect breasts.”  Now is there…

What They Don’t Tell You About Breast Implant Complications

Aug 22, 20188 min read

So many women wonder “is breast implant illness real”, but never take a deep look into this harmful issue.  The quick and easy answer is simple, yes breast implant illness is very real.  Breast implant toxicity is real and it…

Side Effects Of Breast Implants

Aug 14, 201812 min read

When you think of breast implants, it sounds like it may be a good idea for someone who is looking to enhance their breast size, but what is it that they don’t tell you about breast implants and breast augmentation…

What Coffee Really Does To Your Body As A Woman

Aug 8, 20188 min read

Every day millions of people all around the world depend on caffeine to make it through their day – but do people really understand the effects of caffeine on the body?  It is vital to understand how caffeine affects the…

How To Get Firm Breasts

Aug 7, 20188 min read

The struggle to have perfectly shaped, perky, firm breasts is never ending for us women.  We always think our boobs could be a little bigger or sit up a bit higher.  Well, the good news is, it’s not impossible to…

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