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There are many things that as a woman we go through.  Our breasts and all of the signs and changes with them is one that is hard to keep up with.  We may experience heavy boobs for specific reasons in the month or sometimes for no reason at all.  It’s important to keep track of the changes in your breasts, they could be trying to tell you something!  Sometimes my boobs feel heavy from my period and other times, there is no concrete reason for this.  Being able to tell the difference is an important of beginning to learn our bodies as women. 

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Why do my breasts feel heavy?

The first conclusion most women tend to jump to is pregnancy.  Immediately we feel our breasts a little tender, our period is late and then we automatically decide that we are pregnant.  Well, in some cases this is very accurate.  The symptoms you get from a possible pregnancy are the same symptoms that you get before you are going to start your period.  Although, the extent to the pain and heaviness you may feel in your breasts is different. 

my breast feel heavy I have noticed that my breast feel heavy and fuller when I am close to beginning that time of the month, but I have also heard women say this when they find out they are pregnant as well.  The difference is when you are experiencing pre-period symptoms your breasts will simply just feel heavy.  When you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, your breasts will actually begin to increase in size.  It’s very simple if you notice that your heavy boobs are lasting longer than 1-2 weeks and your period is over one week late, then you may want to consider the possibility that you may be pregnant.

Your breasts feel heavy because you’re losing weight!

breast feels heavy Good and bad news right? Unfortunately when our weight fluctuates, so do our breasts.  As we know, our breasts are the first place that gravity likes to go for when we are in the gym.  That is why if your boobs feel heavy and you notice that you have been working out a lot lately, it’s because your breasts are the first area that your body reacts to.  Your breasts are made up of both breast tissue and fat tissue, which means that your breasts are the first area to not only shrink but fortunately also to grow!  If you feel that your boobs are heavier than usual, you may want to check if you’ve either put on a few pounds or lost a few pounds.  If breasts feel tender and heavy that doesn’t necessarily mean they are growing, this is just your bodies natural way to react to the changes happening to your weight.

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Is coffee the reason my boobs feel heavy?

I apologize for anyone’s parade that we may rain on on this one, but the short answer is yes.  Too much caffeine is the gateway to many health issues including heavy boobs.  Although one cup of coffee may not seem like too much for one woman, another woman may not be able to handle the same tolerance.  According to a few studies, one imparticular by Duke University proved that more than half of the women who gave up caffeine felt less pain in their breasts and no longer had symptoms of “heavy boobs”. 

why do my boobs feel heavy

Caffeine affects your boobs being that it causes your blood vessels to expand which leads to heavy boobs, swollen boobs, and pain in your breasts.  So, if you are one of those people wondering “why do my boobs feel heavy” then you should try switching your coffee to tea or giving it up altogether.  If your boobs feel heavy after doing this then it may not be the caffeine your body is reacting to.  Try switching on and off with this and testing what your body can handle.

Could the medication I am taking cause heavy breast?

Yes. When you start any new medication, especially hormone medication, you may notice your breasts are heavier than usual.  Breast pain, tenderness, and size are all a result of potential hormone medications. This may come from birth control, hormone medications, new supplements or any change your normal routineAt times women will begin using Bust Bunny natural breast enhancement and notice that their breasts feel heavy and sore.* This is only due to the change that is happening in your body as the supplement is making its natural changes. 

my breast feel heavy and fuller

No need to worry, these symptoms don’t last long.  You may experience heavy boobs and feel a bit of tenderness this is just due to the increase of estrogen and testosterone that is changing in your body. In most cases, a supplement like Bust Bunny is used to control these symptoms.  Most women take natural herbs to help regulate their hormones.  If you are someone who experiences heavy breasts or breast pain during that time of the month you should try taking a natural herb supplement to level the pain out.  Use coupon code “allnatural” or CLICKING HERE to have 10% off instantly applied. You can thank us later when your pre-period symptoms are much easier to maintain.

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Your boobs are heavy because your bra is wrong!

Wearing the wrong bra has seemed to be the root of a lot of problems when it comes to women and their health.  The wrong size, fit and shape of bra could truly be one of the reasons your breasts feel heavy.  Your breasts are made up of fat tissue and that fat in your breasts needs support.  If you’re wearing a bra that is the wrong fit you may not be getting the support that you actually think you’re getting.  Your breasts need to be held in place and supported in order to hold them in a secure place throughout your day of running around. 

causes of heavy breast

Although it is more common that women wear a bra that is too big for them it is almost equally as common for them to wear a bra that is too small for them.   Wearing a bra that is too small for your breasts will lead to your breasts feeling heavy and sore.  If you notice that your boobs are spilling out over your bra, your underwire is poking you or you’re wearing your bra on the tightest hook, then you may be needing a new bra.  It is very common to experience heavy breast simply from wearing the wrong bra.  If you are finding it difficult to measure yourself at home, try following these steps.

Your boobs are heavy because they are sagging.

If you’re wondering “why do my breast feel heavy if I am not on my period” well, the sad truth is that saggy breasts tend to cause back pain from becoming too heavy for you to handle.  If you are not on your period, about to start your period or pregnant.  Then you may need to face the fact that your breasts are beginning to sag which is causing you more pain than you can deal with.  There are many remedies for solving sagging heavy breasts. You may incorporate workouts along with a breast enhancement supplement to solve this issue.  Many women felt much relief when their breasts were no longer saggy and actually sat up firm and lifted.

breasts feel heavy and sore

There is a multitude of reasons your breasts may feel heavy along with the ones listed here.  These are only a few possible causes of heavy breasts.  Most of the time it comes from either pregnancy or your period.  If it seems like the heavy breast feeling you’re getting is unbearable or continuous, you should try a natural herb supplement to level out your hormones.  Although Bust Bunny is here to help keep women’s breasts full, firm and lifted it is also there to help level out and ease your hormones which could be the cause of your heavy breast.  You can start your journey with Bust Bunny to relieve these unwanted symptoms by CLICKING HERE to have 10% off applied immediately.

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